Top 5 Online Pole Dancing Lessons For Inspiration

If you are wondering if Online pole dance lessons to learn from home in 2024 is still worth it then we answer all your pressing questions in this post.

In addition I have put together some of the best online pole courses that you need to check out.

However, this may be quite costly and if you’re tight on budget, you may want to spend money on a dance pole instead or online pole dance lessons which are often offered at very low prices.

Great Value ♥
Lessons from professionals
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Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate

The Best Pole Dancing courses online

There are several paid online pole dance courses available and we’re recommending only the best pole dance online programs we found on the internet to provide the best information for the value of money.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages so take your time to learn everything about them before you enrol.

Once you’ve decided which one to take, you can just go to their official website to enrol into their online course and its just like having a PRO to teach you all you need to know for one fee or a low subscription fee.

1. Open Dance Academy Review

open dance academy reviewsOpen Dance Academy is the cream of the crop of pole dance online lessons for beginners to professionals, founded by pro-male pole dancer Evgeny Greshilov.

Open Dance Academy features in-depth lessons from the worlds greatest pole dancers who you may follow on Instagram or seen at the many pole dance events and youtube videos online.

PRO TIP: if you want to get into the program then use my Exclusive Reader 10% OFF coupon on your Opendance Academy purchase.

Use Code: “basicinvert78” and you will reach the next level.

Lessons go from beginner to professional, and once you get inside the program there is a ton of value that is shared from all these pro polers that help you understand how to do pole elements and moves the right way, they literally take you by the hand and walk you through a step-by-step on each move which is easy to understand and put into action.

Evgeny Greshilov
Evgeny Greshilov Founder of OpenDance.Academy

For the solo user who is a beginner to professional – its a perfect and affordable solution starting at $29.95 for the trial beginners to the $350 for complete access to the entire library which features highly complex signature pole elements from the worlds greats and it’s regularly updated with new content.

As a pole dance teacher myself who works in a studio, the studio has a subscription to the Open Dance Academy course which can be accessed by all 11 teachers and it helps us teach our students new things that are new and innovative in the industry.

For more information click here

If you want to read the full review of Open Dance academy click here

This is what you get inside the Full lifetime Open Dance Academy Course — (QUICK NOTE there is so much amazing value in this course I am still getting through it myself)

Click the video below to see it


2. Dana’s Pole Dancing Lessons

For those who are more into pole fitness, this is the right online course for you.

Dana offers a lot of lessons on pole dancing tricks but she focuses more on achieving proper form and executing the right technique for every dance move.

This will help you build those strong, lean muscles you often see on professional pole dancers.

There are more than a hundred videos can be accessed once you’ve subscribed to her online lessons.

Aside from the usual pole dancing moves, lessons cover simple warm-ups, effective muscle stretches, and body conditioning and toning exercises.

All of these can be purchased for only $47 and this already gives you unlimited access to her whole library.
If you have questions, you can email her directly so she can answer your questions as quick as possible.

Click here for more about Danas Pole Dancing Lessons


3. 123Poling

123poling.com review online pole dance lessons(Click here for my 123poling review) If you are ready to take your pole dancing to the next level even though you are brand new to the world of pole dance then 123poling is another great online resource to help you get there.

Just like the other online courses on this list, 123poling gives you access to a plethora of professional pole dancers that you probably already know of and are following on social media.

Its like Open Dance Academy’s pole course when its like having a mentor teaching you new things.

They are constantly adding to their valuable inventory of courses to help you get to the new level whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will always have a new challenge to help you land that new move.


Their monthly subscription modal makes it easier and more affordable without investing a bunch of money upfront, giving you the option to cancel any time with not trouble.

4. Pole and Aerial

What if world-renowned pole dancers like the Australian champion Felix Cane and the online sensation Jenyne Butterfly decide to teach you pole dancing?

Will you take their offer even if it’s costly?

Pole and Aerial offer around 800 instructional videos and full lessons from the best pole dancers in the world.

They have several subscription options to allow you to access their entire collection for one whole year.

Once subscribed, you can view the videos anytime you want at the comfort of your laptop or smartphone.

Sounds expensive, right?

The annual membership will cost you around $250 which is like paying roughly less than a dollar per day.

If this seems too good to be true, you can visit their official site and see their offers for yourself.


5. Studio Veena

One of the OG’s in offering online video courses for pole dancing is Studio Veena  – Read the StudioVeena.com Review here.

Their years of existence allowed them to accumulate a massive collection of videos and instructional materials, but many other programs are offering more competitive programs like the ones on this list.

If you have questions about their lessons, you can consult their vibrant community of subscribers where all matter of things are discussed which may help you get better in your craft.

Other Online Courses

More and more online courses will appear as the popularity of pole dancing continues to rise.

Although there are a lot more course providers out there, these are our top picks for now.

You can use this as a guide to help you decide what to look for online pole dancing courses.

Amber Starr Pole Dancing Course

Amber Starr is probably not a real person because people who have taken this course has given it bad reviews saying that the pole course is made up of free youtube videos.

For $50 you can say that it’s probably not the best course.

Its hosted on Clickbank which is a known and reputable source for Good and secure online courses, however this course seems to lack any value and many report there is ripped videos from Youtube.

If you are thinking about buying this…

I would encourage checking out the other options first as there is more value.

The good thing Amber also offers a money-back guarantee

More about Amber Star’s lesson

Advantages of online pole dance lessons

Taking pole dancing lessons online has many advantages and this is why more are resorting to this kind of medium to learn more about the craft.

First, you don’t have to spend a lot to learn; some supplemental lessons are even offered for free.

YouTube has many great channels showing instructional pole videos.

Video blogs made by professional pole dancers sold as part of online courses draw the most attention because of their credibility and easy-to-follow tutorial videos.

There’s also the convenience factor of learning pole dance from home .

You don’t need to travel to your studio to practice your routine.

As long as you have a dance pole at home, you can exercise anytime you want.

And finally, because the videos are hosted online, you can take a look at it over and over again.

If you forgot a trick, you can just search for the video and watch it again until you get it right.

These are the main benefits of going for online instructional videos.

However, now that we’re done tackling the good side, we’ll be discussing the bad side next.

The Disadvantages For Online Lessons

Learning from online instructional videos is not for everybody.

If you need someone to motivate you to persevere through all the hard work pole dancing requires, working alone may just be detrimental to your progress.

Instructors and colleagues are there to encourage and guide you all throughout your learning experience.

When you watch online videos, you need to rely only on yourself.

Having full control over when to take your online lessons can also be disadvantageous.

If you’re not disciplined enough, it’s easier to skip class and procrastinate.

On the other hand, attending classes will force you to take the lessons because you paid for every session.

When you’re thinking about getting online lessons for pole dancing, consider both the advantages and disadvantages.

Flexibility, accountability, costs and instant feedback are some of the factors you need to balance.

Can you handle everything on your own?

Do you have the discipline to push through the whole online course?

These are some questions you need to ask yourself before you make the decision.

Consider the tradeoffs and also take into account your personality.

Remember that you’re the only one who knows what’s best for you.

Take time to think things through because, like buying a dance pole, this is also an important investment you wouldn’t want to regret later on.

Tips for Taking Online Lessons

There are countless videos available online but we’re not referring to those commonly found on YouTube.

You can refer to those for entertainment and for supplemental lessons to legitimate online video courses.

Many of these YouTube videos demonstrate moves you can use as a guide for experimenting on your own tricks but many of these videos on youtube have a tendency to misguide beginners into bad form and habits.

(Hence my list or recommend online courses below)

Only a few of these free videos provide step-by-step details of the demonstrated moves.

Remember that many of these free instructional videos assume you have mastered the basics.

Beginners who jump straight to the pole to try out the advanced moves they just saw are waiting for disaster to happen.

Taking into account all we’ve discussed above, it should be clear as day that before you take online video lessons you also have to fulfill certain requirements.

Great Value ♥
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate


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