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Learn Pole dancing at Home with out signing up to Expensive Pole Classes

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Pole dancing is quickly becoming a hit among women as it’s a fun, healthy, and sexy exercise they can do to achieve a fit and toned body. The best thing about it is that it can be performed at the comfort of your home, whenever you want to, as long as you have a dance pole available.

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pole dance tutorialsOnline Resources Learn Pole Dancing at home

An even better news is that you can start learning about pole dancing just by watching video tutorials on YouTube or any other video hosting website.

Try looking for Tara Katarina. Also known as the vertical ballerina, her videos are some of the most followed pole dancing tutorials in the online scene. Her channel has several video tutorials that are easy to follow, making it ideal even for beginners to learn the basics just through their computer.


Free Online Stripper Pole Dance Tutorials

Aside from saving you a lot of money, online video tutorials offer several advantages over physically attending a formal class. For one, there’s ample amount of video tutorials the internet has to offer and almost all of them are free. From warm-ups and cooling down videos to complex dance moves, there are also additional strengthening exercises and tutorials on achieving smoother floor transitions.

There’s so much resource material available out there that you can just watch at home.
Dont be afraid to scour youtube and buy pole dancing DVDs to learn more. It offers a collection of dancing routines and moves for beginners and advanced pole dancers. The channel mainly focuses on beginners but lessons for intermediate level pole dancers will also be included soon.


These are just some of the channels about pole dancing that are popular online. There are other channels out there you can explore, giving you a wider option of which among them to follow.


free pole dancing lessons for homeFrom Beginners, intermediate to advanced

Most videos are suited for beginners who want to learn more about the basics before moving on to the next levels. Many tutorials teach basic moves like the angel spin, standing spin, pole climbing techniques and exercises, and variations of the fireman move. Recordings of performances of professional pole dancers are also available for the more experienced dancers.


However, all the things you watch on these videos will be for nothing if you don’t have your own dance pole at home. It’s best if you have a dance pole ready when you’re watching a video so you can immediately apply what you’ve seen on the video tutorials. Muscle memory plays a significant role in this setup.

If you want to maximize the potential online video tutorials bring to the table, make sure you’ve properly installed either a fixed pole or a removable dance pole you can use to practice your routine. Even if you don’t attend classes with a personal trainer, you can still learn the same techniques through these videos.

There are many brilliant pole dancing performers and coaches out there who want to share their talent for free by making instructional videos available to the public. YouTube offers the largest collection but you may try other websites and blogs about pole dancing to get more resources. Once you’ve found an online coach that you’re comfortable with, you can now start swinging and sliding on that pole.

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Recommended Pole dance DVD’s

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  • Fawnia (Actor)
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Learn Pole dancing at Home
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