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I am a pole dancer and a teacher of pole dancing and this is my blog dedicated to covering everything about pole dancing, aerial silk and lyra hoop dance forms.

You will also find me reviewing dance poles, crash mats and other great pole dancing products I have used and tried for your reading pleasure.

Aside from reviews, I also write about a slew of other pole and aerial related topics like top 10 lists and How-to guides to help you along with your journey in getting started or improving in your desired area.

Dance Pole Reviews

We did all the research about all the latest dance poles on the market which includes the best-known brands like X Pole, Lil mynx, Mipole and Lupit Pole.

I have also reviewed all the poles under $100 and $200 – We will look at the good, bad and the ugly. But sure to click here to read all the dance pole reviews here.

If you are you looking for what pole type you should buy then click here to learn about all the pole types.


Free Pole Dance Lessons – Tips and Tricks For Beginners and Professionals

I have been a pole dance teacher for the last 4 years and I teach Beginners to advanced students as part time job and I absolutely love it.

On my blog, you will find some helpful pole dancing tutorials/reviews and tips that you wont find anywhere else online and I would like to share this knowledge with you for FREE.

I don’t claim to be the “best dancer” in the business, however, I managed to learn and surround myself with some of the best and world.

Renowned pole dancers that have pushed the industry in the direction it is today…

Some of those names include: Dimitry Politov, Marion Campe, Evgeny Greshilov and more.