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best pole dance books

Best Pole Dance Books

Forget the stereotypical image of a pole dancer performing her sexy routine up on a pole for a minute and imagine her reading a book. Did I catch you off-guard? That’s right, pole dancers read too and, of course, pole dancing books …
studioveena review

StudioVeena Pole Dance Lessons Review

If you’re looking for new creative and fun ways to keep fit, try pole dancing from home.  In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is easy to neglect our health and fitness.  StudioVeena offers easy-to-use instructional videos in the sport …
Gymnastic wrist supports list reviews

Top 5 Gymnastics Wrist Supports

Gymnastics and Aerial like sports like Pole Dancing and Lyra hoop are sports that rely heavily on the use of your joints, which is why a lot of gymnasts and dance artists suffer from dislocations, ACL injuries, labral tears, and wrist sprains. …