5 Essential Pole Dancing Clothes

pole dancing clothesYou’re now ready to take your first lessons on the pole or you are entering into your first pole competition, what do you need?

Your instructor may have suggested to just wear ‘anything comfortable’ which can lead to mixed results for group classes and may raise eyebrows.

In this article i will be giving you some guidance on what you should consider for different situations – Pole clothes for competitions, group classes and at home poling.

First mistake: dont go to pole dance with your thongs and a see through blouse with out a bra.

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Its important to be comfortable in your clothes when pole dancing but there are situations where each style should be considered carefully.

3 types of Pole dance situations

There are likely 3 types of pole dance situations you are likely to be in:

  1. Training – Private or group classes
  2. Home Training
  3. Competition



Sports bras will be your life saver and no one should go to pole class without a Sports Bra as it goes against most pole class etiquette.
Pairing a sports bra with a Stylish crop and bandeau tops are some of the choices women can select from, each featuring different prints and colors to your style.

However I would recommend staying away from tops that will cover your arms which will hinder your abilities to grip the pole properly and can cause injuries.
Men don’t necessarily have to wear tops but there are shirts, tanks, and also jackets they can choose from.

Shorts and skirts

Shorts are preferred by most pole dancers since they can fit any theme and exposes just enough skin to make your performance alluring and effective. The unobstructed contact between your skin and the dance pole improves your grip for better execution of pole tricks.

You can choose from numerous designs like the corset, side fishnet, retro, mesh, high waist, laced, and other styles available in a wide array of colors to suit your preference. There are also short skirts available but they may be more suitable when you’ve become more versed in the dance pole.

If you want to put a little bit of naughtiness into your outfit, there are brazils that border between shorts and bikini. Their tight-fitting and moderately scanty feature emphasizes your booty’s vivacity.
Shorts for men are more limited in style. They usually look like cycling shorts with extra padding on the crotch portion for added protection.


Most pole dancers prefer wearing a few layers of underwear before they put on their bottoms. We say most because some pole dancers opt not to wear underwear underneath their bottom clothing because they feel uncomfortable during performances, i.e. having a wedgie or your underwear riding up in places where it shouldnt

If you’re looking for clothing that will fully highlight your curves and amp up your act’s erotic factor, thongs and skimpy underwear would get the right effect – but thongs shouldn’t be used in group classes unless its allowed. Bsure not to go to a group class wearing thongs and other students are wearing shorts or underpants.

If you want something loose and covered then going for running short or workout under pants that fit group class etiquette.
For men, there are boxer shorts you can wear under your cycling shorts.


For those who prefer wearing longer clothing, there are leggings specially made for pole fitness. These bottoms are usually made of silky polyester or vinyl, depending on the style and affect the apparel wants to highlight. These materials are soft and elastic, making them perfect for physically strenuous activities like pole dancing.

WARNING: wearing long bottoms like leggings will reduce the friction between you and pole and can be dangerous if you do not have full control over the pole. Leather and Vinyl materials may give you grip as opposed to cotton or jersey leggings but will limit you in your dance moves.

Where to buy Pole Dance Clothes?

There are a lot of online shops selling a wide variety of pole dancing clothes. A few of the most popular are Bad Kitty who seem to be the leader in this space however if you go on instagram then you are likely to find some amazing pieces from indy sellers.
Even eBay or Amazon which are cheaper compared to branded ones and if you are prepared to wait and pay a lot cheaper then Aliexpress is a good place..

Final words

Choosing the appropriate clothing for your performance or class helps avoid wardrobe malfunction resulting in unnecessary exposure of your private parts WAH! You dont want to show more than the audience bargained for or they should be paying for it… lol I am kidding!
But on a serious note wardrobe malfunctions can lead to disqualification from competing in a competition and its not pretty, so be sure to choose your clothes wisely.
Whether you’re a professional or a beginner in pole dancing, wearing proper attire to the event/class is a must as it can help decrease chances of accidents and embarrassments along the way.

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