Lupit Pole Crash Mats Review

lupit pole crash matLupit Pole is a world-renowned dance pole manufacturer.

They don’t sell too many dance pole variants and accessories but they make sure everything that comes out of their warehouses is made of top-tier materials that went through several tests to ensure it can withstand heavy use.

They also sell high-quality Lupit Pole Crash Mats here that will surely save you from injuries in case you slip off the pole.

About the Lupit Pole

All the crash mats from Lupit Pole measures 4ft and 11in in diameter.

They have 8cm and 12cm thickness options you can choose from which are both thicker than what other brands usually offer.

These sizes are sure to provide an additional layer of security to pole dancers.

Measuring barely 5ft, it covers a wider area around the pole, large enough to catch you in case you fall off the pole.

You can also perform your floor exercise without getting off the edge of the mat.

The mat as a whole is made of top-quality materials that passed rigorous testing.

It also passed the inspection of various certifying committees to ensure product excellence.

It’s made of very dense foam to withstand repeated use.

The foam core is covered with synthetic leather and water-resistant PVC coating to prevent sweat or any liquid from damaging the mat’s internal structure.

It’s compatible with any pole size, whether it’s 40mm, 45mm, or 50mm.

The underside of the crash mat is made of anti-slip fabric to make sure it doesn’t move around during use.

The Lupit Pole Crash Mat has a foldable design for quick setup.

It allows the whole 5ft of foam to be reduced into a quarter of its original size for easier storage.

Handles are stitched on the mat for optimized portability.

The crash mats are available in different colors and sizes.

You can choose between silver, black, and pink to match the theme of your dance floor.

lupit pole safety poleFeatures

  • A crash mat that measures 4ft and 11in in diameter
  • Thickness options: 8cm and 12cm
  • Made of high-grade materials built for prolonged use
  • Foldable design for compact storage and increased portability
  • Comes in a gorgeous-looking box

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Lupit Pole Crash Mats


The thickness of the crash mat is its main asset.

Knowing it’s made by Lupit Pole, users shouldn’t be surprised if they find the mat to be solidly constructed.

It also features a foldable design and stitched handles for easier storage and portability.

The mat also comes in a huge storage box that simply looks awesome.

You don’t need to worry about keeping the mat inside the cabinet because you can just place it inside the box and place it anywhere you want.

lupit pole crash mat reviewCons

The only disadvantage here is the price.

Lupit Pole mats are priced higher than other brands but that’s because the materials they use for their crash mats are topnotch.


The Lupit Pole Crash Mats are the top of the line in their class, providing superior quality that’s been proven by countless users already.

But to get the best in class, you have to pay quite a hefty sum.

I recommend this crash mat for professional pole dancers who need a heavy-duty product they can use for a long time, I also recommend these mats for beginners who need a solid safety mat.

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