Black Widow Liquid Chalk Grip Review

black widow gripHigh-intensity sporting activities like rock climbing, gymnastics and pole dancing require the use of different accessories and equipment that can help maintain the best grip possible.

Aside from crash mats, a sturdy pole and the right clothes to wear, pole dancing also requires the use of specialized accessories and products like liquid chalk for effective gripping of the pole.

Products like Black Widow Liquid Chalk Grip helps the user with effective gripping when you are finding yourself slipping down the pole due to sweat and muscle fatigue.

It features the best quality liquid grip that helps promotes a more sturdy grip of the pole which helps with better workouts and training sessions.

Whats inside the bottle?

Made from magnesium carbonate and available in 120 ml bottles, this product offers a super-tacky hold, and promises to last longer when compared with other brands in the market.

It boasts a 99-percent magnesium carbonate content, without the usual fillers and add-ons that can be found in many other lower quality brands.

When used as specified, it can help boost your workout sessions, and ensure your safety on the pole with effective gripping.


  • Made from 99-percent magnesium carbonate, no fillers
  • Available in 120 ml bottles
  • Can lasts twice longer, when compared with the competition
  • Comes with a 30-day refund
  • Can be used anywhere besides the dance pole
  • Designed for high-level and professional athletes

Pros and Cons for the Black Widow Chalk Grip

Black Widow Liquid Chalk Grip, No Mess, No Dust, For Lifting, CrossFit, and Gymnastics pole dancePros

  • With Black Widow Liquid Chalk Grip you no longer have to worry about ‘weak gripping’ and slipping and sliding all over the place.
  • No messy application — You just need a small amount of the chalk which you need to massage on your hands for 10-15 seconds to experience a better grip.
  • After application of the chalk, you can expect that it will dry easily, making this a great product for professionals and high-intensity athletes who want immediate results.
  • The use of this chalk is highly recommended for mid to high-intensity pole workouts and activities. Just a reminder though when using this chalk- make sure that you follow the instructions, and ensure that your hands are clean.
  • If possible, wash and dry your hands first before applying a small amount of chalk. Price-wise, this is priced just right at $14.99 and yes, it comes with a 30-day guarantee, no questions asked.


  • After using the product a number of times, I noticed that our hands become flaky as soon as the chalk starts to dry out. This can be uncomfortable at first, but you can always add a small amount to get the same effect.
  • Also, we found out that the quality of hold and grip tends to diminish when doing heavy and high-intensity workouts. You may need to re-apply the chalk after an hour or so to retain the effectiveness of the chalk.

Our Verdict

At $14.99 and available with a 30-day money back guarantee, we can say that Black Widow Liquid Chalk Grip is one of the best alternatives in the market today.

The price may be a bit higher when compared with other brands in the market, but Black Widow clearly states that it uses 99 percent magnesium carbonate, without fillers.

I recommend its use, especially for light to medium pole dancing and workouts.