What You Need to Know About Pole Dancing Workout

Fitness and proper healthcare have always been the solution for a longer, healthier life according to experts. This may be one of the reasons people are pouring into gyms not only to stay in shape but also combat lifestyle diseases.
If you’re into exercise programs, you may want to take note of pole dancing programs offered by your gym or dance studio. Pole dancing offers several exercise programs you can choose from to work with your desired schedule and fitness needs.
You shouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of people, especially women, who are into this type of fitness program, choosing it over regular gym workouts.


Are you ready for your Pole Dancing Workout?

Secrets to an Extensive Workout With Pole Dancing

Contrary to popular belief, pole dancing is more than just an erotic dance. Pole dancing exercise or pole fitness is based on the exotic dance but it emphasizes more on being an aerobic exercise that stimulates flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance.

Pole dancing exercises, especially the more complex ones, require a person to be in top form. The moves combine gymnastics, dancing, and ballet, and all of these are executed simultaneously on the dance pole. This is why pole dancing coaches strongly suggest to those who are interested, to attend at least a few sessions of pole dancing classes to get formal lessons on the basics before doing it on their own.
Risks of getting injured are quite high for those who are untrained and those who don’t know the proper form and safety measures they need to do before using the pole.

Pole dancing in today’s society

Pole dancing continues to gain ground as a form of exercise more than just a kind of exotic dance. You can now find most gyms and dance studios offering pole dancing classes and workout sessions both for men and women. Many who’ve had formal training and know the basics of the workout, also install dancing poles in their homes so they can continue honing their skills and improving their routine.


Things to prepare

Before you jump to that pole, ensure you do proper warm-ups first. Pole dancing is a strenuous activity which is why you should loosen your joints and muscles as preparation. Warming up your body also lowers the risk of straining or injuring your muscles.
Do some upper body stretching, a few repetitions of swinging steps, some squats, and some knee lifts as part of your warm-up. After every exercise, suspend your whole body on the pole several times before proceeding to your next warm-up routine.



For swinging steps, just hold the pole and walk around it for a number of times. To stretch your upper body, hook your right leg on the pole and reach it with your right hand while bending backward from the waist up, slowly arching your back. Hold it for a couple of seconds and repeat it using your left arms and legs.


One of the most commonly used moves in pole dancing is the wrap around. You can do this by standing at the back of the pole with your inside foot close to the base. Use your stronger arm, either right or left, to hold the pole. If you prefer using your right arm, your right foot should be the one close to the base of the pole.

Next, grab the pole at head height and keep your arm straight. You should be slightly angled away from the pole with your stronger arm acting as your support. Now, swing around the pole by pivoting on your inner leg while keeping your outside leg straight. When you’re about to complete your turn, use your outer leg to stop the motion and hook your inner leg up on the pole. Bending and arching your body will make this move more impressive.

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