10 Other Workouts for Pole Dancers to Try

As they say, too much of anything is bad.

The same goes for pole dancing.

You’ll eventually hit a plateau
once you get used to the muscle stress pole dancing brings.

A recommended solution to this is doing other sports similar to pole dancing.

These sports will require
the same discipline and focus for you to be able to do them properly.

These exercises will also develop
different muscle areas that will eventually be beneficial to your pole dancing workout.

Here’s a list of the alternative sports to pole dancing you can try.

1) Aerial fitness

Aerial fitness encompasses aerial hoop, aerial silks and ropes, and trapeze.

These sports are very similar
to pole dancing because they require almost the same techniques and skills to perform the tricks.

Aerial silks require extreme flexibility, stamina, and strength.

It takes also an incredible amount of
courage to prop yourself up far from the floor, relying only on your arms and legs to keep you from
falling to the ground.

Aside from these taxing requirements, you have to move with grace to give a
beautiful performance to your audience.

Aerial fitness improves muscle strength because you’re working against gravity, much like how you lift
yourself up on the dance pole.

This multiplies the effect of even the simplest workouts you do on the

This exercise also improves cardiovascular strength.

It’s also good for the joints, tendons, and ligaments
as the workout gives them a good stretch while you move your body into different positions.

2) Gymnastics

Gymnastics require techniques that will enable you to gracefully perform every move you make.

It calls
for both strength and flexibility which you also utilize when you’re on the dance pole.

It builds the
upper, lower, and core muscle areas and promotes coordination to maintain balance while executing
eloquent moves.

Gymnastics require you to maintain a healthy, balanced diet to be able to execute the moves properly.
The same habit goes for pole dancing which makes gymnastics a perfect alternative to the dancesport.

3) Pilates

Pilates can be considered an aerobic and non-aerobic workout.

The exercise focuses on finding your
center to control body movements.

Pilates may not be as strenuous as pole dancing but it requires similar levels of concentration and

The exercises involved in it incorporate breathing patterns, rhythm, and placement.

elements help promote muscle control, proper posture, and balance.

The greatest thing about this is it can be done in the comfort of your home, much like pole dancing.

4) Yoga

Yoga, aside from encouraging good posture, focuses on improving flexibility and core strength.

moves look simple but they’re really challenging to do.

They’ll require your full concentration and incredible muscle control to execute.

Yoga is known to reduce stress and improve mental focus and accuracy.

This can be a good alternative
to pole dancing if you want to perform a more relaxed workout.

5) CrossFit

The multi-dimensional movements involved in CrossFit workout is somewhat similar to pole dancing.

simultaneously requires strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, stamina, endurance, and accuracy.

CrossFit also improves joint mobility since you move in varying directions quickly.

It’s a combination of aerobics and weightlifting, done in an intensive, fast-paced manner that will surely
test your physical limits.

CrossFit is also time-efficient since you have to do all the exercises within 15 to 20 minutes.

constantly changing workout pattern encourages you to keep your mind and body focused on the task,
similar to how you do things in pole dancing.

6) Swimming

Swimming is another well-rounded workout because it encourages you to use your whole body to go
against water resistance.

It keeps your heart pumping, builds up muscle strength, enhances endurance,
and tones your whole body.

Swimming also reduces the effect of DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness.

7) Parkour

Parkour was originally designed as part of military training.

It is a full-body workout that utilizes
obstacles to get all your muscles working together.

The workout requires jumping, rolling, climbing,
swinging, and a lot of running.

Parkour improves quick-thinking skills and creativity, aside from building up muscle strength and
cardiovascular endurance.

8) Climbing

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor climbing, the challenge of holding on to uneven surfaces helps improve
muscle strength, endurance, and overall balance.

It also improves focus and determination which are
psychological skills you also need to utilize in pole dancing.

Climbing is a cardio and strengthening
workout in one.

9) Cheerleading

Cheerleading requires incredible athleticism to do synchronized performances.

Choreographies often
include stunts, jumps, tumbling, and floor works.

These exercises help improve stamina, strength,
coordination, and flexibility.

Just like pole dancing or any other sports, you must undergo proper training on how to perform the
basics to avoid injuries.

10) Dancing

Dancing improves coordination and rhythm.

It also reinforces balance and spatial awareness.

muscle toning effect it brings also results in increased self-confidence.

Dancing also helps you explore your creative side in creating choreography.

There are many types of
dance you can choose from.

Jazz, ballet, and hip-hop are the most popular ones you can try.