Sneakydeez Wrist Wraps Review – Are They Any Good in 2024?

If you are like me then you are probably 98% of the pole dancers who have a bad rap with sore wrists after a pole dance session.

The truth is there is a solution in 2024 that works a treat and I have been using it to be free from wrist pain from pole dancing.

QUICK READ: The short end of it, its Sneakydeez! and anyone wants to see how I stopped wrist pain in 1 day

review of sneakydeez

It’s common for people who practise pole dancing to suffer from wrist pain, you’ve probably heard it from other pole dancers before, or you’ve probably experienced that annoying ache you just can’t seem to shake off all that easy

Last year, one of my students came in with some cute wrist wraps that I have never seen before, I asked her what they were for and she told me that her wrists were jacked without them.

Not only was she in pain, she wasn’t able to do simple things like text on her phone, type on the computer at her day job, even so much as brushing her hair before she went to bed.

She didn’t have any wrist related conditions that commonly hear about, carpal tunnel or tendonitis might ring a bell — but in her case, according to her doctor, she said her wrists are “healthy and this is normal”

The only correlation with the wrist pain was the day after she trains pole dancing.

iron x pole dance move
My goal in nailing the IRON X

A new student of mine started to experience the same thing, it sounded like it got in the way of more things than just a goal to do the IRON X by the end of the year along with many other girls in my classes.

“My Wrists killed me 1 day, even as much as 1 week after training!”

I found myself on a mission to try to solve this.

Long story short…I couldn’t find much info on the topic and most of the info online lead to wrist braces for people suffering from carpal tunnel.

I then came across many wrist wrap products for bodybuilding, tennis, and gymnastics.

I purchased 4 different types of wrist supports/wrist wraps and I spent $110 on Amazon.com, I decided to go all out! because I heard some bad reviews on some cheaper existing products from other classmates.

So I bought 4 types which included the low-cost range to the to the higher cost options!

Fast forward — The results were less than desirable on the 4 products, here are the 4 things that stood out the most.

  • Comfort – Where some did well in comfort, they didn’t offer the right amount wrist support.
  • Wrist Support – Where there seemed to be a solid support, it lacked comfort and functionality, which I ended up with the wrist wrap digging into my skin when I do a basic invert, I would feel my blood circulation getting cut off, because I had to have them on tight to get any sort of support.
  • Reliability – 3 of the wrist supports would constantly come loose and I found myself on the side during my routines refastening them all the time.
  • Overall Functionality – I am not talking about the bells and whistles but I am referring to their practicality on the pole. And that was a big fat F+ = fail. They didn’t work and was left with $100 worth of useless wrist support purchase…

I basically just packed my research in and called it a day, for another day to face another annoying ache wrist day…euuuhhh! 😩


pole dance wrist supportAfter a few weeks went by and sore wrists were ablaze, I was trying to figure out my limits and thresholds on how to avoid having wrist pain by spacing out my pole training days in such a way that prevented me from attending 2 sessions a week.

It wasn’t such a huge loss…

Something I could come to terms with..



Then I coincidentally came across a giveaway for Sneakydeez Wrist Supports on another pole dancing blog, I thought I would go for it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the giveaway, but it was exactly the push I needed to purchase a pair of my own and put them to the test, I saw some famous pole dancers using them along with other pole dancers using them with praise.

“Wrist pain?…NEVER AGAIN!!!1”


I waited 2 weeks for them to come in the mail, I didn’t realize they were coming from Europe — I emailed their support and they were quick and very helpful! 😊

When I finally got them, I put them on and they looked amazing, I loved the design and I allowed a 1-week test, but after 1 day of heavy training, I didn’t feel that wrist pain I came accustomed to feeling.

After 1 week of using Sneakydeez, I was still pain-free and ever since that all my pole buddies have also joined me in the fight in eliminating wrist pain!

I have already reached my goal in nailing the IRON X wooh for me! honestly couldn’t of done it without Sneakydeez.

Here is a little bit more of about them below: QUICK READ: if you are in pain then don’t waste your money on anything else.

Check them out here


What is Sneakydeez? (A better description)

sneakydeez pole dancing wrist bandsSneakydeez Wrist Supports come in many colors and styles but I personally love them all and the limited edition series looks amazing with their own designs.

Not only are these pole dancing wrist wraps visually attractive, they also do a great job in helping to stabilize my wrists which are especially important if you plan on practicing more aerial and twisted grip movements.

These movements and transitions are particularly hard on most peoples wrists, since it is my ‘pull’ wrist (which is the hand that is always on top during the twisted grip movements), and I didn’t realize this fact for myself until I attended my classes where I worked on many twisted grip movements and handsprings after a long break due to work and the holidays.


Before using Sneakydeez Wristwraps

Long story short, my wrist was in a ton of pain by the end of the class and that could have been totally avoided if I heard about Sneakydeez sooner.

I have been wearing my wrist wraps constantly, even when I’m not in class, and even to lyra sessions which are not usually hard on my wrists.

I’ve seen a great improvement on the pain since then.

I have been wearing my wrist supports constantly, even when I’m not in class, I also wear them on my lyra sessions now which are not usually hard on my wrists.

Some considerations to the source of the pain

While I’m almost certain that some of the wrist pain that I experience could be lessened by

1) Conditioning my wrists and forearms more often

2) If I lost a little bit of weight, I can’t really complain since I’m not overweight.

The point is, I think that putting a little less weight on your wrists, especially if it is sensitive, will prevent it from hurting.

This is something to keep in mind, especially if you think about the fact that you are putting over 120 pounds of weight on a fragile, relatively weak joint.

It certainly helped me avoid and reduce the amount of junk food I ate, for a while at least.

pole dance wrist bandsNow using these pole dancing wrist wraps

Regardless if you are a little heavier or not, you can still suffer from wrist pain, and this is where the Sneakydeez pole wrist wraps shine!

They don’t only offer extra stability and support for your wrist, they also keep your wrists warm which is essential! They are made from strong durable elastic and Lycra (found in swim suits) so they are easily washable, their awesome colors and designs don’t degrade and they are super simple to wrap and secure your wrist.

As stated above, they come in various colors and styles, and they are made specifically for pole dancers by a pole dancer!

By purchasing your pair of Sneakydeez, you are supporting a fellow pole dancer and you are eliminating wrist pain…

So its a WIN WIN!

They no longer offer the Cherry-Deez that I have, but there are tons of other options.

You can get your own pair at https://sneakydeez.com

And follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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