6 Tips on How to Learn Pole Dancing

There was a time when pole dance was seen as too sexy, and not accessible to many. But thanks to a change in perspective and the availability of durable and commercial dance poles, this form of ‘sexy dance’ and exercise is starting to gain acceptance from women and men. Today, pole dancing is now seen as a fun form of dance and exercise, weight training and can work for everyone, including men!


If you are looking to learn the art of pole dancing, then this is the right page to check. Here are 6 creative ways on how you can start learning pole dancing skills and tricks.

Learn Pole Dancing OnlineOnline Pole Dancing Lessons

1. Check out online pole dancing lessons. Just use the search engines, and you will be provided with a long list of resources on how to learn pole dancing. With online lessons, you can learn pole dancing at your own pace, and in your private time. But be careful in searching for pole dancing lesson videos online. You want to watch only the most credible videos, with proper tips and suggestions so you can learn pole dancing in a safe way.

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Group Pole Dance Classes

2. Attend group classes. Compared to private lessons and training, attending group classes can serve as a cost-effective way of learning pole dancing. Another advantage associated with group classes is that it allows you to mingle with other individuals who share the same passion and excitement. If you enroll in group classes, learning pole dancing becomes a social activity, allowing you to have fun and make new friends along the way.

With group classes, it’s fine to struggle a bit, since everyone in the class is also struggling to learn a few lessons. To find pole dancing classes, you can check out the web for advertisements, or you can ask a few friends who can recommend group classes for you.


Other Online Resources

3. Read online resources like Blogs, books, and e-books about pole dancing. Just like videos, you can also count on manuals and books to learn pole dancing. This will require patience and attention to detail since you need to pay attention to the pictures and step-by-step instructions. This is the recommended approach for individuals who want to take it easy, and don’t want to be pressured by other dancers and participants.


beginner pole dancing classes onlineGet Private Pole Lessons

4. Sign up for private pole dancing lessons. If you have the time and cash, then a private lesson with an experienced pole dance tutor is your best bet. With a private lesson, the attention is on you, and your needs and weaknesses are easily identified.

The dance teacher can also provide you with customized help and suggestions that can help polish your craft. Keep in mind though that enrolling in a private dance class can be expensive. But if you are looking for one-on-one and quality training, private dance lessons are your best bets.


Buy a Stripper Pole and Learn from home

5. Rent or buy pole dancing DVDs. Another way of quality learning is through the use of DVDs and Youtube. These can help you get the instructions you need while entertaining yourself along the way. This is the recommended approach if you want to learn pole dancing right at your own home. You can pause some scenes, or replay the scenes and moves in case you have a hard time following the videos. To order these DVDs, you can check out the web for suggestions.


Pole Parties

6. Host or join dance pole parties. Yes, pole parties can be done, and these can serve as great ways to learn pole dancing. You can invite your friends who also want to learn some tricks and dance moves. You can also use this as your theme for your next birthday party or a gathering with friends.

Who says it’s difficult to learn pole dancing? It’s easy and fun to learn this dance and exercise if you just know your options!


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