iTAC2 Level 2 (Regular Strength) Pole Dance Fitness Sports Grip Review

If you’re an avid dancer, you know the importance of a having a good sturdy grip of the pole.

The quality of your grip can spell the difference between an average and a superb performance.

This is the reason why dancers and gymnasts alike spend a lot of time in search for the best gripping aids.

The iTAC2 Level 2 comes in ‘regular strength’ and for most dancers this is an ideal option to first test the product to your feel.

Tite Grip has been around for a little while and you may have seen in float around however you may not find it typically in stores.

It comes in a 20-gram container which provides all the gripping goodness and is otherwise perfect for any pole dancer looking for a grip aid solution.

Once thing to note: The iTAC2 Level 2 comes in different sizes from 20 grams to 45 grams containers which are both fit for home use and studio training, giving you a generous amount that will last you for a long time.

It’s designed as a regular strength formulation, which means that it can offers optimal gripping for sweaty hands while using the dancing pole or any other sporting equipment.

As a regular-strength gripping solution it’s formulated to last long and water-repellent as well.

If you suffer from gripping and sweaty hand issues — which is completely normal then this will help you combat that problem in gripping the dance pole easier and more efficiently.

ITac can also be used in the outdoors which makes it a superior all round solution for sports and grip intensive activities.

How to use Itac grip

To use this gripping solution, you will need to apply a small amount of iTAC2 Level 2 on the targeted area where you need more grip.
After application then wait for a minute or so to get the results.

This is also formulated to help those who suffer from arthritis, or those who find it difficult to grip and hold an equipment.

By applying the product, you will no longer need to exert too much gripping pressure which can lead to hand and wrist sprains.

If you are suffering from wrist pain then check out this pole dance wrist band solution



  • Now available in smaller and compact version 20 grams to 45 grams
  • Formulated as regular strength
  • Helps prevent sweating
  • Water-repellent
  • Offers improved gripping on the pole
  • Effect can be felt in 30-60 seconds after application

Pros and cons of the iTAC2 Level 2 grip lotion


  • Now available in a smaller and more compact 20 gram container to take with you — the iTaC2 Level 2 is an affordable option for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable solution.
  • This will work for both beginner and professional pole dancers
  • Requires only a small amount to get the full effect for maximum gripping
  • The effect is instantaneous – you will only wait 30 to 60 seconds before you can feel the effect.
  • Side note: also helps people who are struggling with arthritis by helping people relax their gripping pressure


One of the common complaints against this product is the size – some dancers have complained about its size and content at 20 grams.

Priced at $11 for a 20-gram, it may be a little pricey when compared with other products of similar capabilities.

If you are an athlete and you regularly use this product, you may need to order a number of containers just to satisfy your requirements.


Putting aside the price and the (arguably small) content, the iTAC2 Level 2 gripping solution offers a decent grip solution for pole dancers to prevent themselves from slipping off the pole.

It not only helps with your grip but keeps your hands dry from sweat.

To get the maximum effect, I recommend re-applying the product as you see fit as it will rub off on the pole as you dance.