How to use a Dance Pole with a Popcorn Ceiling – 2023 Guide

Installing a dance pole on a popcorn ceiling can be problematic but our updated 2023 guide will help, especially to those who are just renting their place.

Fitting a permanent dance pole may leave a circular imprint on your popcorn ceiling.

This should not surprise you since you’ll be putting pressure on both the floor and ceiling to ensure the pole is sturdy.

Although the tips here that we’ll give you will minimize the impact on your popcorn ceiling, we can’t guarantee that your ceiling won’t suffer from minor damages.

Take note that popcorn ceilings are called that way because they’re fragile.

They’re susceptible to dents and scratches even though you apply only a little pressure on them.

Here are some tips you can take note of when installing a dance pole on a popcorn ceiling:

  • There’s a simple trick to lessen the damage on your popcorn ceiling when you install your dance pole. All you need to do is put a small block of wood in between the ceiling and the upper plate of the pole. This method isn’t perfect, though, as chipping may still happen due to the pressure applied to the ceiling.
  • In selecting a dance pole, choose one that has a small ceiling mount. This will decrease the damage on the popcorn ceiling due to friction.
  • Avoid installing tension-mounted dance poles. These will surely damage the ceiling and even remove the texture from your popcorn ceiling.
  • There’s a popcorn ceiling patch you can buy on hardware stores. This contains a mixture designed to patch small dents on popcorn ceilings.
  • Make sure you follow all safety precautions before jumping on the dance pole. You don’t want to either damage the property or your dance pole. Worse, you can get yourself injured in the process.


To guide you better in installing dance poles on popcorn ceilings, here are answers to frequently asked questions by pole dancing enthusiasts:

Is it safe to use?

Many worry about the stability of the pole when it’s installed on a popcorn ceiling.

They’re afraid it might slip off while they perform spinning moves.

As long as you have a good quality pole and you follow the installation instructions carefully, there’s no need to worry about equipment safety.

The pole will remain sturdy even when installed on a popcorn ceiling.

Won’t I have problems with my landlord?

Those who are renting usually worry about what their landlord will say when they see a dance pole installed in the room.

It’d be best for you to know if your landlord is meticulous.

Some may get mad if you cause even a tiny bit of scratch on their property.

If you know the schedule of their visit, you may just remove the dance pole and just reassemble it after they finish their inspection.

If you followed all installation instructions properly, the damage to the ceiling will be minimal.

It will be too small to call forth the wrath of your landlord.

A $10 putty can repair any damage on the popcorn ceiling in no time.

Alternative Options

If you’re not sure about installing a dance pole on a popcorn ceiling, might as well buy a freestanding or portable dance pole.

Free standing portable dance poles come with a small stage that acts as its base and stabilizer.

This will take up more space in your room but you don’t have to worry about ceiling damages because there are no ceiling joints you need to install.

Best Freestanding Poles



It’s generally safe to install a dance pole on popcorn ceilings.

The pole may damage the ceiling but it will be minimal if you install the pole properly.

If you’re too afraid that you may damage your popcorn ceiling, just buy a high-quality portable dance pole.

We’ve answered the most asked questions about using dance poles on popcorn ceilings.

If you have questions or have other suggestions to add, feel free to comment on the space provided below.