Top 5 Gymnastics Wrist Supports

Gymnastics and Aerial like sports like Pole Dancing and Lyra hoop are sports that rely heavily on the use of your joints, which is why a lot of gymnasts and dance artists suffer from dislocations, ACL injuries, labral tears, and wrist sprains.

Wrist injuries can restrict the range of wrist motion, hindering you from properly executing handstands, bridges, and other moves requiring extensive wrist movements.

PLEASE NOTE: some of these wrist supports are not going to be suitable for pole dancing or aerial dance.

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There are several ways to prevent wrist injuries and one of them is by wearing wrist supports.

Weve provided you a brief buying guide below on some of the best gymnastic wrist braces available in the market to help you decide which of them you should invest on.

The Best Pole Dance, Aerial Gymnastics Wrist Supports

1. Mava Ultimate Workout Gloves

This all-around workout glove covers your whole palm and half of your fingers length to protect your hands from rips and callouses.

It has a breathable leather padding, adjustable wrist wraps, and silicone-padded palms for extra grip.

Its also available in different colors.


Pros: Gloves provide excellent grip and wrist support, and theyre very comfortable to wear.

The price is right for its quality.

Cons: It easily wears out after a few months of use.

Although its available in different sizes, there have been concerns that the sizes dont fit them well.

Shipping: Yes, in selected countries.


2. WristWidget Adjustable Wrist Support

The WristWidget is clinically-tested to alleviate common wrist pains felt when gripping, lifting, rotating, and extending.

The WristeWidget is recommended by therapists and physicians for its ability to increase wrist strength and help in healing wrist-related injuries like TFCC tears.

It is made of breathable materials and features a one-size-fits-most design, thanks to its Velcro straps.

Pros: Its comfortable to wear and it really helps heal wrist injuries.

Users had no trouble fitting the product because of its Velcro straps.

Cons: Its quite expensive for its features, with some saying its effects are nothing but a trick.

Women who have smaller wrist girth also had trouble fitting this product.

Shipping: Yes, its shipped worldwide.

3. Bear Grips Extra Strength Wrist Wraps

This wrist support keeps your wrists at optimal angles, preventing them from hyperextending.

With this, you can perform more reps and lift more weight during your training.

It features 4 support bands to completely cover your wrists.

Its available in white & black and gray & black color combination.

Pros: It is very versatile that it can be used in WODs, weight lifting, cross training, and other gym activities aside from gymnastics.

Cons: It can be bulky to use for some athletes.

Since the product covers a wide part of your wrists, it can absorb a lot of sweat, causing it to stink after several uses.

Shipping: Yes, in selected countries.

4. Tiger Paw Wrist Support

Its designed to prevent hyperextension of your wrists which is the common cause of sprains, CTS, and muscle strains.

Its foam and plastic inserts allow you to adjust the level of stiffness and comfort the product offers.

The tan-colored version of the product is approved in most gymnastic events.

Pros: There are sizes available even for children.

Its low-profile design and capacity to reduce wrist injuries make it a highly recommended accessory for gymnasts.

Cons: Expensive for its features.

Shipping: Yes, in selected countries.

5. JunoSports Adjustable Athletic Wrist Brace Support

The light compression it provides helps protect and stabilize your wrists during and after training.

The product is made of neoprene which is the best material to use in keeping your wrists in their optimal position.

These braces are recommended by orthopedists in treating tendonitis and CTS.

Pros: It provides good wrist support and is sold at reasonable prices.

It also features a universal size, fit for both men and women users.

Cons: The thumb holes are quite small.

Theyre also not meant for heavy use since theyre not that durable.

Shipping: Yes, in selected countries.


These products offer different features but theyre all built for the purpose of providing wrist support.

If youre just doing light work and are on a budget, the JunoSports Brace is good enough for you.

For moderate activities, the products from Bear Grips and Mava are your best options since they provide the right balance between features and value.

If youre a competing gymnast, the Tiger Paw Wrist Support is the best choice among these products.

Lastly, physicians recommend the WristWidget to those with wrist injuries since the product has been proven to help alleviate wrist injuries.

If you are looking for wrist supports for pole dancing then I would recommend checking out Sneaky Deez