What To Pack In Your Gym Bag For Pole Dance Class in 2024

Have you wondered what you need to pack in your gym bag for your pole dance class.

In 2024 there are a few essentials every pole dancer should have before leaving home to go and workout session?

Heres exactly what you need to fend off slippery poles, bruises, pole friction burns, dance knee pads, wrist supports and you will wish you had them before reading this.

Here are the essential things that should always be in your pole dance kit bag for classes.


Many pole dancers don’t go this in the beginning because it doesn’t seem inherently obvious, but as you pole dance you will find that the tops of your feet from climbing can quickly be grazed from the zink and grip aids on the pole.

It’s not ideal to rely on pole dance studios to give you bandages to help you get through the class so it’s recommended you pack a small pack in your training bag.

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Use Deodorant AntiPersperent – Not Perfume

This may seem obvious to many but for some deodorant is not essential in everyday life.

With that said, many of your peers will not appreciate you if you walk into class smelling like a shoe.

Its important to use a generous amount of deodorant and take it with you to class so you can manage through multiple training sessions.

Don’t USE perfume as a deodorant: its strong and some people may have problems with it if it’s too strong.

So it’s best to not use perfume if you don’t have to, instead use it after class and your session is complete.

Sweating is a problem for performance: If sweating stops you from being able to climb the pole then buy body anti-perspiring.



Ideally a micro fiber towel you can use to wipe down the pole and yourself after a session or for when you get too sweaty and slimy.

Most dance studios enforce ad BYO towel policy as it is good practice for hygiene.

Plus who doesn’t love to be dry after an intense session?

Just pack a small micro-fiber towel into your bag, it won’t take up much room and you will thank yourself later.


Wrist Support

Its often overlooked but your wrists and hands are doing a lot of work to keep stable on the pole and it’s natural for them to ache if you have been training for any period of time.

Thankfully wrist support for dancers is cheap and makes a world of difference, imagine feeling no pain in your wrists ever again?

Well, thankfully Sneakydeez makes the best wrist support for pole dancers.

I own a pair myself and they are very comfortable and your wrists never hurt during or after a session.

I also use them for yoga and for type on my keyboard because my wrists tend to suffer when I am typing for long periods of time.


They have many great and unique designs that compliment your style and personality with some highly limited edition designs.

So if you are in need of quality wrist supports Check Sneakydeez out here

Dance Knee Pads

It depends on on the kind of dance you have scheduled for a particular day, however, if you are into contemporary, exotic and experimental pole dance which involves getting on your knees and doing some floor work, then having a good pair of knee pads will save you bruised and grazed knee caps.

Its not fun to knock your knees about and it can really hurt and I’ve even seen a few of my peers really hurt themselves as a result of not using their knees properly.

If you are serious about experimenting with pole dance on new levels that involve floor work then I would recommend getting some dance knee pads to take with you.

Most good quality ones cost less than $15.

More info about the available best dance knee pads here.


Water Bottle

Duh! if you are working out anywhere on this planet you’re going to need some water 🙂 here is an awesome pole dance water bottle for those devoted pole dancers out there who would like to add this into their gym bag.


Thin Yoga Mat

This is not essential, however many people like to take their own mats because it can be a little easier for when you are doing warm-ups, stretching and strength exercises like pushups and planks with can be a little easier on the elbows.


Hand Grip Aids

This is a 110% need if you struggle with grip and staying on the pole due to sweating.

Getting your own grip aid can make a day and night difference to your pole dance sessions and that’s why its an absolute essential that you get a grip aid for pole dancing or any aerial activity.

See the highly recommended grip aids here

Here are a few notable mentions of popular pole dance grip aid products


A comfortable Sports Bra And Pole Dance Shorts

This goes without saying but it’s important to get yourself a quality and comfortable sports bra thats going to be easy for you to train with.

Shorts are a given and it’s highly recommended some pole dance shorts so your thighs are exposed for easier climbing.


Stripper Heels or Boots

It’s not essential unless its the training style of the style you have chosen to train with, but having some good pole dance grade heels is required so they don’t slip of mid-session and potentially injuring you.

Shoes like Pleasers tend to do the trick for ideal performance on the pole Check out the recommend shoes here

Final conclusion

You are now set to rock up to pole dance class or stripper dance class with everything you need.

I didnt mention women products because that should be obvious anywhere you go however these are the main essential pole dance items to include into your gym bag before you leave the house.

What are your thoughts?

Would you add anything to this list?