Pole Dance Weight Loss – A Fun Way To Get In Shape in 2024

Pole Fitness or pole dancing as it’s commonly known, has been growing rapidly in 2024 not only as a hobby but, as a fun exercise routine.

Pole fitness is a strength and cardio-based workout that can contribute to rapid weight loss and getting your body toned and, its extremely addictive and fun.

For these reasons, pole dance studios are popping up worldwide, and are becoming a natural part of fitness, even guys are getting into it.

Have a look in your local area and you may find the common workout hotspots like gyms and many dance studios are now offering pole dance classes.

If you suffer from the lack of motivation to stay consistent at the gym then listen closely because In this article, I will be talking about how to have fun losing weight and getting toned with pole fitness.

Half the battle of losing weight is got to do with mindset.

And many people who go on their weight loss journey alone quickly find out that it can be a lonely place to be.

See, if you are not enjoying yourself or feeling motivated then it can be hard to stay consistent to reach your weight goals before summer.

The best news is that, “the gym” is not the only path to success, how with many other classes like Zumba, Crossfit and more there is plenty of ways to spice up your workout routines.

Lets take a dive into Pole Fitness and, its health benefits in comparison with other workout styles.

Losing Weight and Getting Fit

Pole dance weight Loss routines focus on strengthening your arms, shoulders, abdomen, and legs.

Basic elements like a pole climb throw all your muscles into full working order, giving you a full-body workout.

As you progress, you start performing moves called pole elements, which are basically tricks on a static pole or, a spinning pole which many say is addictive to learn new moves and perform them.

Many who’ve taken up pole dancing say that their focus completely shifts from losing weight to learning new tricks to show off while losing weight and getting the figure you’ve always wanted becomes the byproduct.

There are many types of pole fit classes for everyone of any size, however, its mostly targeting women, however there has been a higher demand for men joining classes.

These classes vary from as short as 30 to 45 minutes a day to an hour or two, depending on the routine you’re working on.


It may seem unusual to get fit with pole dancing as many may find it to be a taboo adult industry thing where you’d normally find strippers dancing on poles.

Pole fitness as we currently know it is considered to be an acrobatic style of dance and, while you can spice it up with sensual pole classes, you can take it to technical levels.

Pole fitness is a physically demanding routine, encouraging interval and endurance muscle training for toning the body and core areas.

Depending on the program and class you get into, pole fitness is also a good cardiovascular exercise.

Since the routines require some flexibility, one should expect rigid stretching exercises on their first sessions before the instructor proceeds with basics.

Most of the time people get surprised by how physically demanding pole fitness can be.

Who is it for?

Many think that pole dancing is a feminine sport as it has been portrayed in the past through the adult industry.

The origins are true to its revolution, however, pole dancing has significantly evolved and has been gone from being dominated by women to men taking part.

If you check out the post about some of the famous male pole dancers, its evident that there has been a turn in recent years attracting more men.

Along with cross-fit and other forms of high impact exercise, pole fitness can be a very demanding sport where it concerns personal strength, acrobatic and stretching abilities.
It’s not for everyone, however for the men who can testify in trying it (including my husband) its a sport that cannot be underestimated and can change your body quicker than ever.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to get into shape but the gym is too boring and you are looking to build a creative skill that will make you feel good and add something that you can show off to your friends while building that perfect body then you have to try pole fitness out at least once.