Ballerina Pole Dance Move – Easy Pole Dance Move Guide 2023

Heard about the Ballerina pole dance move then your probably wondering how to do it, here’s the updated 2023 guide.

This move is elegant, simplistic, classy and makes any combo look amazing.

This article provides a Ballerina Pole dancing Tutorial and additional information you would need to perfect this move.

Ballerina Pole dancing Tutorial

  1. The first step is to stand next to the pole with your toes high. After this, grip the pole with your right-hand side.
  2. With your outside leg, step in front of the pole. At the same time, ensure you stay on the toes.
  3. it’s now time to lift your inside knee up and forward. Now pivot on your outside foot, after which you should rotate the hips so that your outside hip gets very close to the pole. Now get the outside hand on the pole behind you.
  4. It’s now time to engage the shoulder, which can easily be achieved by extending the inside leg forward and sweep it down and behind you. Do this gently and push the foot into a backward spin. The outside hip should still be close to the pole, meaning that it will automatically become the inside hip. You are in a twisted position.
  5. Now get all the legs together. And then, use your core to lift the hips up and behind the pole by easily pushing with your bottom arm and then pulling with the top arm.
  6. Using the hip that is closest to the pole, separate the legs and contact the hip. Now wrap the leg around the pole. Ensure that the outside of the ankle is positioned below the bottom hand.
  7. Now take time to bend the other leg’s knee as you place the ankle behind the pole. It should be at the same actual height as the other ankle. Some dancers usually consider keeping the leg straight and placing it behind the pole or in front.
  8. The bottom hand should now get off the pole and extend it at a right angle from the pole. Your bottom hand should be placed back to the pole. You should now unwrap the legs and straighten them.
  9. The last step is to extend the leg that is closest to the pole towards the ground. This now becomes a non-ribbon leg. Now land on the ball of the foot and pivot on the same direction that you are spinning and eventually untwist the body.

Strength exercises to help reach the Ballerina Pole dance move

Most pole dancing moves requires a lot of upper-body strength.

Ballerina dancing move acts as a full-body workout because it works the upper body, the core, and the legs.

In most instances, beginners think that they cannot take the Ballerina dancing move because they are not strong enough.

The fact is having natural strength is very vital in this case.

Besides the regular dance sessions, you need to take a couple of strength exercises to reach the Ballerina Pole dance.

Slow Raise

This is one of the best exercises that can help you become more flexible and at the same time gain the right strength for pole dance.

Stand with the hip-width and slightly bend the knees.

And then keep the arms aside.

It’s now time to lift the hands straight to shoulder height.

You should now open to T and eventually, return the arms to the front and raise them straight overhead.

Always keep the shoulders down away from the ears.

Now you should circle your arms back to the T.

After that, repeat the whole process in a reverse direction.


Twerking helps improve flexibility and makes the hip muscles strong.

Stand and keep the legs slightly apart and bend slightly on the knees.

Now use the lower back and lower abs and eventually roll hips back and forth repeatedly.

How you do it might vary depending on your hips size.

Spelling Bee

This exercise is also very useful in making your hips and leg muscles strong.

To try it effectively, lie on your back and bring the legs together.

The lower back should be flat against the mat and the arms overhead on the mat.

Now lift the feet straight up the ceiling and at the same time ensure that the upper body is still.

You can now use both feet to trace letters in the air to spell a word.

Safety and Cautions

Here are some safety tips and cautions you need to avoid accidents and Injuries when practising the Ballerina Pole dance.

  1. Always keep your hands extra clean by washing them.
  2. Always avoid wearing rings, watches, and any other type of jewellery.
  3. Make sure the palms are not covered.
  4. Always have a spotter or a helper nearby.
  5. Invest in a pole safety mat
  6. Always do regular safety checks on the equipment.

Pole dancing grip aids

Pole dancing grip aids are very necessary for all dancers with sweaty hands.

They are available in numerous forms, including liquids, antiperspirants, gloves, wrist protectors, kneepads, and powders.

It’s very important to rely on grip aids, especially during performances and practice sessions.

Here are some of the best pole dancing grip aids that you can try in 2021.

However, it’s very hard to determine which is the best grip aid for you.

They vary depending on your needs.

So, look for the best grip aid for sweaty hands, the best grip aids for dry or chapped hands, Hot weather grip aid products, cold weather grip aid products, and many others.

Carpe Lotion is a good grip aid for sweaty hands.

You can as well try Dry hand grip aid for sweaty hands for its value and effectiveness.

Others include Tite grip 1 and Tite grip 2.

Some other grip aids can be applied directly to the pole.

These include Liquid chalk, Lupit Pole grip, Gorilla Gold Reusable Grip-enhancement towel, and many others.