Nelson Sports Dry Hands Gripping Solution Review 2024

Is Nelson sports grip still good in 2024, stay tuned for this updated review.

The casual and serious pole dancers who know the importance of grip to help excessive sweating and hindering proper grip.

As you may know, without the grip you can have issues doing pole elements and moves, but with the right amount of grip can confidently showcase your performance without limitations.

Nelson Sports Products Dry Hands Grip lotion

The grip is perfect for pole dancing, gymnastics, golf and more.

But with poor grip, performance is problematic and your safety is compromised.

This is the reason why gripping solutions are welcome additions in the market.

Products like the Nelson Sports Products ‘Dry Hands help promote a better grip, and keep you safe.

It’s available in a 2-oz bottle and offers a non-sticky feel when in use, leaving your hands dry enough but smooth.

Manufactured as the ‘ultimate gripping solution‘, Dry Hands can help solve your gripping woes caused by weather and too much sweating on your hands.

Compared to other gripping solutions out in the market, Nelson Sports product is formulated as a heavy-duty product, a solution that can improve your grip significantly while handing your perspiration.

According to the manufacturer, this grip aid will work for individuals who are engaged in a variety of sports and activities, from pole dancing, golf, baseball, gymnastics and weightlifting, along with any other sporting activity that may be compromised by the weather or excessive sweating.


  • Available in 2-oz bottle
  • Addresses grip problems caused by the weather and sweating
  • Can even repel water to keep hands dry
  • Feels similar to zinc powder
  • Protection remains consistent
  • Major ingredients include methyl glycol, SD alcohol 40 and Cyclomethicone

Pros and Cons


Named as the ultimate gripping solution on the market, Dry Hands clearly delivers the results as expected.

  • This is your gripping solution that can work in different applications and activities
  • Aside from pole dancing and gymnastics where the grip is critical, the use of Dry Hands also work like a charm in weightlifting.

If used regularly, a small amount at a time and increase in concentration, its use can help you lift yourself easier on the dance pole without straining, you may need to apply it every 10 minutes to sustain its efficacy.


  • Dry Hands is more expensive compared to other competing gripping solutions.
  • Applying the product just once will offer the promised high-quality grip, but the effect will not last that long so you will end up applying more, just to sustain the strength of the grip.
  • Some customers have complained about the company’s poor customer support.


This bottle sells for $12 and its already a bargain, considering the promised effects of the product so you get plenty of value for your money for a quality grip aid.

If you follow the instructions on how to use it, and apply it multiple times when needed, then you can experience a stronger grip with your training.

Dry Hands can work for different outdoor and sporting activities like golf, tennis, and basketball.

And using this product will not leave your hands dry or greasy like other cheaper alternatives.