Pro-Fit Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole Review

Pro-Fit Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole reviewThe Pro-Fit Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole is a very affordable choice for both beginners and professional dancers.

It can be used in studios, gyms, or even at the comfort of your home.

This dance pole can be set up in areas with a minimum ceiling height of 7ft and 6in.

It can be extended up to 9ft and there’s a pole extension, which is sold separately, to allow the pole to extend further up to 10ft.

The Pro-Fit is available in 50mm and 45mm sizes.

You also get a 2-in-1 pole with this product because you can just tweak a few gears to convert it from a spinning fitness pole into a stationary one.

The stripper pole utilizes the manufacturer’s proprietary Pro-joint mechanism, enabling you to easily set it up without the need for screws or other tools.

You can assemble/disassemble the pole in a few minutes without the need for an extra hand.

Its ease of assembly and lightweight frame allows for increased portability.

Pro-Fit has friction pads on both its ceiling and floor mounts which make the pole stable enough to support up to 250lbs of weight.

Combining this with the Pro-joint technology make the dance pole safe and secure for anyone to use.

The LED Dance light included in the package has two modes you can choose from.

First is the ‘stay-on’ mode which produces a steady beam of light.

The other one is the ‘light show’ which provides a flickering effect for livelier performance.

Pro-Fit Pole Features

  • Can be converted to a spinning or stationary stripper pole
  • Available in 45mm and 50mm sizes
  • Fits on areas with a height of at least 7’6′
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and stable enough to handle up to 250lbs of weight
  • Pro-Joint technology makes it safer and more secure to use

Pros and Cons of the Pro-Fit Stripper Pole

Pro-Fit dance pole reviewAdvantages

Despite being lightweight, the dance pole is very stable and it’s sturdy enough to handle the weight of most users.

It’s also really easy to assemble and disassemble which is a great feature if you need to move the pole around the house or take it anywhere you go.

You can place the whole stripper pole in the carrying bag included in the package, increasing Pro-Fit’s overall portability.
The LED Dance lights, which is included in the package as a bonus accessory, adds amazing visuals to any dance routine.


There have been reports that the base mount of the pole caused some problems to users.

One said it got stuck after a few weeks of use, making it difficult to take down.

Another user said it snapped while she was performing, causing some injuries.

Because of its very cheap price, some of the parts may be substandard and passed the quality control division without really getting checked.

Products like this can be a hit or miss for users, with some having really excellent quality and some substandard ones.


For its low price you’ll have a hard time getting anything more affordable than this.

It’s a good fitness pole and you get an additional LED Dance light for added value.

There may be some issues with its quality as this is a much cheaper pole in comparison to the elite pole manufacturers out there like X Pole, miPole equipment, Lil Mynx and Lupit Pole which is highly recommended if you budget allows.
But for a cheap dance pole its not bad, plus there are a lot users who have reported their satisfaction with the Pro-Fit dance pole.

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