Pole Dry Grip Aid Review

pole dry grip aid reviewPole dry grip aids are not exactly in the priority shopping lists of many pole dancers, but when safety starts to crop up, these products are immediately useful.

Grip aids are often used by pole dancers and athletes to manage sweating hands and in the process promote better grip and safety.

These are available in dry and liquid formulation, and one product that’s popular among pole dancers is the Pole Dry Grip manufactured and marketed as an all-organic and natural grip aid.

What is Pole Dry Grip

This type of dry and natural grip aid from Hoochy Koochy is primarily designed for pole dancers who are often challenged by sweaty hands.

Many dancers and aerial artists know that sweaty hands can be a problem when it comes to handling the pole confidently with the hindrance of excessive perspiration.

As mentioned earlier — Pole Dry Grip is all-natural and does not contain ingredients that are harsh on the skin unlike some other cheaper alternatives on the market.

After application of the product on the hands, you will instantly feel the smoothness of the hands, but you will notice that your grip on the pole will be drastically enhanced for control in your moves without slipping.

How to use it

You should shake the bottle well first, then apply a small amount on your hands, and spread it thinly on your hands.

Make sure you allow at least 30 seconds for it to rest before you start your exercise routine or it may start to rub off.


  • Available in 2-oz bottle
  • All-natural and organic
  • Made from natural products that will not harm skin
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be used in many parts of the body
  • Stops sweating when is applied

Pros and Cons of the Pole Dry Grip Aids


x stage x-poleThis solution from Hoochy Koochy is a wonderful product and can work for different needs and purposes when it comes to pole dancing and sports in general.

Although this is heavily advertised as a grip aid for pole dancers, it can also work for other high-intensity activities and workouts, provided you need to rely on your grip and hold.

Upon initial application of the gel, you can easily feel your hands remain smooth – not greasy or sticky – compared to what you can get with other grip aid rubs and gels.

I suggest that you use this gel for your pole performances or when training.

Also, it comes with an apple and cranberry scent, which can be appealing to some people looking for a better smelling grip than the traditional alcohol smell you are probably used to with other grip aid products.


At $7.95 without shipping fees, some customers will find this gel a bit expensive when compared with other options.

But it’s worth the price if this product is used the right way.

In terms of grip and hold, applying the gel-based on the recommended amount will only give you ‘minimal strength’ hold and grip.

You will need to apply a larger amount of gel for you to experience a stronger grip and hold.

In some instances, its use will leave your hands flaky.

My Verdict

Pole Dry sells for $7.95, but it’s one of the best dry grip aids right now, thanks to its all-natural ingredients.

Expect a rub that will not irritate your skin and you provide you with a decent grip on the pole.

For high-intensity activities, we suggest that you apply the gel a number of times to get the best results.