Gymmatsdirect Pole Dance Crash Mat Review – Still Worth It 2023?

Is Gymmatsdirect Pole Dance Crash Mat still worth it in 2023?

Its built for both beginners and advanced pole dancers.  Beginners, who are just starting to learn complicated pole dancing moves, will benefit from this the most because they’re the ones most likely to fall off the pole which can cause serious injuries.

Gymmatsdirect Pole Dance Mat review

First impressions

The Gymmatsdirect heavy-duty materials that can handle any weight of the pole dancer.

The non-toxic, cross-linked polyethylene (EPE) foam core inside the crash mat is covered in industrial-grade PVC that’s both ultra-flexible and water-resistant.

Pole dancers won’t be afraid to do inversions, spins, twists, and climbs because this crash mat will soften their fall if ever they lose grip on the pole.

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This crash mat has a diameter of 60in and thickness of 5in.

The area it covers is wide enough to catch you in case you lose grip on the pole.

Its wide coverage area also saves you from the awkward feeling of having one foot off the crash mat while the other one is on it when you’re doing your floor works.

Its thickness is more than enough to protect you from directly hitting the hard floor.

The Gymmatsdirect Crash Mat is also very easy to install and fits any size of dance pole.

Just wrap it around the dance pole and fasten it in place using the Velcro straps attached to it.

Some crash mats can be expensive, discouraging you from availing one.

The Gymmatsdirect safety Mat is a cheaper alternative which offers the same quality and durability without the need to spend a fortune.

Gymmatsdirect safety mat reviews


  • Firm but soft foam protects you from accidents if you accidentally slip off the pole
  • The cushion that’s 5in thick
  • Measures 60in wide for a larger area of coverage
  • Made of non-toxic, durable materials
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to install and uses Velcro straps to secure it in place
  • Available in pink color


Having a diameter of 5ft that covers a wide area is a great feature as it gives you more room for your floor works without the need to step off it because it’s too small.

The size of the Gymmatsdirect Pole Dance Crash Mat also gives an increased feeling of security because you’ll know there’s something to cushion your fall in all directions.

Its thickness of 5in removes worries that it may not be able to withstand its user’s weight.

This much foam also means it can last for years even if it’s used for prolonged times.

If it’s too thick for you, there are 2in and 4 in variants available in the market to suit your preference.

foldable crash mat for pole dancing

The cover is also ultra-flexible and durable that it won’t easily crack after using it a few times.

It’s also made of PVC, making it water and sweat resistant.

The foam can be easily folded and unfolded for quicker storage and setup times.

There are also handles attached to the crash mat for improved portability.

Keeping it inside the cabinet and rolling it out for your exercise takes almost no effort at all.


The flaps around the edges of the crash mat may be too short for some that they reveal parts of the Velcro strap underneath.

The pink color is eye-catching but also makes it easy to spot dirt accumulating on top of it.

Grimes and sweat marks are easy to spot because of the color contrast.

The Velcro straps make it easy for you to secure the crash mat in place.

However, these straps tend to lose its effectiveness after numerous uses.

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The Gymmatsdirect Pole Dance safety mat is an affordable accessory that has the same quality and durability of its more expensive counterparts.

We recommend this crash mat for use of both beginners and intermediate level pole dancers.

Pole dancing can be a dangerous sport for anyone as anything can go wrong during a move or element, its best to keep yourself protected like crash mats to help prevent any serious injuries.