Pole Dancing for Males – What You Should Know About Pole Dance Classes

pole dance classes for malesThere is this outdated belief that pole dancing and related activities that are reserved for sexy and exotic women. While this sexy activity was often identified with the femininity of women, this present day, men are now embracing pole dancing as a fun and strength intensive workout activity.

In addition, there are famous male pole dancers like Evgeny Grishlov who runs Open Dance Academy (Read my review here and get 10% OFF) which consists of many online pole dance lessons teaching guys and girls the way to properly start pole dancing.

Today, pole dances are now considered not just entertainment, but also a great way to keep your body in shape. Once you get into this highly physical activity, you can pull off different tricks and turns, like twists and flips, which can go a long way in improving your body.

According to pole professionals and fitness instructors in the business, regular pole dancing activities can help tone your muscles, build your abs and even improve the other muscles in other parts of the body very quickly.

For many male pole dancers, this activity can be similar to gym activities, thanks to the positive effects it brings to the body.

Learning Pole Dancing For Males

There are certain pole dancing steps and tricks that can also work among women. If women will take on the activity, the dancing moves can vary, depending on the complexity and difficulty. But if a male dancer is willing to take on this activity, there are additional dance steps that can be considered. If you’re male and you want to take part in this exercise craze, then some of the basic moves include body inverts and spins.

Other familiar tricks that can also work for men include floor works and even climbs. And since men can perform and withstand tougher routines, some of the complex moves for women may be easier for men. Male pole dancers can easily vary their steps, for example, they can improvise some body inverts and floor work. Just like in exotic dancing that is performed by women, this activity for men also focuses on presentation, especially on showcasing even the most complex moves.

Male dancers can also count on a number of pole dancing work combos, and other tough variations to present a dance routine that is not overtly feminine in nature. In short, the interested male pole dancer can come up with different dance combos, improve on the basic steps to come up with dance routines that spell manliness, instead of the usual sexy pole moves associated with women.

male pole dancingHow To Start with your Male Pole Dancing Adventure

As always, it’s recommended that you start with the basic steps that include pivots, slides, and spins. It is also important to incorporate smooth and lovely floor transitions. Once all these basic moves have been mastered, then that’s the time certain dance combos can be practised. Some of the smart combos that can be tried are easy and straight pole climbs, an upright V or double-tap.

Some male dancers can also pull off a string of dance combos that include knee hook, crab, figurehead, ankle hook and backbend. Also, certain iconic dance moves for women should be avoided, like the body wave, sexy girl poses (of course!) and booty pop. In short, the challenge for aspiring dancers is to select and execute

If you are interested in learning how to pole dance from home then we recommend checking out some pole dance classes online.

Turn Pole Dancing Into an Exercise Activity

Like CrossFit, pole dancing exercise is a great way to lose extra body fat and build extra muscle in the process. This can also serve as a great option for individuals who do not want to explore or try lifting weights and getting ripped.
The effects and benefits on the body in pole dancing are comparable to that of lifting several weights but the progress is much faster in getting to the goal of the ripped physique.

Many guy polers report that their abs were toned faster than usual than going to the gym. It’s proven if you regularly practice your complex dance pole moves. Of course, you can also get all these, if you practice the moves on a regular basis.

Pole Dancing for Males - What You Should Know About Pole Dance Classes
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Pole Dancing for Males - What You Should Know About Pole Dance Classes
Looking for male pole dancing? there are famous male pole dancers like Evgeny Grishlov who runs Open Dance Academy which includes many online pole dance lessons teaching guys the way to properly start pole dancing.
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