Tite Grip II for hands and feet that sweat Review

Tite Grip IISweaty hands and playing sports typically do not mix — especially when I comes to pole dancing without slipping off.

If you’re a pole dancer who loves training but you suffer from sweaty hands and it’s limiting your progress then it may also pose as a safety issue.

Many individuals rely on products that can address sweaty hands to enhance grip, just like the Tite Grip II.

If you are suffering from loss of grip and sweaty hands then this formulation is specifically for sweaty hands, feet and other body parts that will assist you in gripping the pole.

This product is designed for the busy and highly active beginner to professional pole dancers and can work in different sports from bowling and etc.

Once applied, you can experience the effect that can last up to 6 hours.

Tite Grip II is a product infuses grip and Antiperspirant elements in the formula that is specially designed to stop the sweating of your hands when involved in different activities.

Everyone knows that excessive moisture can affect one’s safety and performance, so Tite Grip II is offered as a safety product as well.

Currently, it’s being offered in a 59-ml tube and can work for anyone faced with sweaty hands, and active in sports.



  • A clear topical hand cream that will not stain
  • Antiperspirant to stop sweating
  • Will not stick
  • Available in a 59-ml tube
  • Lasts up to 6 hours

Pros and cons of the Tite Grip II product


  • Formulated for wet and sweaty hands, it has been tested to work on dry hands too to enhance grip.
  • Only small amounts need to be applied to see the results
  • For someone who is suffering from hyperhidrosis, Tite Grip can be a complementary solution and cure.
  • The cream does not feel thick like most other products
  • Ideal to be applying on thighs for optimal grip and prevent sweating on the pole when climbing


  • At $14.95, this can be an expensive solution for individuals who want to address their sweaty hands.
  • This product does not offer a superb grip when compared with other similar products in the market.


Tite Grip II offers a ‘good grip’ solution, but its true value can be found in its antiperspirant qualities.

If you apply the cream as recommended by the manufacturer, you can feel an effect that can last for hours.

We recommend it for pole dancers, bowlers and other individuals who want to end their sweaty hand’s problems and enhance their grip on the pole.