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Portable Dance Pole – What you need to know about these Stripper Poles

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Dance poles come in different types and configurations, and one common option is the portable dance pole. With the portable capabilities, dancers and aerial dance enthusiasts are given a chance to move the pole anywhere, depending on where the dancing action is. In theory, this is the type of dancing pole that is helpful since it allows dancers and pole dance enthusiasts to regularly rethink the use and location of the dance pole.

Although a portable pole is generally considered helpful, there are some confusions as to what this product really means, and its benefits that can be delivered to dance enthusiasts.

What is a Portable Dance pole

Here’s an illustration that can illustrate the different meanings of portability. Say you own a pole on a platform, that’s secured by a square wooden base. If you have a service truck, then you can easily decide on its new location, and move it there. It’s portable if this is our basis for definition. But if I only drive a city car, then this is not portable for me. It does not mean though that I hate my city car. It just so happens that transporting a pole with a square base can be quite a challenge in a compact sedan, like my car.

To truly appreciate this kind of stripper pole, it’s best that we can have a working definition of a portable (and flexible) dance pole. For the purpose of this review and article, we can say that a portable pole is that type of unit that has been sectioned, and can be fitted in a storage bag. This means that the unit can be moved anywhere. A great example of this pole is the one from Lil Mynx called the Pro Pole.

LUPIT POLE DIAMOND SWAROVSKI reviewIn short, you can count on a portable unit if you are the busy type, and wants to change your dance venue from time to time. Also, this type will work for you if you own or run a party or dance instruction class.

If you also love to perform in front of others, or you just want to show off in private dance parties, then this type of pole can work for you. But, if you take on a more professional and serious route, and you are asked to work your dance moves in open areas like an arena, it is advised that you get the platform type of pole.

Portability also works if you just plan to use the unit in your home. With its design, you can easily store the unit anywhere. As mentioned, in terms of portability and ease of storage, the unit from Lil Mynx is one of the best. It’s made from 2 pieces, and it can be packed neatly using a case. If you plan to travel or move around, the case is highly recommended. The case can easily offer protection for the pole, and the accessories that come with it.

Another great unit to consider is the one from X-Pole equipmentLupit Pole product reviews and Mipoles, these brands offers different poles in the market. Most of these brands offer soft cases, and can be delivered in different finishes, from hot pink to chrome and even gold brass. Most of these stripper poles are available in different sizes, including 1.75-inch and 2-inch in diameter poles (more info here).

Recommended Portable Dance Poles

LUPIT POLE Dance Pole for Home Classic Model – G2 - Stainless...
  • Removable, multi-piece spin/static...
  • Super easy one person and no-drill...
  • Made in collaboration with top...

Pro-Fit 50mm Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole with LED...
  • Professional quality 50 mm diameter...
  • Fits ceiling heights ranging from:...
  • No additional tools or ladder...

X-Dance Portable Fitness Exercise Spinning and Stationary Chrome...
  • Adjustable height ranges from 88...
  • Two dance pole functions in one -...
  • Durable sturdy dance pole made of...

 Features to Like and Hate About Portable Units

45mm Xpert X-Pole Dancing Pole Kit Portable with Carry Case reviewIn terms of convenience, nothing beats the portable options in the market. These units are designed with the busy person and dancers in mind. They can be transported and stored easily, and can be installed almost anywhere, provided it can be accommodated by the room’s ceiling.

Although these poles are packed with benefits, there are some issues associated with the portable types. For example, these portable units are known for their higher price points, which can be frustrating to beginners. These are more expensive because of the processes, design and technologies that come with its construction.

But if you are planning to start a party-based business, then investing in this unit is a great move. Using this pole will prevent you from drilling holes, and from carrying a very bulky unit. But if your concern is to remove the pole in case your aunt or grandmother visits you, then the removable pole or friction fit dance pole should work. Whatever type or design you choose, make it a point to secure your safety when installing or using the unit.

We suggest that you understand the portable pole, and read the manual and additional information related to the use of a portable dance pole. Safety is always a requirement when installing and using the fitness pole.

So have you decided if this type of exercise pole is the right one for your home and planned business? If yes, then we recommend that you check out and read our review page that covers some of the best portable poles out in the market today. Reading the review and checking our suggestion can lead you to the right portable unit.

For more information on different types of dance poles then go to the home page and read all the latest reviews http://www.basicinvert78.com

Portable Dance Pole
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Portable Dance Pole
Dance poles come in different types and configurations, and one common option is the portable type. With a portable type pole, dancers and aerial dance enthusiasts are given a chance to move the pole anywhere, depending on where the dancing action is
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