Aerial Yoga Swing – The Beginner Guide of 2024

As a pole dancer I love the idea of expanding my aerial horizons and aerial yoga is the next best thing for relaxation.

You are probably wondering how much it would cost to set your own aerial yoga place up so I created an aerial yoga swing guide for newbies for 2024 and beyond.

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What is Aerial Yoga?

Physical health benefits aside, aerial yoga incorporates the use of aerial hammocks or swing that’s made from a piece of tough fabric, a truss or frame for hanging the hammock which may include freestanding solutions or permanent install in your home or studio.

Similar to Aerial silks, yet the user can lay on, swing and perform yoga poses as well as hang upside down into many poses which can be very relaxing especially a hard day behind the computer as is offers a great way to stretch out your spine and is perfect for those with lumbar back problems.

Also Known as:

  • Air yoga
  • Yoga Trapeze
  • Anti-gravity yoga
  • Zero-gravity yoga
  • Upside-down yoga
  • Circus yoga
  • Aerial Silks (Commonly misunderstood)
  • Spinal decompression method
  • Flying yoga
  • Inversion therapy

All the names mean the same thing and come with a variety of healthy pain solutions and therapies for those who suffer.

Is Aerial Yoga For Beginners?

Absolutely, you don’t need any prior experience to use an aerial yoga swing for it to benefit and it would only take a few sessions in aerial yoga class from an instructor to show you the basic moves. 

We get many comments that “it’ looks tricky” and it couldn’t be further from the truth, it takes some getting used to however its like a way of relaxing.

Many people are very surprised at their first aerial yoga class that the positions that can already perform after a few short months you will be bending your body in ways on the hammock you never thought possible. 

Aerial Yoga Health Benefits

Combining the benefits of yoga with aerial yoga you have a new and powerful way of accessing another part of strength-based exercises, pain relief, and relaxation. 

  • Increased cognitive abilities
  • Spinal therapy for better back and lower lumbar health
  • Stretches that improve open lung function
  • Benefits to remedy constipation and general digestive health
  • Extended flexibility for your body to rid aches and pains 
  • Strength-based exercises and poses that promote Stronger muscles

Aches and pains are a fact of life and aerial yoga is a great natural alternative to grease up your joints for better flexibility and yoga positions for shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and many other fantastic alternative health benefits.

How to do Aerial Yoga At Home?

if you’ve been on the hunt for ideas on how you can get started doing aerial yoga from the comfort of your own home then the possibilities are surprisingly easy and affordable.

Just look on Amazon, you can buy aerial yoga hammocks and swings for under $50 and it comes with everything you may need to install an Aerial yoga set up in your home. 

If you are a complete beginner and you want to learn the amazing ways of getting the full benefits out of your aerial hammock then you may want to get a class or 2 from an experienced professional. 

If aerial yoga class is not for you then you have online courses and great books available that show you the right positions you need to know in how to get started on your own.

What Aerial Yoga Equipment DO I Need for home?

Most people who try aerial yoga have so much fun doing it, the next logical thing is to ask how to get started with their setup. 

You will be very happy to find out that it’s super easy and affordable to have your own setup at home or in the office.

and with that, I am going to run you through the equipment you need to get started on your aerial yoga set up.

Rigging – this means strong support to hang your hammock in your home or office.

All homes have their support beams that allow you to easily set up your hammock.

The support beam must be strong enough to hold your weight and its the case of identifying the right spots in your home or office. 

How to find the right support beam for hanging your aerial swing hammock?

You can do the old fashion way and knock on the gypsum plasterboard and we are looking for a non-hollow sound to determine where a support beam is. 

The other alternative is to ask a builder or buy a device that determines that for you.

Door Frame Bar for yoga swings

While it’s not the most ideal way as far as space is concerned but if you have no way of drilling into the ceiling because of either you rent.

Door frame bars can be an easier alternative.

What Are Aerial Suspension Hooks?

Many kits only come with the hammock and the next thing you need to hang from a solid wooden beam is the suspension hooks to help you hang it in your space and are capable of holding up to 800kg for those who are worried about their body weight. 

Freestanding Aerial Frames and trapeze Stands

They come at a hefty price but they enable the user to set up a completely portable aerial yoga set up anywhere.

In your home, outdoors or on a gig if you are a professional aerial artist who does on the roadshows. 

While the price may be expensive it can be the perfect solution for those who cannot drink into their apartment ceilings for reasons of renting or the difficulty of finding a cross beam.

X Pole A-Frame 

You may have heard of X Pole if you are a pole dancer however if you are new to this then X pole is a company that has been making aerial equipment for professionals for many years.

They have an amazing A-Frame set up for those who are looking to get their trapeze setup for their aerial yoga setups. 

And while its pricy and does take up some space you can even do the aerial hook, aerial silks, so the features of experimenting with other aerial elements are endless with the X Pole A-frame.

Yoga swing/aerial yoga hammock – one search on Amazon will bring up hundreds of great kits that come with absolutely everything you are going to need to make your setup a reality.

And while they are easy to find, it’s highly recommended you choose the right one with the best hardware and fabric because you the last thing you want is to be injured by a bad quality kit.

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Stand

If you have never heard of Yogabody before, they are a dedicated yoga store that sells and manufactures a range of some of our favorite and most used Yoga equipment and supply a range of aerial yoga gear for home and studio use.

Just the X Pole A Frame YOGABODY trapeze kit is another A-frame aerial kit that allows the user to setup at home or anywhere where there is space. 

No products found.

Aerial Fitness Rig The Height Adjustable

If you are looking for a flexible trapeze rig that can be easily adjusted to the height then this is perfect for doing aerial yoga anywhere, even in places with low ceilings. 

What Are the Best Rated Yoga Swings?

Its all based on fabric and quality materials that determine if a particular swing is worth the money or not.  Most aerial swings and hammocks are made from a parachute material that consists of nylon and are built for rugged use. 

Check out more Yoga Swings here


What Are The Essential Aerial Yoga Accessories?

As you get more advanced so do the possibilities of further extending what you may like to try as you you get better.

Things like rotational swivels help you adopt more tricks and yoga positions that allow you not only to swing but spin in place.

Many people like to do inversions while their gently spin and it adds a new dynamic to the whole experience. 

Buying tips for Aerial Yoga

Many stores sell aerial hammocks and kits where you can set them up by your self but it’s paramount to buy something that is good quality and that’s not going to harm your safety as it can lead to serious injury. 

Here a few things to consider before purchasing your aerial equipment

Weight limit:

It should be self-explanatory as to why this is important however its best get something that can hold 3 times the weight of your body weight. 

Can you install it in your home?

This should be an obvious question but many fail to determine if they can use this kind of equipment in their home or office.

See, many get a little too excited and gloss over the important details like the height of ceilings and cross beams for high weight loads. 

It’s important to first determine if the area of which you will install your aerial swing and then buy the equipment accordingly.

Personally, if you are not sure how you are going to install it, its best to talk to a person in construction who is a handyman and can help you make the right decision.

My dad helped me 🙂 

Potential Risks of Aerial Yoga:

Hanging upside down sounds as innocent as working out in the gym or going for a run.

However, you must know of any heart or low blood pressure conditions that you should be mindful of then partaking in this activity.

See there may be a problem with blood pressure and health conditions like glaucoma can be very high if there are no precautions taken. 


Now that you know the basics of how you can take yoga to the next level with the help of a cheap hammock to hang in your home or office.

Apart from yoga, its a great way to chill and relax with this thing in your house.

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