9 Pole Fitness Benefits – No More Gym Memberships in 2024

Here’s how to cancel your gym membership and get fit and stronger in less time in 2024 thanks to pole fitness.

Dance shows have become quite popular nowadays. Competitions in reality TV like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance are followed by millions of people worldwide.

But why just watch your stars dance to their heart’s content when you can get off that couch and take the dance floor yourself? Research shows that dancing is an overall workout that can help maintain your flexibility, make you lose weight, keep your mind and body in a healthy state, and reduce your stress levels. Dancing can also introduce you to new friends.

Dancing is a good form of exercise as it involves a lot of muscles in performing a move. We’re here to let you know more about the benefits of dancing so that you’ll be more motivated to dance. Read on to know how dancing can change your life.

Pole dancing is great for a number of reasons:

It helps you build and tone your muscles, for example. You can burn a ton of calories in each session which will help you achieve your weight loss goal and see real results in your body transformation, while working on your flexibility and reducing your risk of injury at the same time!

Its Fun!

Since pole dancing is more articulated as a dance artform with many different moves and elements it may tickle your fancy to take it up as not only as a fitness outlet, but a creative one where you can learn advanced moves on a static and/or spinning pole.
Overall, It can help you improve your own body awareness perspective, which in turn helps you feel and look your best. Lastly, it is just a fun workout! you will never feel like exercising is a chore, and if you love dancing then this should be on your bucket list to try.

Quick note: Before we segway into my next fact, you don’t have to be a stripper to want to learn how to pole dance nor do you have to be thin, strong or fit to want to participate.
Like with any skill like dancing or even working out (doing the right moves in lifting weights or running long distances), we as humans go through a process of learning and developing these skills as we go through learning the basic moves and compounding those moves to more advanced moves that you commonly see with professional PRO polers you see on instagram.
If you are a beginner or you have never so much as tried pole dancing then try not to be discouraged.


Lose Weight Dancing… Who Won’t Love That?

Watching a professional pole dancer on instagram, youtube or facebook might make you question some things, such as whether or not you will ever be strong enough to do the same tricks as them, or whether you will ever be flexible enough to do the vertical splits.

Maybe you want more a cardio-focused workouts or exercise plan without having to do all the spinning and lifting artistic movements. It might seem confusing, scary, and even inconceivable to picture yourself pole dancing as an exercise but you will soon realize how incredible of a workout it can be once you understand how a utilize a pole.

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Why Pole fitness Trumps Gym Workouts

You will use your dance pole as both a prop, as well as a fitness tool. Strength and toning exercises will gradually build your upper body and core strength (which is vital to pole dancing), as well as work your butt and legs.

Exercises based on flexibility and stretching will help your muscles loosen up and become more supple which in turn helps prevent injuries, especially if you plan on trying more intermediate dance positions.
If you don’t dare to do a basic invert pole trick and you would rather stick to the simple cardio exercises, then you can do with your dance pole without doing the extremely complicated tricks, positions and maneuvers.

Amazing Benefits of Pole Dancing

1) Increases energy levels

Taking up dance lessons can help boost your energy. The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition released a study on how getting involved in a weekly dance lesson can enhance your overall physical performance and energy levels.

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2) Can it boosts your memory

Dancing can help you age gracefully by improving your brain’s capability to retain information.

According to research published by The New England Journal of Medicine, dancing can help enhance your memory and shield you from developing dementia as you age. Aerobic exercises like dancing can help reverse the loss of volume in the hippocampus ‘ the area of the brain that manages our memories. The hippocampus shrinks naturally during the late adulthood periods and this causes impaired memory which may lead to dementia.

3) Improve your overall flexibility

The arabesques and plies ballet dancers do are not just for show. Their purpose is to loosen muscle fibres and enhance their flexibility. Stretching also helps reduce post-workout muscle soreness.

You don’t have to be a ballerina and wear ballet slippers just to enjoy the benefits they do. By practising the same stretching exercises, you can also increase your muscle flexibility and decrease joint pains.

4) Easy Way To Lose Weight

A study released in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology reveals that aerobic dancing has the same efficiency in burning fats as jogging or cycling.

5) Improve Your balance

We tend to lose our balance at some point in our life as we age. According to a study published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, getting into dance lessons may help improve the balance of older people. Dancing involves a lot of fast muscle movements while requiring you to maintain your posture. This, in turn, helps improve your control over your body and make your overall stance more stable.

6) Reduce stress levels

If you’re stressed from everyday activities, you may want to try dancing as your stress reliever. Get a partner, turn the volume up, and just dance! According to a study found in the Journal of Applied Gerontology, dancing with a partner, accompanied by music, can relieve your stress.

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7) Uplift Your Spirit

According to a study, dancing uplifts the spirits of those suffering from depression. Depressed patients who participate in a group dance exercise and in tune with upbeat music show the least signs of depression. Rather, they show increased vitality and enthusiasm.

8) Keep your heart healthy

Dancing is a workout with great cardiovascular benefits. It’s the recommended exercise for people who experienced heart failure as it helps improve their breathing. According to a study in Italy, dancing is even more beneficial compared to biking or walking on a treadmill.

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9) Meet new friends

Attending dance classes will help you meet new people and improve your social connection. The positive relationship you build amongst your comrades during classes is considered as beneficial as eating healthy food and exercising regularly.

Social engagement brings about happiness and reduces stress levels. Both these conditions help your body build a stronger immune system.


While pole dancing can be enticing and seductive, it is also a great form of exercise for a number of reasons, one of those reasons is because you want to get into shape.
Of course you can go out and buy an expensive gym membership or dive in deep and purchase all the fancy overhyped sports equipment to create a home gym, or even buy an all-in-one gym from those corny infomercial ads on TV at 2am.

However, until you try pole fitness for yourself then you don’t know what you are missing and from just 3 months I lost 30lb without following crazy diets and workout plans. Pole fitness does something else to your mind that hooks you into the fun and engagement of it all. When you leave a pole dance class you come out learning something new, making new friends and expressing yourself through a new style of creative dance.

On that note, I hope you find a pole fitness studio near you so you can see what I mean.

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