What Is A Stripper Pole? – Ultimate Guide UPDATED 2024

There are many stripper poles available on the market and you are probably wondering which stripper pole of 2024 then there a many poles on the market and it can be challenging to find the best pole for your budget because they can get expensive.

If you are looking to take your pole dancing to the next level, then this in-depth dance pole guide will help choose the best dance pole for your budget, whether you are a beginner or intermediate dancer.

The market is littered with different quality poles from known manufacturers, there’s merchandise from small but reliable businesses and cheap imitations that are substandard which should be looked at carefully before purchasing, as these poles are not the safest and don’t offer any kind of product warranty or quality assurance.

Its better to spend the extra money to purchase from recognised pole brands that have proven reliable and provide excellent customer support on their products and service plus-sized dancers who want to get into the sport.

Pole Dance Fitness: The...
Pole Dance Fitness: The...
Pole Dance Fitness: The...
Pole Dance Fitness: The...

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Stripper Pole

Many pole dancers are faced with many dance poles and the whole thing can quickly become a confusing experience.

The trick is to know what you are looking for and the price of the stripper pole should come second and foremost you should expect to pay $200+ for a quality pole.

Below I have listed the best dance pole brands on the market and for good reason, they are trusted by professional pole dancers and teachers around the world.

They are used in clubs, venues, studios and competitions and this is why being cheap should be left behind.

Why a cheap stripper pole can be bad?

Its little known to many beginner pole dancers that safety should be the most important thing.

One topple to the floor could be the difference between a broken collar bone, a fractured arm to paralysis or even death.

Pole dance accidents can be serious and they should be treated as so, many cheapo dance poles consist of plastic parts holding them together should be avoided at all costs.

The dance poles you find on this page are made with quality steel that can hold a pole dancers weight without a big chance of falling over.

That said, installing your pole as illustrated in your install guide is very important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

I understand that new pole dancers who are interested in getting their own dance pole set up in their home is exciting, however, they should heed the warnings of staying way from cheap imitations and stick to the main stripper pole brands as you see below.

What Are The Best Stripper Poles?

We did everything any buyer will do after they bought an item, starting from unpacking the poles up to installing them.

We also tried several moves like inversions, spins, and climbs to test their durability and stability along with pole spins for a more intense stress test of the products.

We have separate articles to discuss pole and their company profiles in detail.

There are plenty of photos of each pole included in the articles as well as some commentary.

Below is a short recap of the fitness poles we’re recommending.

Pro-FitPro-fit 50mm Stripper pole

Notable features:

  • The two-piece pole that measures 50mm in diameter
  • Fits between 7’6B00S6YDYTG’ and 9ft of ceiling height
  • Package includes pole extensions
  • Detachable LED light adds flare to your performance
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250lbs

Spinning/Static: Features both spinning and static modes
Removable/Permanent/Semi-permanent: Removable

Pros and Cons:

Contrary to how it looks and weighs, the pole is very sturdy and can withstand heavy usage.

The only downside is the difficulty you may have when disassembling the pole.

The central joints tighten too well, making it hard to take the pole apart.

The LED light is a great add-on and it can be programmed to flash in tune with the rhythm of the music.

Shipping: Free shipping within the US
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MiPole Stripper Pole

It’s new in the market and is in competition with several products sitting in its price range.

Despite being a newcomer in the industry, we found the MiPole to be very tough and made of high-quality materials.

The manufacturer also offers admirable customer support.

We recommend this for those who are tight on budget.


  • High-quality equipment for a great price for beginners to professionals
  • A tight selection of poles with not many other option choices, which could be attributed to being a new company
  • East to follow install instructions
  • Ideal customer support when you need it

I love the Mipole and I wish it was available when I first started pole dancing because it’s affordable and has everything you need for a beginner pole dancer to get up and running.

We did a full Mipole review here


X Pole Stripper pole

This one rated very high in our reviews.

If you’re looking for a portable stripper pole that offers several expansions and other options, we recommend you take a look at this one.

X Pole has proven to be a great quality product and is considered an industry standard.

Pole dancers who like to practice at home preach X Pole as one of the number 1 competitors in the industry.

And for good reason, they are used in studios and competitions around the world.


  • Widely used in home studios
  • Sturdy design
  • Professional-grade parts that are built to last
  • Their flagship 45mm (Starter Kit) and 50mm fits all sizes and accommodates all weights
  • Their products are very easy to install and pack away.
  • X-pole have a great Great customer support line of contact
  • Also, X Pole has one of the best stage poles called the X Stage lite

X-Pole are the leaders in professional pole dancing equipment they have the worlds best products so if you are serious about taking your training to the next level then you want to read more on the X-Pole

The Original Lil' Mynx Dance Pole reviewLil Mynx

Lil’ Mynx poles are great value and have graced the halls of many clubs and pole dance studios around the nation.

They are least known but they offer great quality and customer support.

Lil’ Mynx is a middle of the road solution to those wanting a quality made fitness pole to set up in their home.

They have several variants you can choose from whether from different colors, sizes, spinning/static and perminant setups.

They have quick shipping and they provide exceptional customer support.


  • Known to be high-quality products
  • Provide all fitness pole models and types along with the essential accessories and expansions offered by the manufacturer
  • Ease of assembly and installation
  • Warranty coverage
  • Options for customizing the product
  • Quality of customer support the manufacturers offer
  • And some more info you may need to help you decide which one to buy

I love Lil’ Mynx because they have been producing amazing quality poles for years now and as pole dancer they have a solid product line a good.

We did a review here where you can see how these compare to other on the market.

Lupit Pole Dance Pole

Lupit it pole is a sport company based in Slovenia offing premium dance poles for the European and world markets.

They are like the X Pole of Europe and many people consider them in a league of their own.

Along with their poles, they offer essential stripper pole le accessories like crash mats, stage poles and variants of sizes and platforms for beginners and pro polers looking for the best in the business.

Premium quality comes with a hefty price tag and is the most expensive dance poles on the market.

You can be areas assured that if you are considering a Lupit Pole for your home then you priorities in order because they are best.

These poles are second to none the best in the business in regards to their sleek designs which gives the end-user plenty of options for color and options between pole sizes, portable or permanent.


  • High quality and solid designs for beginners to professionals
  • Comes in all sorts of styles and varieties
  • Easy to set up
  • A very good customer support line
  • They sell their products in the United States and Europe
  • Famous ambassadors promoting their products
  • Used in many dance studios and homes around the world
  • Easy to understand installation instructions

Lupit Pole is the cream le creme of poles and in my opinion, they are the best stripper pole, we use them in our pole dance studio, they have a great product line for both permanent and portable pole options and high-quality crash mats.

The only downside they come at a premium price stage but rest assured you are going to be in the best position of having a quality pole.

Check out Lupit Pole review here

Dance Poles Under $200

The following dance poles are cheaper than $200 have been chosen based on their price tag, quality and the number of positive reviews they received happy buyers.

They’ve arranged no particular order, Many of these poles have a good track record with the pole industry and offer great value for people on a budget.

You will even find that these are a combination of static, portable and spinning poles, check them out to see which is the best for your home setup.

The different price ranges exist for a reason to provide people in different budgets more options, but is there much difference in quality in the price?

MegaBrandMegabrand 45mm Professional Pole Kit

Notable features:

  • Two-piece pole measuring 45mm in diameter
  • Fits between 7.4ft up to 9ft of ceiling height
  • 125mm and 250mm pole extensions included in the package
  • Maximum weight capacity of 440lbs
  • Includes instructional video disc
  • Chrome finish
  • Spinning/Static: Features both spinning and static modes
  • Removable/Permanent/Semi-permanent: Removable

Pros and Cons:

The pole is very sturdy that it can handle up to 440lbs of loading weight.

It offers both static and spinning modes, making it a decent contender for beginners and experienced users alike.

It’s quick and easy to assemble.

However, after a few months of heavy use, you may find it’s getting harder to assemble due to the wear and tear of the joint threads.

You may find a gap that’s less than an inch in the area where the 2-piece stripper pole is adjoined.

This may scratch your hands or even catch a piece of clothing during use.

No products found.

Shipping: Free shipping within the US
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waccesWacces 45mm Pole Dance Kit

  • The two-piece pole that measures 45mm in diameter
  • The initial height of 7’4′ can be extended up to 9ft. The pole can be further extended up to 10ft by connecting it with separately sold extensions
  • 1x 125mm and 2x 250mm pole extensions included in the package
  • Spinning/Static: Has both spinning and stationary modes
  • Removable/Permanent/Semi-permanent: Removable

Pros and Cons:

Isolated cases have been reported wherein owners received the package with missing parts.

This was immediately resolved, though, by phoning the manufacturer to ship the remaining parts.

Also, the installation instructions included in the package can be quite confusing.

Aside from these issues, this stripper pole is a solid performer.

It’s very sturdy and one of the few poles that can be extended up to 10ft without sacrificing stability and pole strength.

Shipping: Free shipping within the US
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amzdealAmzdeal Portable 45mm Pole Dance Setup

  • The two-piece pole that measures 45mm in diameter
  • The initial height of 7’4′ can be extended up to 9ft
  • 125mm and 250mm pole extensions are included in the package
  • Maximum load of 440lbs
  • Chrome finish
  • Spinning/Static: Features both spinning and static modes
  • Removable/Permanent/Semi-permanent: Removable

Pros and Cons:

The pole offers both spinning and static modes and has a maximum load of 440lbs.

It’s also very easy to install, taking only a few minutes to completely disassemble and reassemble.

However, some users found rust on some parts of the stripper pole upon receiving their package.

This can compromise the pole’s integrity which is why you should immediately call the manufacturer to replace the rusting parts.

No products found.

Shipping: The product is available only in the US.

It can be delivered to certain states for free.

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XperienceXperience Formally Known as X-Dance 50mm Kit

  • The two-piece pole that measures 50mm in diameter
  • Fits between 7’4′ and 9ft of ceiling height
  • The package includes 125mm and 250mm pole extensions
  • installation instructions DVD included
  • Maximum load of 250lbs
  • Spinning/Static: Features both spinning and static modes
  • Removable/Permanent/Semi-permanent: Removable

Pros and Cons:

The pole’s strength and functions can be compared to more expensive poles on the market.

It’s also very easy to assemble, taking only around 10 minutes to fully set everything up.

You may have trouble using the spinning mode, though.

A few users said it made the pole unstable during use.

Shipping: Free shipping within the US
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gold xdance pole reviewX-Dance Dance Pole

Notable features:

  • The two-piece pole that measures 45mm in diameter
  • Fits between 7’4′ up to 9ft of ceiling height
  • The package includes 250mm and 125mm pole extensions
  • Comes with a DVD with installation instructions
  • Has a chrome finish
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250lbs
  • Spinning/Static: Features both spinning and static modes
  • Removable/Permanent/Semi-permanent: Removable

Pros and Cons:

For its price, it has features similar to the more expensive X-Pole.

It’s also very sturdy despite its cheap price.

They have excellent customer service which can immediately attend to your concerns.

Some buyers received a bent package and they reported it to the manufacturer.

The stripper pole was immediately replaced and the manufacturer even handled the shipping fee and other costs.

Shipping: $4.99 shipping fee
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Final Thoughts

As you probably know by now, some poles can be costly, especially if you are a are brand new and only know how to do a few elements then its best to attend a few more group pole dance classes before making the purchase.

That said, if you an intermediate or a professional looking for A-grade equipment then the cost is reasonable.

It should go without saying that you should do some homework before you buy a stripper pole, as you have probably seen on my site that we have reviewed a few good ones and many bad ones.

It is essential that you pick the right one for you.

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