The Official X-Pole Products Review – Still Worth It in 2024?

Looking into getting an X Pole product but you are unsure if they are still a good option for 2024?

All your questions answered about X-Pole’s extensive line of products from Lyra, silks and even floating poles.

X-Pole is one of the most popular dance pole brands worldwide.

They offer various products aside from stripper poles, making them one of the crowd favorites.

Here, we’ll be discussing what they can offer you and what you should expect on their merchandise.

A Brief History on X Pole

X-Pole, a world leader in manufacturing professional accessories for pole and aerial fitness exercises, has its roots in California.

It was founded by Vertical Leisure and has been shipping their products, especially dance poles, worldwide since then.

X-Pole offers a wide variety of fitness pole models that have been engineered to fit your needs.

They have the X-Pole Sport and X-Pert poles for a removable and more portable solution, the Build-A-Pole which are permanent poles built for gyms and studios, and the X-Stage which is a free-standing dance pole.

Beginners and professional pole dancers alike trust X-Pole products for they offer quality products that are hard to match for their price.

x pole history

X-Poles have different pole lengths and widths to suit the needs of each individual aerialist.

The X Pole Sport and X-Pert models stand at 7ft and 4in.

The X-Stage Standard has a height of 9ft, while the X-Stage Lite stands tallest at 9ft and 8in.

Almost all X-Pole models can be extended up to 9ft using the extension included in the package.

The X-Stage variants, however, have fixed heights and cannot be extended.

Their poles are available in removable, rotating, portable, friction fit, and platform types.

They usually ship their poles in chrome and titanium gold finishes.

The company, however, does not offer any permanent pole solutions to their customers.

Basic Requirements Before Buying X Pole Dance Poles

Before you buy any fitness pole, it’s necessary to measure the dimensions, especially the height, of the area where you’ll place it.

Dance poles from X-Pole have heights varying between 7’4′ and 9′.

Extensions for higher ceilings are sold separately.

For a ceiling height that’s lower than 7ft and 4in, they can customize your pole to perfectly fit your room.

Vaulted and angled ceilings aren’t a problem for X-Pole dance poles.

They offer special mounts to accommodate these types of ceilings.

These mounts are available for both the static X-Pole Sport and the rotating X-Pert models.
The vaulted ceiling mounts are also available in titanium gold and chrome finishes to match the color of your fitness pole.

Installing your Xpert X-pole Stripper Pole

Thanks to the starter kit, you won’t be alone when it comes to installing your Expert modal pole because it comes with an instructional DVD that would you through the steps.

And best of All there is no drilling and screwing in fixtures to install this pole.

X-Pole dance poles employ different mounting solutions to fit your needs.

There are those that use friction mounts and there’s also a semi-permanent solution that requires purchasing separately sold ceiling mounts.

They also offer platform models which don’t require any ceiling mounts.

We’ll go through each one in detail below:

Friction mounting

This solution is available for both the X-Pert and the Sport dance pole models.

The friction pads on the ceiling and floor mounts have silicone bases which exert great amounts of friction against any smooth surface to ensure the fitness pole is sturdy and stable.

Take note that since friction-mounted dance poles don’t latch onto anything and rely solely on friction, tension, and pressure, they’re less stable compared to permanent and semi-permanent poles.

You have to know how often you’ll be using the pole and if you have intentions to move it around the house to know if this type of mounting is the right one for you.

Semi-permanent mounted (aka removable)

Although X-Pole doesn’t offer permanent pole models, they offer solutions to convert their friction-mounted X-Pert and Sport models into a semi-permanent pole.

The thing is, you have to purchase their ceiling mounts to do this.

These mounts are screwed into a stud or beam found in your ceiling.

This makes the pole more stable because it now has a more permanent support it can latch onto.

It’s a semi-permanent solution because the only thing that remains in place are the mounts.

You can still remove the pole from it and transfer the pole to another ceiling mount placed around your area.

However, as if the inconvenience of purchasing a separate ceiling mount isn’t enough, the mounting plates don’t come with screws in its package.

You have to go to a hardware and look for the right fit yourself.

When you’ve found the right screws, you can drive it into the ceiling joist by manually using a screwdriver or a power drill, whichever is convenient for you.

We think the nuisance of purchasing a separate mount and looking for screws because they don’t sell it, is a problem Vertical Leisure has to patch up.

X STAGE & X STAGE Lite Platform/Stage Pole Dance Setups

The X-Stage models don’t have to be screwed into the ceiling but you need to do a little bit of assembling before you can jump onto them.

You don’t need to be an engineer to do this, though because they designed these poles to make it really easy for anyone to assemble.

The X-Stage Standard and Lite models stand at the same height of 10ft but differ in the thickness of their platforms.

The Standard version’s platform is 12.5in thick, while the Lite models stands at 4in from the ground.

The difference in stage thickness affects the stability of the poles, with the Standard version having a thicker base, therefore a more stable foundation, compared to the Lite version.

We’re not saying the Lite version is tottering.

They’re both stable enough to handle regular use.

Having a thinner platform has an advantage too.

You get a longer pole with the Lite version because the platform only covers 4in of the 10ft-long pole.

The Standard version covers more than a foot of its overall length so you get only around 9ft of stripper pole to use for your spin and climbing moves.

Like we said before, platform models tend to be less solid than friction-mounted and semi-permanent dance poles so you may have a feeling they might overturn anytime during your routine.

There are leg extensions you can use to add stability and weight to the pole to appease your doubts.

The X-Stage is way heavier compared to other dance poles that employ a different mounting system.

The X-Stage Standard weighs around 230lbs overall, while the Lite version weighs around 210lbs.

The bulk of their weights is focused on their built-in platforms.

In addition to measuring the ceiling height of your area, we’re adding the weight of the pole as one of the things you need to consider before buying one.

X-Pole offers different stripper poles that are appropriate for specific situations.

For performers who need to bring their dance poles anywhere they go, the X-Stage is a great buy.

If you don’t plan to move the pole around, go for the Sport and X-Pert models.

X Pole Personalized Color Variations and Pole Finishes

X-Pole presents its fitness poles in different finishes you can choose from.

You can have it in standard stainless steel, chrome, brass, or titanium gold finishes.

They also have powder-coated finishes with your choice of pink or black color.

For general purposes and executing inversions and spin moves, the chrome finish is a good choice.

It has the same silver color of the stainless steel finish but has a different feel to it.

The titanium gold finish looks and feels quite similar to the brass one but with minor differences.

Depending on your routine or the purpose of the pole, you may need to pick between getting a stationary and a rotating dance pole.

Luckily, The X-Pert model, which is basically a rotating variant, can be converted to a stationary pole with just a few tweaks.

If you don’t want to make adjustments and want the stability of a stationary pole, you can just go with the Sports model.

The X-Stage models also offer this kind of flexibility, allowing you to convert them whenever you need to.

X-Poles can be purchased in 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm sizes.

Women prefer smaller grip sizes as they’re easier to grip with smaller hands.

The 50mm used to be the standard and it’s still the size you usually see in gyms and dance studios.

This is because its size makes it easier to do leg holds and body inversions.


X Fly Flying Pole

Ready to take your pole dance to the next level then X Pole offers something that’s scary and dangerous and is not for the faint of hearted.

The X Fly Flying pole is a pole that’s connected to the ceiling and allows the aerialist to access an entirely new pallet of tricks and elements that are both mesmerizingand a little scary.

I’ve tried the flying pole and its not easy, however, some of the same pole dancing fundamentals apply but much more strength and control in your upper and core is required to get the hang of this.

X Pole offer its own rigging to help you create the safest possible X fly installation, but the rest of the risk is completely up to you.



  • It comes in Multiple pieces for easy storage and portability and transport. Its important to not that flying poles and much longer in length
  • Personalized color choices from chrome, strainless steel and silicone.
  • Available in different options:
    • Basic Version 2410mm (7’ 10”) (2x 1180mm tubes)
    • Pro Version 2810mm (9’ 3”) (2x 1180mm + 400mm Extension) – Available in 45mm diameter only

I would recommend anyone willing to give this new dance style a shot to consult a professional who can teach you the basics because while the equipment and the pole itself is less than $200 to buy its important that you have the appropriate area and crash mats available for safety.


Aerial ‘A’ Frame

As you would expect from an aerial a-frame which gives you everything you need to rig your own aerial hoop, static trapeze, aerial hammocks, and low silks setup and best of all its completely removable and portable for those who like to do their shows on the road.

The frame can support up to 300lbs and offers a solid foundation for safety for beginner and professional aerial artists who like to experiment but don’t have the indoor rigging available for their needs.

  • Quick setup and tear down design which makes it easy for the traveling performer
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors
  • Storage bags are provided by X pole for easy and efficient storage and transport
  • Have fun with aerial hoop, static trapeze, aerial hammocks, and low silks setups

SILKII Pole Silks

Have you ever wondered how you could use Aerial silks with pole dancing?

Well X Pole has finally come up with a new extension called the SILKII Pole Silks which allows the experimental collaboration between pole dancing and silks.

Which means you can use the X Pole XPERT or the SPORT models and may use on other unbranded poles


  • Incorporate silks into your pole performance with ease
  • A quick and easy install that dosnt scratch or ruin your pole thanks to their smart ergonomic design.
  • You dont need any additional tools apart from what they send you to help you install it.
  • Conversion friendly and portable for those aerialists who like to work fast on the fly with inspiration strikes.
  • Currently available in 40mm or 45mm pole widths

Aerial Hammocks & Silks

Anti-gravity yoga or aerial yoga or zero gravity yoga is another growing outlet for aerialists for a new way to express a new type of dance and even acts as a form of relaxation and stretching.

I highly recommend any pole dancer who works hard to give this a try as it may make you feel revitalized and inspired for new possibilities.

All good things aside, X pole make their own aerial hammocks that are sold independently from the rigging choices.


Compactness And Portability

X-Pole includes carrying cases on all their poles for improved portability.

For the X-Stage models, you don’t necessarily have to hand-carry all of its weight unless you’re the Hulk.

The manufacturer provides separate carrying cases, one of which is wheeled to carry the heaviest components of the fitness pole.

Available accessories

X-Pole also produces a wide variety of accessories to aid you in using the pole.

Here are some of them:

Pole warmers

This is their solution for cold poles.

Simply wrap the warmer around the pole, turn it on and select your temperature settings, and leave it for around 15-20mins.

Remove it afterward and you now have a warm pole that’s easier to grip.

x pole cleanersPole cleaners

Removes residue from grip aids, grime, or sweat.

It dries really fast and leaves nothing but a clean, shiny pole.

Simply spray a small amount of the softly-scented cleaner on the microfiber cloth included in the package and rub it on your stripper pole.

This is meant for stainless steel poles and not to be used on silicon, brass, and powder-coated dancing poles.

Carry cases

Carry cases are already included with every purchase of the X-Pert Pole and Sport Pole sets but X-Pole sells replacement bags if you ever lose yours.

Grip Aids

They have Dry Hands, a solution for wet poles due to contact with rain or sweat.

Its water-repellent solution is strong enough to help people with sweaty palms maintain a firm grip on the dance pole.

They also have the X-Grip Hand Powder which activates using the heat from your body temperature.

Its sweat-resistant formula creates a sticky surface on your palms to help you improve your grip on the pole.


X-Pole also offers a bruise balm which can hasten the healing and reduce the inflammation of bruises you get from pole dancing.

It’s made of natural, organic compounds for a more effective treatment that won’t cause additional complications.


They offer leggings and hoodies on their official site.

More can be found in online stores like Amazon.


X-Pole offers fittings you can use for angled ceilings and adapter for converting your X-Pole into a removable or semi-permanent pole.

Replacement parts

They offer replacement parts like joints, base plates, ceiling domes, and even hex keys you can use to screw bolts into place.

Pole tools

These tools are created to easily tighten or remove your X-Pole from its place.

This is ideal for those who put up and put down their dance poles on their own.

Pricing and delivery

X-Pole prices play around the $199-$799 range.

You can get the cheapest X-Pole Sport model for only $199.

This is the practical choice for those who want to take advantage of its portability.

The X-Pert model, on the other hand, starts at around $289.

Originally a rotating pole, it can be converted to a stationary one, making it ideal for those who need its flexibility in their pole dancing routines.

The most luxurious piece is the X-Stage, priced at around $799.

If you want a full performance option, this is the right pick for you.

You can use it anywhere that has at least a 10ft-high ceiling.

Vertical Leisure has satellite warehouses around the world.

They have branches in Mexico, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Russia, and South Africa.

They usually process orders within 2 days and ship your products within 2-5 days.

Prices and shipping costs may change so be sure to give them a call first to confirm the details.

Customer Support

X-Pole offers warranty up to 6 months from the moment you buy their products.

They only cover defects from manufacturing and nothing else.

Any damage or failure of equipment caused by improper use, prolonged use, wear and tear, and other causes are void of warranty service.

They offer, however, a 30-day money-back guarantee if you haven’t opened and used their products yet.

They may charge a restocking fee, though, so it’s better to ask them about this option.

Their website is full of details and contains video tutorials on how to assemble and maintain their stripper poles.

Their contact info, including their address, phone and fax numbers, email address, and even their business hours are all displayed on their website.

There are customer reviews on the web discussing how it takes a few days for the company to respond to their queries.

We honestly haven’t called their customer service hotline yet so we can’t personally comment and confirm anything in this area.

Closing remarks

X-Poles specialize in providing portable dance pole solutions to customers, so if you’re looking for compact, movable, stylish, and high-quality poles, you’re free to look into their products.

They offer a variety of stripper poles and other accessories to fit your needs.

We recommend this brand to pole dancers, especially professional performers, who want to have their own fitness pole they can bring to events and shows.

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