Wacces Pole Dance Foldable Crash Mat Review

pink waccas pole mat reviewThe Wacces Pole Dance Foldable Crash Mat has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews for its quality.

Wacces is a manufacturer known for producing high-grade gym and sports equipment in various fields like running, agility, and yoga.

In the area of pole dancing, Wacces offers dance poles, extensions, bags, and crash mats.

Mats Description

The circular mat measures 5ft in diameter and a thickness of 2in.

It covers a wide area around the dance pole and provides excellent support to cushion your fall in case you accidentally slip off the pole.

It’s also big enough to accommodate your floor stretching and warm-up exercises on the pole.

The mat’s core is made of tri-density, durable polyethylene foam to withstand heavy usage.

It’s zip-covered with water-resistant vinyl to protect the foam from water and sweat.

The crash mat also features a 4-section foldable design for easier storage and has handles for maximum portability.

Its size and overall design allow you to bring it wherever you want with ease.

waccas safety mat reviewChoose between black, blue, and pink colors to match it with the theme of your dance pole.

The mats are marked with the Wacces logo to verify their authenticity and ensure you’re in good hands with the quality of the product.

The mat’s high-density foam is also suitable for intensive exercises like Pilates and light yoga.

Wacces Crash Mat Features

  • A mat that measures 5ft wide and fits any pole size
  • Two inches of high-density padding for reliable support
  • Moisture-resistant cover that can be easily cleaned
  • Foldable design for easier storage
  • Velcro straps to secure the mat in place
  • Solid handles for improved portability

The pros and cons of the Waccas Mat


The size of the mat is large enough to give you room to walk around the pole without falling off the edge.

You may have doubts because it’s only 2in thick but its foam is dense enough to safely cushion your fall.

The vinyl cover is also very durable.

You can even walk on it while wearing heeled shoes without worrying about puncturing it.

Its foldable design and lightweight built make it easy for anyone to set it up and bring it anywhere they want.

Its Velcro straps secure it around the pole to prevent it from slipping off while in use.

It’s also cheap compared to similar products offering the same features.

Moreover, it can be used with any dance pole brand and size.

waccas mat reviewCons

Very few have expressed concerns about the quality of this safety mat.

Oftentimes, the issue revolves around its thickness.

Although many users have guaranteed its ability to withstand regular use, some may still have doubts on its capacity to cushion the user.

Unfortunately, the Wacces Pole Dance Foldable Crash Mat is only available in 2in thickness.


The Wacces Pole Crash Mat is ideal for home use.

It’s lightweight and very portable yet it’s made of dense materials to ensure it can withstand almost any user weight.

Overall, this crash mat is a great buy for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

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