X-Pole Starter Spinning Pole Package Review – Updated 2024?

x pole starter package review
What you get in the X-Pole Starter Pack, X-Pert 45mm pole kit, Dry hands grip and an instructional DVD

Are you thinking about getting your own dance pole for home in 2024?

The X-Pole Starter Package contains all you need to start on your pole dancing basics for the serious beginner to intermediate pole dancers looking for one the best options on the market.

X Pole is renowned for its high-quality portable poles and aerial equipment the industry has to offer.

Chances are you have seen them in your local clubs and even pole dance studios and fitness studios that do pole fit classes.

X Pole as solidified an elite status in the aerial sports and pole dance industry where you would commonly see big influences rocking their equipment and you may have seen them as the golden sponsor on most PoleCons exhibitions.

As a Pole dancer myself I first started on Lupit Pole, however our studio recently adopted X Pole dance poles and we did a Lupit Pole Vs.

X Pole comparison and personally I found the X Pole kit be very sturdy and offered a great spinning and portable option.

Details About The portable EXPERT Spin/Static Dance Pole

The kit contains the X-Pert 45mm Dance Pole which is a high-grade, multi-piece dance pole.

It features both spinning and static modes, has a bottom-loading mechanism, and uses the company’s proprietary X-Joint to connect the multi-piece pole.

The pole’s length is adjustable and can fit in areas with ceiling heights that fall between 7’4′ and 9ft.

If you have an even lower ceiling height, X-Pole sells separate extensions to give the pole the right fit.

The kit includes all the tools needed for installation and a carry bag you can use to store the whole pole inside.

The starter package contains the Dry Hands grip aid.

It’s one of the most popular grip aids in the market, giving pole dancers an enhanced grip on the dance pole.

This is especially helpful for those with sweaty hands who have difficulty maintaining their grip on the pole, preventing them from successfully performing some dance moves and tricks.

The Pole Dance 101 DVD is all you need to jumpstart your pole dancing career.

It contains easy-to-follow instructions, warm-up exercises, basic floor works, and elementary dance moves you can execute on your own.

Moreover, the video lessons are given by world-renowned pole dancing coaches so you can rest assured you’re learning from the best.

The Notable Features include:

  • No ladders high ladders to install as its bottom-loaded and pushed into place with easy adjustment to the ceiling height
  • No need for drilled in fixtures to ruin your ceilings and floors thanks to its innovated removable design.
  • You get a full 15-minute install DVD showing you exactly what you need to do and it takes only 5 minutes to install the pole in your home.
  • It comes with the 2 piece X Pole carry case for easy traveling thanks to its portable design
  • The micro-articulating base works to help you easily install the pole on uneven floor surfaces which many other brands lack.
  • Get the choice of Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Titanium Gold, Silicone, or Powder-Coated Finishes
  • Get different pole widths to suit your grip 40mm, 45mm, 50mm
  • Easy “static” to “Spin” function

X-Pole Starter Package Features

  • Sturdy 45mm X-Pert dance pole in chrome finish
  • Fits ceiling heights sitting between 7’4′ and 9ft
  • Spinning and Static functions
  • Multi-piece setup for improved portability
  • Offers both spinning and static modes
  • 125mm and 250mm extension poles included
  • 2oz Dry Hands grip aid
  • Instructional DVD ‘ Pole Dance 101 DVD Vol. 1

Installing the X Pole

Installation is easy and if you still have some trouble following the directions on the package manual, X-Pole has a YouTube channel containing dance pole instructional videos to help you set up the pole properly.

Pros and Cons of Starter Package


X-Pole is known for providing quality products to the market and the X-Pert dance pole isn’t an exception.

Aside from its portability and ease of assembly, it’s very stable and fits a wide range of ceiling heights.

The mounts also work on carpeted floors and textured ceilings.

The starter kit include the Dry Hands grip aid which is an excellent grip enhancer for people with sweaty palms.

The package is priced around $320 which is not bad if you consider the contents of the package and the shipping costs.


The DVD is the weakest link in the starter kit.

Many customers reported how it skips and stops during playback.

The instructions presented in the low-budget DVD is also not as easy-to-follow as promoted.

It doesn’t even teach anything about the techniques to help you build up strength and improve your skills on the dance pole.

It’s better if you buy the Art of Pole collection from X-Pole.

Some have reported pole instability after installation due to a small gap of a few centimetres existing between the upper mount and the ceiling.

Although extensions are provided, X-Pole requires you get the exact measurement of your ceiling height before buying their dance pole.

A few millimetres of gap can really compromise the stability of the pole.

X-Pert 45mm review
What the pole includes


  • Is it okay to install the X-Pert pole on a plaster ceiling?
    The X-Pert dance pole needs to tightly fit between the floor and the ceiling. To ensure the stability of the pole, you have to check if there’s a beam on the ceiling using a stud finder or by knocking on the part where you want to install the pole.
  • Can the pole be mounted on the ceiling?
    The pole is designed to be removable and portable. If you want to permanently mount it, you should buy the special mounts to ensure the pole’s mechanisms won’t get damaged by forcing to screw them into the ceiling.
  • What model of the X-Pert pole can I expect from the package?
    The package features the 2014 NX model which has been improved for general use.


Our Verdict

This is a good kit for starters who are too excited to get onto the pole.

The X-Pert provides a stable platform that can handle any tricks you want to execute.

It also offers both spinning and static modes which are great extras for a starter pole.

The price is just right and it saves you money by reducing the shipping costs you may incur if you buy and ship the components individually.