Am I Too Old To Learn Pole Dancing? For Over 50+

Lets face it, going to the gym, daily walks are great for your body to keep you fit in your 50s. But these activities can become boring and not exciting.


Which begs the question from many, is 50 years old too old to start pole dancing?

If you are looking for a new outlet of fitness, fun and dance then you may have pole dancing in your sights. You may be asking if “I’m 50 Years Old, Am I too Old to Be Learning How To Pole Dance?”

A valid question indeed!…. The short answer is Yes and No, let me explain…

Is your body ready to cope with high intense workouts?

Pole dancing is just like any other sport that requires strength and endurance, if you are in that category of building muscle and you are in good shape with nothing to hold you back, then go for it, baby!

But pole dancing is not for everybody, if you are suffering from any kind of physical illness that prohibits you from doing any kind of stressful exercises like jogging, weight lifting and etc, then this form of dance or fitness is probably not for you.

Important note: If you are over 50+ it is best to see your doctor get a physical examination done to make sure your body can handle this kind of sport.

Never rush into trying pole dancing if your body is not ready, you may seriously injure yourself which can put you out of commission for a long time.

I am ready to learn pole dancing, where do I start?

Once you have the all-clear from your medical professional then you can start by joining a group pole dance class in your area. You will find there are many studios worldwide that have joined the craze.

You can find these classes in dance schools that specialize in modern dance, yoga, aerial silks and the likes.

If you can’t seem to find a pole dance studio in your area then you can start by teaching yourself. This is not advisable, but it can be done if you are willing to take on the risks.


Check out the top pole courses you can use to start learning pole dancing at home. And you may want to buy yourself a stripper pole for home too.

What to expect when I start learning

If you choose to get lessons or take an online pole dancing course then it’s reasonable to expect that you will be sore from using all your muscles in your body from learning how to grip the pole, basic climbs, spins and etc.

Take things slow, and never rush your progression. Its is highly recommended that you choose to join a group class or get private lessons to ensure you are doing the basic movements correctly.

Remember to treat pole dancing like a regular training regime, the more you practise the better you will get as time goes on. Unfortunately, pole dancing is a very tough sport on your skin from gripping the pole. Be sure to buy the right gripping aids to prevent skin irritation and avoid using skin creams before using the pole to avoid slipping.

Pro tip: Make sure to warm up, stretch and cool down after every session.

Always have fun

Pole dancing is meant to be fun, just remember to always have fun and to never take it too seriously. Once you start getting the flow of the basic fundamentals you will see yourself progressing to performing new moves and tricks all the while getting fit and getting that stripper body you always wanted, the younger ladies will wonder how you got your buttocks so firm.

Its very easy to be discouraged, but never give up! 🙂

Watch this video of a woman who is 50 years of age pole dancing: 


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