X Pole SPORT Portable Dance Pole Review – Is it worth the money?

If you are familiar with X Pole then you may know that they make some high-quality pole dance equipment for dancers and aerialists.

Their durability and design make the industry leader in high-end pole dance equipment and their poles are commonly used in strip clubs, dance studios, and competitions. So if you are serious about upping your game in pole dancing or need a reliable pole that you know is going to last then look no further.

At first, we spoke about the X Pole XPert which is another one of X Pole’s products and today we are going to look at the Sport which is similar to the main difference being that its a non-spin stationary pole. so let’s dive in and talk more about the X Pole Sport see if its worthwhile investment.

Please Note: if you are looking for a Spin/static pole then check out the X Pole XPERT

First Impressions of the X Pole SPORT

Being one of their more affordable options of the product range is both suitable for beginners and professionals however the main caveat is that the SPORT lacks the spinning option. So if you are on a budget and you are a beginner looking to improve your pole dance from home then this would be a good option.

Many studios, pole fitness centers, and clubs use the same pole but you’re lacking to spinning function that may be bothersome to many who may want to try the spin pole. Take the good with the bad, you will become a pro at the stationary styled pole in no time and X Pole has the brand name of which would make it easy to sell it off for a new XPERT modal.

X-POLE Starter Package -...
  • 45mm Chrome Xpert Pole
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer.
  • Art of Pole 1

So If you are starting from humble beginnings with little money to spare then the X Pole SPORT may be the ticket for the better focus to get good at the static pole and its completely portable which means it comes in a 2 piece kit that can be installed in less than 5 minutes and torn down in seconds incase the parents come over for dinner and you dont want to explain why there is a pole in your home.

How to install the X Pole Sport?

X Pole are masters are making it easy for X Polers to get a good idea on how to assemble and install it into their home thanks to the X Pole instruction manual that comes in a video form and skips the bland IKEA style instructions.

You can get a sample of the simple step-by-step instructions here

You know that you will never be lost when you are installing the sport but its good to know in advance how high your ceiling is before you place your order. Because if your ceilings are less than 7′ or 9′ then you may have some problems on your hands. So as you are ordering besure you know in advance on where you plan to install your X Pole in your home or apartment.

So Whats The hard part?

Im glad you asked, the most difficult part is getting the pole completelly parallel so it is not off-center as this can lead to a bad accident and injury if its not installed properly. Its always a good idea to ask a friend, family member or someone you know to help you get it aligned on all angles.

PRO TIP: The easiest way to find out if your pole is straight and aligned is by dangling a piece of string from the ceiling and you will know immediately if its safe or not.

SPORT’s Features and Benefits

  • Easy setup and tear down with only a few minutes to put into place without any need for tools and install fixtures.
  • The completely portable design which makes it easy to transport thank to their 2 piece design and carry bags you get in the kit.
  • Get the pole in your unique style and have the choice of Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Titanium Gold, Silicone, or Powder-Coated Finishes
  • Comes in different diameters for the ideal grip situation 40mm, 45mm, 50mm (40 – 45 are the most common pole sizes)

Tips for using the X Pole Sport

Naturally, when you start using it you are going to find that there are some “upkeep” to this pole that many don’t think about — so this is what you should expect while using your X Pole SPORT and this is important if you are renting and you want to avoid damaging the floor or ceiling.

Ceilings: Generally you should have a problem with the pole leaving marks on the ceiling however there may be cases where your pole is over tightly fitted and it may crack the ceiling plaster. So Becare before you over tighten the pole into place to avoid and if your landlord sees it then you may have some explaining to do.

Floor: non-carpeted floors are ideal as the bottom plate of the pole won’t leave any marks on the carpet. It’s not a big deal however you don’t want to be found responsible for ruining the carpet.

When selecting the finish of your pole you are going to find that different finishes mean that some may feel grippier than others. Many prefer chrome and brass for better grip which I would recommend now if you are unsure about powder-coated finishes, even though the look great.

Initially is may feel slippery but time and practice will have you wear the pole in and there is always help with zink and handgrip aids to assure a non-slipping experience.
I Would recommend Mighty grip or you could use a powder or cream of your choice.

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Pro tip: Shaving cream has proven to be a super cheap and effective aid for gripping the pole easier

Where to buy X Pole SPORT

You can find them on their site or I highly recommend buying from Amazon as its faster delivery times and maybe cheaper.

But if you into bargain hunting like I am and you know exactly what you are after try Craigslist, eBay or facebook to find a second-hand pole. I find that many people who sell them if you are located in a metro area then you may find that a studio is selling their equipment, but its important to always do your due diligence, you don’t want to waste money on a tired and broken dance pole.


  • Costs less than $150 and is the perfect pole for beginners and pros
  • Comes in different color schemes and finishes
  • The most trusted pole brand in the industry where you can walk into any pole studio or club to find X Pole as their preference
  • Instructional install video makes it easy for installation


  • It dosnt has no Spin options for those adventurous types
  • Some finishes like powder coat and silicon may be more slippery than the chrome and brass finishes

Final Verdict

The X Pole sport is priced below $150 dollars and makes for a great starting dance pole for the aspiring dancer looking to improve their chops. X Pole is a brand you can trust with their years of business in the game and thousands of people and studios who use their products im confident to say that this is one of the best brands out there even though they are not quite the cheapest.

But if you care about quality and see yourself using and even selling the pole on as your progress to even get yourself a spinning pole like the XPERT then this is the perfect first addition to your home setup.

X-POLE Starter Package -...
  • 45mm Chrome Xpert Pole
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer.
  • Art of Pole 1


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