Hey Guys and Gals,

Thank you again for dropping by my little blog!

As you have probably found out by now by doing some searching around my site, you would’ve found out that I am a little crazy over pole dancing and pole fitness as a whole.
I am a passionate pole dancer who sees pole dancing in all forms as a respectable art form of dance, fitness/sport and is a catalyst for boosting self-esteem and confidence in our bodies, strength and mindset.

What is Basicinvert78?

I love reviewing pole dancing products and equipment as well as writing about how to pole dance properly for beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional pole dance.
And I would like to welcome my readers from the pole dancing community to come together and ask questions of what they would like to see on this blog.

Setting the record straight — I welcome all of you!

Let’s just put it out there — In the past, pole dancing has been stigmatised as a slutty or an over-sexualized dance performance which has been primarily aimed at men. The person on the pole at these strip clubs have been jointly labelled as a prostitute based on these actions.
I would like to set the record straight by saying that this website holds mutual views to people who decide to dance for fitness, as an art form or as a way to express oneself sexually, I don’t care and I welcome all of you to take value from my blog as you see fit.