Full Open Dance Academy Pole Dance Course Review – 10% OFF Coupon Code

Do you want to learn about pole dancing at the comfort of your home?

If you are looking for a way of accelerating your pole dancing 10X then you will want to read this full review of my experience with Open Dance Academy.

Who will benefit from this course: People who want to compete in upcoming pole competitions, show off or just want to reach to fullest potential then there is a ton of amazing value to discover in this course.

Pro Tip: Just learning signature moves from all-star pole dancers where you otherwise would require you to physically go to a pole camp/workshop. With Opendance Academy it brings all these unique and amazing tutorials to you.

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OpenDance Academy presents an array of simple yet concise video tutorials that will teach you the basics up to the most advanced tricks in pole dancing and is priced very reasonably at a 1-time-payment from $40+ for lifetime access to EVERYTHING

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2.) Course Description

With OpenDance AcadeYvonne-Sminkmy, you get to enjoy the following features as you learn pole dancing from them:

  • Six online courses to choose from
  • Simple and concise video tutorials
  • Instructors who are world-class pole dancing athletes and champions
  • Videos that are accessible on any device
  • Courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced pole dancers are available
  • Lifetime access to their full courses




Here is a sneak peek of the inside of the access of the full course (there is so much amazing stuff!) I’m still yet to go through it all.


Here are the online courses OpenDance Academy has to offer:

Exotic Course
Contains special tricks and combos you can incorporate into your routine. This course focuses on using dance moves to interpret music and exhibit creative choreography, with the goal of improving your overall showmanship.

Trial Course – Beginner and Intermediate
This course is for beginners who want to test if pole dancing is for them. It contains 11 lessons on basic and intermediate moves.

Trial Course – Intermediate and Advanced
This is for those who already know the basics and want to try a reliable online course to continue their training. The trial course contains 11 lessons on intermediate and advanced pole dancing tricks.

Complete Course – Beginner and Advanced
This package contains over 244 video lessons for beginner and advanced pole dancers.

Complete Course – Advanced and Expert
It contains over 148 online lessons that will teach you advanced and expert-level dance moves.

Pole Dance Platinum
This is the complete online package containing all video lessons from beginner to advanced/expert courses, as well as the contents of the Exotic Course. Customers can also access upcoming new content without paying additional charges.

Their site is easy to navigate so you won’t get lost browsing to find what you need. They have a blog section where you can read stories that will motivate you on your journey to become an expert on the pole. Their courses are also further subdivided into categories like warm up, beginner, intermediate, and expert sections to give a nice progression to your training session.

3.) How It Works

open dance academy reviewTheir site contains six courses to choose from, each designed to accommodate different skill levels of interested pole dancers.

You can try their Trial Courses and if you like their service, you can upgrade your subscription to their Complete Courses. If you don’t want to shell out any money yet, you can take a look at their free demo lessons to better gauge if their courses are worth your while.

To enroll in any of the courses offered, simply visit their site and choose which one you’d like to get into. They will require you to register an account with them before you can complete your order. Once done, you can choose to pay via PayPal or credit card. When your payment has been processed, all you need to do is log into the site and start learning.

You can log into the site anywhere there’s internet connection. Their Complete, Exotic, and Platinum Courses have lifetime accessibility. All courses are accessible on any computer or mobile device.

4.) Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of taking classes from OpenDance Academy:


  • They have affordable Trial Courses for those who want to test their online programs
  • You can upgrade your Trial Course to Complete Course anytime you want
  • Their Exotic, Complete, and Platinum courses have lifetime accessibility
  • Videos are accessible on any device
  • You get access to future videos when you purchase their full courses
  • Instructors are known pole dancers like Marion Crampe, Kira Noire, and Maddie Sparkle, along with other professionals in the industry
  • You can study at your own pace


  • You learn by yourself, meaning there will be no one to correct your mistakes
  • Since you’re studying at home, you have to purchase all the equipment needed for the sports
  • There are no spotters to help you in precarious situations


5.) Important Features and Benefits

OpenDance Academy offers the following benefits to their online students:

Trial and complete courses
For those who don’t want to fully commit their money to something they haven’t tested yet, OpenDance Academy offers two Trial Courses. If you’re satisfied, you can upgrade anytime to a Complete Course.

Be taught by renowned pole dancers
OpenDance Academy has the best teachers in the world ñ renowned pole dancers who have won several competitions and guested as event judges in international events.

Study at your own pace
Once enrolled, you can access the tutorials anytime you want. You can also watch them again to review what you’ve learned.

Highly-accessible videos
Their videos are accessible on any mobile device or computer.

Lifetime access
Their Complete, Platinum and Exotic courses have lifetime accessibility. You’ll also get exclusive content and more training videos as soon as they get published online.


6.) Final Thoughts on OpenDance.Academy

OpenDance Academy offers one of the most reliable online tutorials on pole dancing. Each tutorial is led by a top-notch pole dancer to ensure you’re in good hands.

They will take you step-by-step in learning the basics until you get to more advanced tricks (that will make you wow) and combination routines. Complete courses contain hundreds of lessons and you can access them anytime you want, proving they offer the best bang for the buck among similar pole dancing programs online.

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