Best Pole Dancing Safety Mats and Crash Mats

Safety mat, crash pad, crash mat, it goes by many names but it serves only one purpose: to cushion your fall and reduce the risk of getting seriously injured when you are training your pole dance routines and other complicated elements.
It’s a must-have especially for those who are practicing pole dancing at home through online tutorials, DVD, or any do-it-yourself method.

These mats are made of materials similar to those of gymnastics pads, strong enough to support the weight and soften the impact of the user.

Crash mats usually have slits and a hole in the middle to make it easier to slip it on or off from the base of your dance pole.

They usually come in round shapes but there are also square and rectangular variants available.

Most are sectioned to easily fold them for storage.

Some even have handles to make them more portable and easier to carry with you.

When you’re doing aerial moves and inversion tricks, it’s better to have a spotter nearby to lend aid when you need it most.

It’s even more reassuring when you add a crash mat that you can rely on in case your grip slips off the pole and you take a tumble.

If you’re doing pole dancing exercises at home where you may or may not have a spotter at hand, it’s safer to have this safety gear ready to go to be sure to prevent any serious injury like what we have seen in the past where one pole dancer in particular fell off her pole and landed on her head which unfortunately caused serious head injuries which lead to death.

Another case occurred in the UK which led the woman to be paralysed (full article here).

Choosing the right Stripper Pole safety mats

Not all mats are created equal.

There are many brands in the market, each offering various features and differing in quality over the others.

You need to know the minimum requirements to look for that will ensure your safety during your pole dancing exercise.

Look for a mat that’s at least 2 inches thick.

You want to have something between you and the floor that will cushion your fall from any height on your pole, so something thicker is advisable.

Studios and gyms usually have 4 – 6 inch mats for heavy use.

If you own a studio or a small fitness center, take note that insurance policy providers may require a certain thickness of safety mats and other safety equipment to get your business insured.

Top 3 Pole Dancing Safety Mats and Crash Mats

Here is my list of the top 3 dance pole safety mats out on the market today that you should consider for your own safety, when training any kind of aerial arts like pole so you can minimize the odds of getting hurt or seriously injured.

I have created full reviews on each individual mats which is linked below


1. Gymmatsdirect Pole Dance Mat

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The Gymmatsdirect Pole Dance Mat is a good fit for everyone.

It comes in 4′ and 5′ diameter variants and thickness of 4in and 5in, respectively.

Its large size is great for providing extra room for your stretching and a wider landing coverage when you’re doing tricks that make you more prone to falling.

Smaller mats may give that awkward feeling wherein your foot is on it but then a second later after you’re done with your move, you’ll find your foot is already outside the mat.

The Gymmatsdirect Pole crash Mat is made of high-grade EPE foam at its core and covered in durable vinyl to provide outstanding cushion support and easier cleanup.

It’ll take you only a few seconds to fold or unfold it for compact storage.

It also has a handle for better portability.

Its circular design fits any dance pole brand.

Be sure to check the size of the platform where you want to put the mat on.

You wouldn’t want to put a 5ft wide mat on a 4ft platform.

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Next on our list is the LUPIT MAT from Lupit Pole reviews.

The mat comes in 8cm and 12cm thickness, both measuring up to 5ft in diameter.

It’s basically made of the same EPE foam and vinyl cover as that of our 1st recommended mat, making it durable and easy to clean.

It also has a large diameter to cover a wider area around the dance pole.

It also folds easily for better storage and has handles for superior transportability.

So what makes it stand out over other pole dancing mats?

The variety of color choices you can select from! LUPIT MAT is available in black, fuchsia, and even gold and silver to name a few.

It might sound ridiculous but it’s really not.

Pole dancing is a visual performance and having the right color for your preferred theme can enhance the mood you want to set.

My Lupit pole safety mat review


3. Wacces Pole Dance Foldable Crash Mat

Some mats may be too expensive, especially if they’re of high quality, so we’ve put in something for those who are tight on budget.

These mats are not recommended for studio and gym use because they’re not built for prolonged and heavy use.

Using these in your studio can cost you your insurance policy, creating an even bigger headache.

However, these mats are good enough for regular home use.

They’re about 2in thick, which still falls under the minimum requirements we’ve stated above, making them safe but cheaper compared to its 4in and 5in counterparts.

These mats are also made of the same quality materials for foaming and cover, are easily foldable, and also have carrying handles for maximum portability.

The only difference really is the thickness of the foam.

Try the Wacces Pole Dance Foldable Crash Mat which is also a good buy for those who are on a budget.

You can use whichever crash mat you can find on the market as long as they’re at least 2′ thick.

Check out my full Wacces Pole dance crash mat review here


A few more reminders

Crash mats are useless if they’re kept in the closet.

They’re designed for easy setup so there’s no reason to be too lazy to set it up.

If you’re not too heavy, the 2′ mat may be more than enough to cushion your fall.

However, if you’re a little on the heavy side, you may feel more secure by placing a thicker mat under the pole.

But even if the mat is thick, as long as it’s made of low-quality materials, it won’t do any good.

Look for quality mats with high-density foams and quality vinyl cover that won’t crack after using it only a few times.

Whether you’re doing basic or advanced tricks, you’ll never go wrong with having a crash mat for your pole dancing routines.

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