X-Pole Xpert 45mm Dance Pole Review

x-pole portable pole reviewX-Pole’s X-Pert 45mm dance pole puts a spinning and a stationary model into one product, increasing its versatility while maintaining quality.

Having a 2-in-1 product from a reliable company is already a big win for buyers.

We recommend this for both beginners and expert pole dancers.

The X-Pert 45mm model is durable enough to handle any dance move and pole trick you can think of.

The dance pole is designed with a ‘bottom-loading’ feature which allows you to install it without the need for a ladder.

You can just install the bottom mount in place and just extend the upper portion towards the ceiling to secure the pole.

The X-Pert stripper pole uses X-Pole’s proprietary adjusting system which allows it to expand and still maintain its stability.

It’s safe from lock-nuts getting accidentally undone even after prolonged use.

There’s also a pole cover to hide the mechanisms from getting exposed and give the pole a smooth overall look without any protruding edges.

The X-Pert fitness pole also features what they call ‘Micro Base’ for their floor mount.

It only spans 5in in diameter for minimum floor contact but has an articulated base to enable it to work on most floor surfaces.


  • Bottom-loading technology allows for easier installation
  • Dual-mode allows the pole to be adjusted into either spinning or stationary mode (What this mean?)
  • Micro base with articulated padding
  • Chrome finish

Pros and Cons

45mm Xpert X-Pole Dancing Pole Kit Portable ReviewAdvantages

X-Pole’s X-Pert model is one of the few exercise poles offering a dual-mode in a 45mm-sized portable pole.

It’s perfect for those who have small hands.

Its bottom-loading feature makes it easy to install while maintaining the pole’s overall stability and strength.

Having a chrome finish provides excellent grip and helps dancers execute their pole techniques with ease.

Both floor and ceiling mounts have rubber rings to prevent the pole from damaging your area.

It can also be installed on popcorn ceilings without any problems.


Some may find the pole a bit wobbly, scaring them to try using it extensively.

X-Pole has included a bolt-in feature if you ever get to experience this with their X-Pert model.

You can just secure it in place with screws for better stability.

Although the 45mm size is ideal for those with small hands, some may find it a bit small and are doubtful it won’t be able to hold their weight.

X-Pert has a 50mm model available in case you have doubts with their 45mm stripper pole.

Some users find the pole a little slippery, requiring them to warm it up first before use.


Although it looks thin and shaky for some, it’s solid enough to hold at least 200lbs of weight.

X-Pole used industrial-grade steel to create the X-Pert stripper pole which is also the reason why it’s quite heavy.

– Also check out the 50mm version

Some users reported receiving broken parts and warped poles but these are mainly caused by poor storage and handling from the retailer.

The X-Pert 45mm dance pole received an overwhelmingly positive rating from users who have owned it.

X-Pole’s stripper poles can be quite pricey but that’s because they only use quality components to ensure user safety.

Their X-Pert 45mm Portable fitness Pole is a very reliable choice for both beginners and expert pole dancers and we highly recommend it for regular use.

It offers one of the best value for money in the market.

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