Platinum Stages Dance Pole and Product Review

Platinum Stages is known for producing really heavy dance poles meant for frequent use.

To be honest, we really don’t recommend their products because of the bad experiences we had with them.

But that’s our personal take on their product and the poor performance may have been caused by just sheer bad luck.

Your experience may be different and we hope it will even be better than ours.

For the sake of fairness and equality, let’s proceed with the Platinum Stages review of their products.

A brief history

Platinum Stages is one of the known brands in the pole dancing community.

It has been around for over 13 years already, providing dance poles and accessories to consumers worldwide.

However, in 2014, they dissolved the company’s arm that develops proprietary dance poles for home use.

In 2015, they announced they’d stop selling poles targeting home users and instead focus on building commercial and competition dance poles.

They will just be a reseller of X-Pole dance poles to fill the gap in the home-use users.

Right now, they’re focused on manufacturing heavy-duty dance poles for competitions, clubs, and studios.

These poles are longer, heavier, and stronger to withstand wear and tear due to heavy use.

General specifications

Platinum Stages offers a lot of dance poles to suit your preference.

Platinum Stages Hanging Pole

This dance pole is specially built to be suspended from the ceiling.

The Hanging Pole is available only in 45mm diameter but it can support a whopping 1,000lbs of user weight.

The main poles are available in 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft lengths.

Extensions with lengths of 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, and 4ft are sold separately if you want to extend your dance pole further.

Using extensions, the longest pole you can get measures up to 13ft.

This model is available only in a stainless steel finish.

THE PLATINUM STAGE V4.0The Platinum Stage v4.0

This is their recommended model for use in events, dance studios, and almost anywhere you want to perform your pole dancing routine.

You can choose either the 1-piece or the 2-piece variant since both feature spinning and static functions in a single pole.

– (http://www.basicinvert78.com/types/spinning-dance-pole-learn-about-its-features/)
The 2-piece pole has a fixed height while the 1-piece pole gives you the option to customize its length.

The shortest available is 7ft and the longest reaches up to 10ft, with 1ft increments in between.

The poles are made of high-quality steel that can support up to 250lbs of user weight.

They’re available in 45mm and 50mm sizes.

You can have them in either stainless steel or polished brass finish.

The major feature of this dance pole model is the built-in stage which measures 4ft x 4ft x 1ft (L x W x H).

There are a lot of customization options for the stage.

For the stage’s surface material, you can choose to have black melamine, galvanized steel, high-durability white, or white frosted surface which allows light to pass through for added visuals.

You can also customize the look of the stage’s sides by having it covered with cloth or with frosted glass panels to allow black, white, LED, or strobe lights to pass through.

Customization for lighting kits, wheels, surfaces, and siding options require additional fees.

Platinum stages Glow Pole reviewPlatinum Glow Pole

Platinum Stages’ 2in-diameter Platinum Glow Pole has an acrylic shell reinforced with a metal rod.

It has LED lights situated both in the ceiling and floor mounts.

The lights can be set to emit only one color or allow it to flash a series of colors.

You can also set it to change in tune with the music.

The lights can be manipulated via a control box that’s attached to a cord from the pole.

The control box’s cord is 15ft long so you can put the box far from the pole to avoid distractions.

To install the pole, it requires 4 screws to be anchored into the ceiling and around 3-4 into the floor.

The shortest length you can purchase for this model stands at 69in.

You can have them customize it and adjust it an inch up to a max length of 120in.

You can alter the theme of its ceiling mount and change it to black or chrome color.

Extreme One Piece Super Poles

These models are completely non-invasive and removable.

They don’t require screws to be bolted in either your ceiling or floor because it uses pressure mounts to make the pole stable.

The wide ceiling mount provides better traction to help the bottom stabilize the pole better.

However, if you plan to put it on an angled ceiling, you need to use the vaulted mounts which need to be screwed in place.

The Extreme One Piece models are divided into two categories based on their lengths.

Poles that are over 10ft and 1in long can be customized and extended with one-inch increments up to 144in long.

For poles measuring under 10ft, you can customize the pole with one-inch decrements down to 74in.

All models measuring 10ft and up are available in 50mm, 45mm, and 40mm pole diameter sizes.

All of them are bottom loading which means the poles extend from the bottom to the top.

Bottom-loading poles under 10ft are also available in 50mm and 45mm sizes except for the 40mm which is only available in top-loading option.

Due to its thinness, it’s more stable if the ceiling mounts are bolted in place.

Each Extreme One Piece model features both spinning and static options in one pole.

All Extreme dance poles are available in stainless steel and brass finishes.

Competition Grade Permanent Poles

There are static and spinning variants for this model.

Both have ceiling and floor flanges included in the package with matching mounting screws so you won’t need to look for them separately.

Since these dance pole are made for competitions, they’re far longer than other models made for home and studio use.

They also both have larger weight limits to allow multiple users to use the same pole simultaneously.

Each model is available in 50mm, 45mm, and 40mm pole diameter sizes.

You can also choose between stainless steel and brass finishes for each variant.

Static variant

The static model requires 3 screws to be secured into the ceiling and another 3 into the floor.

Its length can be customized according to your ceiling height.

The shortest measure stands at 94in and one-inch increments are available until it reaches 288in.

Fraction measurements of an inch are also available to exactly fit the pole to your ceiling height.

Spinning variant

Unlike the static model, this one needs 4 screws to be bolted into the ceiling and 1 into the floor.

The length of spinning pole models can also be customized, starting from 90in to 144in in one-inch increments.

Make sure to provide fraction measurements to exactly fit the dance pole in your designated area.

This variant offers more color options for your ceiling mount.

Choose between black and nickel-plated colors for your top flange.

You can also choose to go for a standard base mount or a specialized studio floor plate which is more expensive.

Basic requirements

You should have at least a ceiling height of 7ft.

Platinum Stages offer 1-inch and fractional increments on their poles to perfectly fit your needs.

The maximum height the pole can reach is 13ft.

Some poles don’t require screws to be bolted into the floor and ceiling and some do.

If you have a vaulted or angled ceiling, you don’t have a choice but to secure the pole with screws to stabilize it.

Ask for help during installation as the poles are incredibly heavy.

You may have trouble maintaining it in a vertical position before you install the ceiling and floor mounts in place.

Available accessories

crash mat platinum stagesCrash safety mats The mat is made of non-toxic foam that’s 4in thick and 5ft wide to provide enough cushion between you and the floor.

The foam core is covered with heavy-duty vinyl that’s water-resistant and has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compounds.

It can easily be cleaned with mild soap or detergent.

You can choose between pink and black colors to match the mat with your dance pole’s theme.

Platinum Grip
This grip aid is specially made for stainless steel and brass finishes.

Its moisture-repelling formula is ideal for people with sweaty palms to provide them an improved grip on the pole.

It’s available in liquid form and can be bought in 1oz, 2oz, and 16oz bottles.

Extensions are usually offered before you place your order in their website.

If you still need to add more, they’re selling 1ft and 2ft extensions for 1-piece and 2-piece poles.

PLATINUM GRIP reviewMounts, plates, and screws
Vaulted and angled ceilings aren’t a problem for Platinum Stages dance poles.

Adapters and mounts are available to make your pole adapt to your designated area’s structure.

They also have kits to convert your current pole into a removable or spinning one.

Lights and club equipment
Platinum Stages offer a huge collection of LED lights, spotlights, beams, disco balls, projectors, lamps, and fog machines specifically built for dance performances.

Mix and match them to enhance the impact of your act.

They also sell console boards to let you control the lights and other effects on your performance.

Stage paraphernalia
Stage surfaces, skirts, and sidings are available if you decide to renovate the look of the stage of your Platinum Stage v4.0 dance pole.

Bags and wheeled carriages are also sold separately if you ever lose the ones included in the package.

Matching it with your style
Most of Platinum Stages’ dance poles are available in 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm sizes.

They vary in length and usually have stainless steel and brass finishes for all their dance poles.

The floor and ceiling mounts can be customized, letting you choose from colored and polished options.

The Platinum Stage v4.0 and the Glow Pole offer the greatest aesthetic impact to your performance.

The lights can be customized to give the desired effect to your routine.

Remember, though, that using excessive effects can also work against your performance so make sure every element matches your whole routine.

Pricing and delivery

Since they’re making poles specially built for competitions, studios, and professional entertainment, you should expect their dance poles to be quite expensive.

The cheapest available on their official site is the Competition Grade Stationary Static Permanent Pole which is priced at $250.

The most expensive is the Hanging Pole which costs around $800.

Depending on the length of the pole, the finish, the size, and other add-ons, prices can reach up to the thousands.

It takes around 7-10 business days to get your package the moment you place your order.

If you need to get it sooner, you can contact their hotline to arrange the delivery schedule.

They ship products worldwide via UPS courier service.

Customer support

Some customers reported that they had a poor experience with their support service because it was slow and barely responsive.

At the time of this review things could change, they have great poles so Its worth giving them a chance.

There’s still room for improvement and they can still regain the customers they lost.

They should focus on improving their support service given they don’t have the same positive reputation compared to competitors like Lil Mynx pole equipment, X-Pole dance poles, Lupit Pole products and MiPole.

Closing remarks

Platinum Stages offer heavy-duty dance poles made of quality materials and have a lot of accessories to complement the pole, a 100% must if you are looking to take your pole dancing to the next level with a quality pole.

Although the reputation of the customer service may turn people off, its worth to look into their products.

Thankfully, they have most of their poles on Amazon which does take the customers side if anything goes wrong.

So if you order through Amazon then you are SAFE from being disappointed.

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