X-Pole Xpert 50mm Dance Pole Review – The Ultimate Guide 2024

X-Pole X-Pert 50mm Dance Pole reviewX-Pole’s X-Pert 50mm dance pole is a 2-piece set that boasts both rotating and stationary modes.

now you are probably wondering how they compare in 2024.

This model also features X-Pole’s proprietary engineering called the X-Joint which uses a metal pole to hold the 2-piece pole together.

This makes the connection more stable compared to similar 2-piece poles that are connected using threads on each end.

There are no lock-nuts that may loosen after continuous use.

X-Pole X-Pert Description

The pole stands at 7ft and 4in.

It can be further extended up to 9ft by using the 125mm and 250mm extensions included in the box.

The pole can be easily set up using the tool in the package.

The pole uses friction pads to stabilize itself in place so you don’t need extra tools to screw anything into either the floor or the ceiling.

The pole also has a Micro Base for least floor contact.

The pole is also bottom-loading which means you can adjust the height of the stripper pole without needing a ladder.

Its innovative height adjuster allows you to extend the pole upward and fully secure it in place without having to tweak with the ceiling mount once it’s up there.

There’s also an adjuster cover that hides the adjusting mechanism of the pole to make it look seamless.

The cover perfectly aligns with the pole and doesn’t have any protruding edges which may cause injuries and scratches to any part of the body that it comes in contact with.

Although the dance pole is only 50mm thick, it’s sturdy enough to handle any move you throw at it.

This pole size is commonly used in competitions worldwide.

Plus, because it’s thicker, it’s easier to grip with your legs, best for inverted tricks.

The pole is available in different finishes including brass, titanium gold, chrome, and stainless steel.

The stainless steel finish is best for users with sensitive skin while the titanium gold is coated to enhance grip.

The chrome finish is the most popular choice among all of them because it strikes the balance between grip and aesthetic value.

Aside from the 2-piece pole set and the two extensions, there’s a carry case, two pieces of Allen screwdrivers, and a fully-detailed manual in the package.

X Pole Xpert Stripper Pole Features

  • X-Joint technology secures the 2-piece pole together
  • Bottom-loading with innovative height adjusting mechanism
  • A 7ft 4in dance pole which can be extended up to 9ft
  • Pole size of 50mm
  • Static and spinning modes available
  • Made of high-quality materials and available in different finishes


Xpert X-Pole static spinning pole reviewThe Pros and Cons of the Xpert 50mm


The X-Pole X-Pert 50mm Dance Pole is very portable and can easily fit inside the included carry case.

It’s also very easy to install and you can set it up in just a few minutes.

The bottom-loading feature and the height adjuster adds to the overall ease of assembly.

The combination of its 50mm size and the chrome finish provides good grip which is ideal for performing more advanced moves and tricks.


The whole pole is not recommended to be installed on uneven and popcorn ceilings.

These cannot withstand the pressure the pole puts on them and may just destroy both the finish and the pole itself.

We’ve heard some users had a disappointing experience when they were adjusting the fitness pole.

Even when they used the extensions and maximized the height adjuster, there’s still less than a few inch left between the mount and the ceiling itself, making the pole quite unstable when erected.

This can be remedied by measuring the exact height of your ceiling first before buying the pole.


X-Pole is known for making quality products and the X-Pert 50mm dance pole is one of them.

Although the price might be too steep for some, you won’t regret the quality and features you’ll get from it.

Its combination of portability, ease of assembly, spinning and rotating modes (more here), and overall quality proves to be one of the best in the market.

If you’re looking for a professional stripper pole (click here) that can assure you quality and reliability, the X-Pole’s X-Pert 50mm dance pole is the right pick for you.