Pole Dancing Grip Aids – What Every Dancer Needs in 2024

If you are looking for a good recommendation of pole dance grip aids in 2024 then we answer all your pressing questions in this one post.

Losing your grip on the pole not only prevents you from successfully landing an important element, but it can also even cause accidents and serious injuries.

This is not uncommon and many pole dancers experience grip problems from time to time due to sweating and muscle fatigue In this article, we will be covering what is the Best Pole Dancing Grip and why you should get your own if you are a professional or beginner dancer.

To tackle common gripping problems is easy and many solutions like chalk dust have been around since gymnastics, weightlifting and many other competitive sports that require a steady grip.

These products are commonly known as ‘grip aids’ have been released to the market to help you maintain a good grip while you are training.

In this instance, we will be talking about the kind of products that help you increase your grip on the dance pole.

Students, coaches, as well as professional performers, use grip aids to help them training and perform their routines and accuracy so sweat doesn’t hinder your abilities.

Many grip aids are specially made for people with sweaty hands which may prevent them from maintaining a proper grip to execute pole moves.

These are some of the most common factors that cause pole dancers to lose their grip:

  • The metallic composition of the pole (generally slippery)
  • The pole’s temperature upon use
  • The pole’s cleanliness and current condition
  • The material used to clean the pole before and after use
  • The dryness or wetness of the pole dancer’s skin
  • Physical problems causing excessive sweating of hands and feet

You will be surprised that your grip can depend on the climate in your room.

Too much humidity or dryness affects both the condition of the pole and its user.

During winter, you may feel that your skin is too dry like you have to powder your hands from getting a solid grip, causing you to slide on the stripper pole.

If it’s too humid, the pole may become moist, making it slippery.

These conditions can prevent you from properly executing your pole dancing routine you may even result in a serious injury which you don’t want.

Dance Pole Grip Aid Benefits

These products can help beginners who are new to pole dancing especially climbing the pole.

For professional performers, grip aids can add another layer of insurance and reduce the risk of slipping off the pole by accident.

Some may say that using grip aids to cheating.

Let me assure you that it’s not!
On the contrary, it even levels the playing field for those who are experiencing excessive sweating and other known factors to a weakened grip.

It’s important to note that its not some kind of magic formula that magically enhances your grip tenfold.

Rather, it’s a product that prevents you from slipping off the pole by enhancing the friction between your skin and the pole.

Its usage is widely accepted in the pole dancing community and is allowed in most competitions worldwide.

Golf, baseball, weightlifting, tennis, and other professional sports also use grip aid.

It’s not like they would get the unfair advantage to score more or win a competition, however, many athletes are disadvantaged by sweaty hands.

Grip aids just prevent the bat or club from slipping off their hands.

The game’s outcome still depends on the user’s skills — this also applies to a pole dancers skills.

Since most grip aids improve your grasp on the pole and they’re great for enhancing your climbs and pole holds.

You may experience the limitation of when you do spins because of the applied friction on your skin as a result of some grip products.

Skin Allergies?

Some grip aids may also contain ingredients which may cause allergic reactions once applied on your skin.

Make sure to test these products first by applying a tiny amount on your forearm and wait for a whole day to see if your suffer from any negative skin reactions.

Look for products that are hypoallergenic like ITac2 if you’re suffering from skin allergies.

If you are unsure be sure to check with your doctor before using any products on your skin if have any kind of skin conditions


Tips on improving your grip

Here are some general tips on how to enhance your grip on the stripper pole.

  1. Do warm-ups on the pole by doing light spins and climbs.
    This exercise not only stretches your body and checks your pole’s stability but also lets you Remove any residue on the pole before you proceed with your full workout.
  2. Use hand antiperspirants like the ProActive Tite Grip and the Dry Hands Ultimate Gripping Solution.
  3. For people with dry skin, use moisturizers specifically made for pole dancing. Take note that some of these products may leave residue on the pole.
  4. When it comes to that time of cleaning your dance pole you can use rubbing alcohol to help remove the residue using a simple cloth that will bring back the poles natural stickiness
  5. Do not polish your pole with anything that has a rough surface. This will just cause irreparable damage to your pole’s finish.
  6. Wear shoes made of vinyl or plastic, these shoes will stick more to the pole making them useful for inversion tricks. These can also enhance your visual presence on the stage during your performance.

If all else fails and you’ve tried everything on this page to enhance your poles grip then it would be ideal to buy a better quality pole.

Only this time be sure to purchase a pole that has stainless steel, chrome, titanium, gold or brass finishes which will help in terms of grip.


Recommended Grip Products for Pole Dancers

Since there are so many products available in the market, you may get confused about the various choices available.

To help you decide which one to get, I have narrowed it down to a few I’ve tried our hands (and feet) on.

Mighty Grip

Mighty Grip is a popular product and if you go to any studio you may of seen it.

Mighty Grip comes in powder form and can be used on your hands and feet and any other part of your body that will come in contact with the pole to reduce the chances of slipping.

To apply, simply put a small amount on your hands and rub it in.

Its thermoplastic components react with the heat from the body and the friction between the pole and your palms to create that anti-slip effect that you need.

When you’re done with your workout, you can just wash your hands with warm water and soap to remove it.

Once activated, the product will stay in your hands and won’t stick on your shirt or your equipment like other products tend to do.

It won’t stop your palms from sweating but its effect will still hold based on it water-resistant properties.

😁  Heres the Mighty Grip

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ITac2 Pole Dance Grip

ITAC2 is an all natural wax-based product that greatly improves your grip and can be easily applied on any part of your body where you’ll use to grasp the pole.

It’s made from beeswax that’s both organic and hypoallergenic.

It works by increasing the frictional force between the pole and your hands to give you a stronger hold.

You don’t have to worry ITAC2 wearing off because it’s sweat and water resistant and has a long-lasting effect.

Remember to apply only a small amount on your hands.

Putting excessive amounts may backfire and make your grip slippery instead of sticky.

ITac2 is the solution for those who are having trouble maintaining their grip, especially people who cannot control their sweaty palms.

If you think the grip provided by the ‘regular strength’ variant isn’t enough, look for the ‘extra strength’ variant which has a more concentrated solution.

ITac2 works best on stainless steel and chrome finishes.

It’s quite ineffective on brass poles, though, probably due to the pole’s porous design.

😁  Heres the iTac2

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Grrrip comes in a lotion and sprays forms which both work incredibly well.
Unlike other grip aids, this one doesn’t give you a sticky feeling on your skin.

Its water and sweat resistant nature reduce your hands from sweating while improving its gripping ability.

Some even claim this product to have the longest lasting effect when applied.

You can be the judge and see for yourself

😁  Heres the Grrrip


Cramer’s Firm Grip Powder

Cramers Firm Grip comes in a 4oz shaker bottle its main formula is made from wood rosin, the same source of chemicals used to make chewing gums.

It’s not as sticky but it has enough anti-slip capabilities ideal for pole dancers with sweaty hands.

I don’t personally recommend this one as it’s not strong enough and in leaves a sticky residue on the pole.

You’ll need to wash and wipe your dance pole after your routine to remove the stickiness.

It’s also a little more expensive compared to the other brands that offer better results.

😁  Heres the Cramers Grip

Dry Hands

No products found.

You have most likely spotted this grip in studios around the world, made famous in the pole dancing industry with its antiperspirant properties, making it an amazing product for pole dancers who have sweaty hands.

If you are worried about other grips making your hands sticky, then you won’t have a problem with this one.

It doesn’t make your hands sticky Instead it adds more texture to them to help you improve your grip.

After applying a thin layer on your skin, avoid rubbing it too much.

The product has been designed to provide an extra layer of film over your skin and rubbing will just remove it.

We’ve tried it on brass, chrome, and powder-coated finishes and we can confirm it works really well.

You may have to clean the pole afterwards because Dry Hands does leave some residue.

Aside from that, this is a good product you can stash in your kit.

Pro tip:  Experiencing those cold and clammy days?

then just apply the product directly on the pole and it will solve your moisture problems.

😁  No products found.

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Tite Grip

We highly recommend this product for those who have sweaty palms.

It’s a clear antiperspirant lotion which helps keep your hands from slipping off the pole due to sweat.

To use, apply it at least 30 minutes prior to doing your pole routine.

This allows the product to fully take effect and make it last up to 6 hours without needing any reapplication.

The main reason we like this a lot, is its versatility.

Tite Grip worked really well on all the pole finishes we tried.

It doesn’t improve your grip by adding some sticky stuff on your palms but instead helps maintain a balance between dryness and wetness to give you the right grip.

This is why some say it shouldn’t be classified as a grip aid but just an antiperspirant lotion.

But it works great and that’s what matters most.

😁  Heres the Tite Grip Lotion

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Dew Point Pole dance gripDew Point Pole

Most grip aids provide solutions to those who have sweaty palms, but what about those that have dry and sensitive skin?

This is where Dew Point Pole plays the lead role because it functions both as a grip aid and a moisturizer at the same time.

It’s an oil-free solution that moisturizes the skin without making it greasy.

It’s available in different formula strength starting from Light to Medium, and Ultra for drier skins.

Pole dancers who have dry skin, moisten their hands first to improve their grip on the pole.

With this product, they can just spray a small amount on their hands and they’ll get an even better effect than using ordinary water.

Avoid using this if you have sweaty hands or skin.

Since it has a moisturizing effect, sweat will only make your hands greasy and make you slide on the pole.


Grip aids are relatively cheap and are readily available online and on most sports shops worldwide.

They give an extra layer of assurance and boost the performer’s confidence since they help reduce the risks of falling off the pole due to slipping.

Now if you don’t have any money to spare on any of the tips and products mentioned above, we suggest that you just naturally build enough muscle and grip strength.

Attend gym classes that introduce you to exercises for your hands and forearms and teach you techniques on how to properly grip a fitness pole.

Usually, exercises involve hanging from any kind of sturdy bar (e.g.

monkey bars or gym bars) with one hand and quickly changing to the other hand until you reach a certain number of reps.

Do this for a few weeks and you’ll be surprised with the improvements in your grip strength.

If possible, use grip aids sparingly and don’t always depend on them.

You still need to gradually build up your muscles and improve your technique through practice and patience.

Always keep in mind that these products are just aids and they cannot completely guarantee you won’t fall or slip off the pole at any moment.

Your grip strength still depends on your muscle control and technique when you perform your tricks.

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