Dance Pole For Home Fitness – The Ultimate Guide of 2023

On the hunt for a dance pole for a home to explode your progress in 2023 and beyond? then you have come to the right place. You will learn what you need to look out for so you don’t get scammed or injured.

You may have started your dance pole class and you may want to practice what you’ve learned in the comfort of your home. Or maybe you’re intrigued by pole fitness’ increasing popularity and you want to try it yourself. Either way, you’re into pole dancing and you want to get to know it better but you don’t know where to start.

The Original Lil' Mynx Dance Pole review

Here are the Best Dance Pole For Home Fitness in 2023

Having your own dance pole at home is a great motivation to practice and hone in on your pole dancing skills anytime you want.

Buying your first dance pole can be overwhelming, though, because there are so many choices in the market. You’ll find some terms, pole types, and other alienating factors which can be frustrating.
Don’t fret! We’ve come up with this article to summarize the basics and most important factors you need to consider when buying a dance pole.

Things to consider first Before browsing for a dance pole, you have to do preliminary assessments first.

Keeping within your budget

Check your wallet first and see if you can dish out enough cash for a dance pole. Depending on the quality and brand, dance poles usually cost around $150-300.
If you can afford reliable, branded ones, we recommend that you go for them. There’s X-Pole Xpert series which offers different pole lengths to fit various ceiling heights and also features expansion options. If you plan to have a dance pole that sits permanently in an area, go for Lil Mynx models.

Never trade your safety for cheaper options. There are dance poles, branded and unbranded, that are made of plastic and cheap metal which are definitely not safe. Look for those made of industrial-grade metal, high-quality bearings, and good finish. These poles may be expensive but are way safer than cheap, rubbish products.
If you can’t shell out enough cash for branded poles, we recommend you look for the unbranded pole popularly known as the Affordable No Brand Pole.

Install assessment

Take a look at the area where you want to place your dance pole. Get the measurements of the area, especially the height between your ceiling and floor. Also, consider if it’s okay with you if the dance pole leaves marks or screw holes in the area when you decide to remove it in the future.
It’s also better to consult the expertise of a carpenter to help you assess if your chosen spot is safe and secure for installing a dance pole. You don’t want to compromise either your home’s structural integrity or your safety.

If you have a ceiling measuring at least 9ft high, we recommend you get the X-Pole. The X-Pole models also have great expansion features which make them very flexible in case you have future plans of extending your ceiling higher. For those with ceiling height measuring 9ft and below, the X-Pole will also do but you can go for the Affordable No Brand Pole if you’re on a budget.
If your house has a vaulted ceiling, there are mounts that can give dance poles the ability to adapt to any angle. Build-a-Pole offer mounts and poles that can reach up to 14ft high.


best poles for learning pole dance at homeDance Pole Types

Now that you’re done with initial assessments, you’re almost ready to go to a store and buy one. There is a myriad of dance poles available in the market and you may get confused in picking the right one for your needs. So we did our best to narrow down the things you need to consider the most when picking a dance pole.
The family of dance poles is basically divided into two main branches. You can choose between fixed or permanent poles and removable poles.

Fixed poles

These poles have brackets which are bolted into the ceiling and into the floor. The pole is connected to these brackets to create a sturdy and immovable station. There are models which use only the base support that’s mounted into the floor to stabilize the pole. These types don’t need ceiling brackets for installation which is a great option if you have a very high ceiling in your chosen area.
Fixed poles are more stable and can handle heavier loads because of the mounting brackets. This is the better option if you don’t need to move your dance pole around the house.

Removable poles

Removable poles use tension, friction, and pressure to secure poles in place. These don’t need brackets but instead have round bases on both ends to support the pole. These bases are placed on the floor and on the ceiling and adjusted accordingly to exert pressure on both ends. Simply put, it works like your tissue paper holder in the bathroom.
When assembling the pole, make sure there’s a secure stud or beam in the ceiling to better support the pole. Placing it against plain plywood will cause damages and maybe even accidents.
Overall, this pole type also provides great stability but not as sturdy as the fixed poles. Its advantage though is that it doesn’t need screws to install and it can be easily removed and reinstalled anywhere in your house.

Additional features

Many pole manufacturers provide spinning and stationary options on their products. There are dance poles that offer both which makes them a great buy since you’re getting basically two pole types in one product.
Use the static or stationary build when you’re doing your regular routine like climbs and inversions. If you just want to have some fun and on the pole, switch to the spinning build and do a merry-go-round. The spinning pole is also great for routines composed mainly of spins.

Stripper Pole Sizes

Don’t believe what most people say. Size matters! In the pole dancing community, the size of the pole’s diameter varies and can affect your grip.
The most popular pole sizes are the 45mm and 50mm diameter, although smaller ones exist like the 40mm variant. In competitions, the 50mm pole size is the standard. Dance studios and gyms also use the 50mm models because they’re easier to grip with either the hands or the feet. Most people use the 45mm, though, as it strikes the balance between stability and ease of gripping.

Thicker poles are more stable and are sturdy enough to handle complex moves like slides, inversions, and spins. They can also handle a greater amount of weight compared to the thinner models.
We don’t recommend buying a 40mm pole unless it’s from a reliable manufacturer and you’re completely certain they used high-quality, industrial-grade, toughened steel to make it. This pole size is usually more expensive than the bigger models because of the materials used to mold it.

If you don’t have any experience in pole dancing yet but wanted to prepare and set things up for future use, we recommend you get the 45mm poles. Look for X-Pole and the Affordable No Brand Pole online or in stores you know.
The Affordable No Brand Pole is available only in 45mm thickness. The X-Pole, however, comes in different sizes you can choose from:

  • 40mm model – It’s one of the slimmest poles available, measuring only 1.5in thick. This is great for those who have small hands.
  • 45mm model – Its thickness of 1.75in makes gripping easier for most dancers. This size is also used in competitions worldwide.
  • 50mm model – This 2in pole is the standard for many competitions. Its size is great for inversion moves but may be hard to grip with the hand for some people.


Lil Mynx also offers poles in 45mm and 50mm sizes.
If you want to look more into this topic, we’ve written a separate article on choosing the right pole size for your needs.


Pole Finishes

Pole finishes are designed not only for aesthetic purposes but also to improve the pole’s grip. You may think the pole’s color is just trivial but having the right look to blend with your performance’s theme can make a difference.

The Affordable No Brand Pole comes only in chrome finishing. If you want a dance pole that offers several other finishes, the X-Pole X-Pert model (both the spinning and static types) offers the following choices for your picking:

  • Silicone finish ‘ available in pink and black colors
  • Powder-coated finish ‘ available in pink and black colors
  • Brass finish ‘ the polished brass tubing is very solid and enhances grip
  • Titanium gold finish ‘ this pole has been coated to enhance grip
  • Chrome finish ‘ this well-loved finish is great for general use
  • Stainless finish ‘ the steel has been polished to work best for dancers that have sensitive skin
    It’s quite obvious the chrome finish is the most popular and seems to be the standard in gyms and dance studios.
    Lil Mynx poles are also offered in similar finishes with the addition of the following variants:
  • Powder-coated finish ‘ they have pink, red, and black colors for this finish
  • Polished stainless steel finish ‘ it looks like the chrome finish with some variations


If you want to know more about pole finishes and their use, we’ve written a separate article discussing each in detail including their advantages and disadvantages.
Whichever your choice is, the main point you should always remember is to ensure the pole you buy is made of high-grade steel which can support your full weight.


Essential Safety Equipment

Of all the equipment we’ve reviewed so far, the most important are crash mats. Crash mats are made to cushion your fall in case an accident happens. A high-quality crash mat can greatly save you from injuries, especially when you’re starting to learn inversions and complex climbing moves which are notorious for getting beginners to fall off the pole.
Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s already well-versed on the dance pole, getting a crash mat is always a good idea.

For pole burns, we recommend using arm warmers that don’t obstruct your palms in any way. Avoid gloves advertised to improve your grip. These gloves will just make it harder for you to execute moves like spins.
Gloves aren’t the solution for sweaty palms either. Look for grip aids like Mighty Grip and Dry Hands. Similar products are available in cream and powder solutions.

pole dance classes studioConclusion

The number of choices available in the market can be drowning if you don’t know what you’re looking for. This guide can help you see through all the marketing smokescreen and lets you take notice of the most important factors you need to consider in buying a dance pole.

You can use our reviews on several stripper dance poles to help you choose the best items for your pole dancing exercises.
When you’ve bought your dance pole and you’re ready to install it, watch online videos on how to mount it properly. It will definitely be of great help. Manufacturers also provide official instructional videos on their websites.
Again, remember to choose only quality dance poles and don’t sacrifice your safety just to save a few bucks.

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