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If you were like me when you first heard about this pole dance, I was amazed by it, but it was a tough road.

8 years later I am now an established pole dance teacher with hundreds of students.

If you want to start pole dancing today, then you have come to the right place. You’ll learn everything you need to know to begin and progress rapidly by following some of the tips that I’ve typed out on my blog for your viewing pleasure.

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How To Pole Dance

Did you know many people have it all wrong about what it takes to pole dance properly? Forget everything you have seen in the movies.

Equipment Reviews

What’s the essential equipment for every pole dancer? There’s Grip, crash mats and you guessed it, poles! Its everything you need for class and home practice.

Interesting Pole Dance Facts

Pole dancing has a rich but turbulent history and there are heaps of interesting facts behind it.

Latest Posts

I regularly write about pole dancing so if you have any questions that need answering then search some of my posts to get what you need.