Lil Mynx Dance Poles and Products – Updated Guide 2024

We’ve used several dance poles and have written reviews regarding their performance.

On this article, we’ll be giving a summary of what you can expect from Lil Mynx stripper poles.

A Brief History on Lil Mynx

Lil Mynx is well-known for providing quality dance poles for home use.

Pacific International Marketing and Promotions (P.I.M.P) started producing this line of dance pole back in 2002.

The company was founded by Randy and Lizz Blacker and they’re currently based in California.

Lil Mynx dance poles are available online and they ship their products almost anywhere in the world.

The company produces several types of stripper poles but they specialize in removable ones.

With prices ranging between S200-400, you can get standard stainless steel models or their deluxe pro poles with faux alligator casing that has all the accessories needed to easily set it up.

Their products are very reliable that they’re endorsed by renowned dancers like Fawnia Mondey-Dietrich, who’s a pioneer in the popularization of pole dancing, and Sheila Kelley of the S-Factor school.

General specifications

lil mynx company logo

Lil Mynx offers mostly removable poles, including friction fit and rotating types.

Their poles are available in stainless steel and powder-coated finishes, averaging around 9ft in height.

They also offer extension options to allow the pole to reach up to 10ft high.

The deluxe 2-piece pro pole comes with both friction pads and bolt-in ceiling mounts to give you full control on whether to bolt it in place or have it fully removable.

All poles are available in 45mm and 50mm sizes.

Basic requirements

First, you have to take a look at your flooring.

Do you have a carpet?

Or do you have laminated or tiled flooring?

Carpeted surfaces are perfect for Lil Mynx dance poles.

The carpet provides additional friction against the flooring, making the pole more stable.

It can also protect your pole from damaging your flooring.

If you have a tiled, laminated, or linoleum-covered floor, you need to avail anti-slip padding to put under the base of your stripper pole.

We’re requiring you to buy one to prevent accidents caused by slipping and also to protect your floor from damages.

Your ceiling height is a big factor in buying a dance pole.

Luckily, Lil Mynx offers customizations like pole cutting, free of extra charges.

Yep, you read it right.

They offer it for free as long as you tell them about it before you proceed with your order.

If you have a ceiling that’s less than 8ft high, you can avail this great service and let them cut it off for you.

However, they won’t do it if you request it after you purchase their poles.

Cutting the pole after it’s been made will damage some of the internal contrivances which may compromise your pole’s integrity.

Another good thing about Lil Mynx is that all their stripper fitness poles include a 1ft extension for added flexibility.

If your ceiling is 8.5ft high, you can adjust your 8ft pole to still fit in your house by using the extension included in the package.

If you previously have a 9ft ceiling and you renovated your home and now have a 10ft ceiling, you won’t need to buy a new pole because you can just extend your Lil Mynx removable pole to reach the new height.

The 8ft pro pole can even be extended further by purchasing another 1ft extender to fit it in a 10ft ceiling.

This just shows how flexible Lil Mynx poles can be.

To avoid any problems, always check the dimensions of the place where you’ll install the dance pole, especially the height.

If you’re still unsure about what to buy, you can send an email to Randy and Lizz, or give them a quick call to ask for assistance.

We assure you they’ll be more than willing to help out.

Installing your Lil Mynx dance poles

Lil Mynx poles offer two mounting options you can choose from.

There’s the bolt-in ceiling mount for a semi-permanent solution and there’s the friction pad mounting option built for portability.

All of Lil Mynx’s 1-piece stripper poles use the bolt-in ceiling mount for installation.

A single bolt is required to be screwed into a beam in the ceiling.

This is where the mount and the pole itself will be latched to for support.

The poles are really easy to install and all the details, including the size of the drill bit to use, are listed for a fool-proof fitting.

Drilling holes in the ceiling may be tricky for those who are just renting an apartment or a house.

This shouldn’t be a problem because the hole the pole installation leaves is fairly small and can easily be covered with a little amount of spackle.

It’s just like covering a hole you made by nailing your picture on the wall.

The 2-piece deluxe pro pole offers more flexible installation options.

It comes with both a bolt-in ceiling mount and a friction pad.

The friction pad allows you to easily move the pole around your house anytime and anywhere you want.

If you want to use the friction pads, make sure you install it under a stud in the ceiling because this beam can better withstand the pressure exerted by the dance pole.

The bolt-in ceiling offers a more stable solution and can handle heavier loads.

The friction pad option offers more freedom in pole placement but is less secure than its bolt-in counterpart.

Available accessories

Aside from fitness poles, Lil Mynx also offers various accessories that may help you in your pole dancing exercises.

Some of these are:

lil mynx pole fitness training glovesTraining gloves

They have the ‘tack’ and ‘no tack’ variants which may help in improving your grip on the pole.

It may also help you avoid pole burns and solve the dilemma of those who have sweaty palms

Ankle protection

Ankle protectors function like training gloves which you can use to increase grip on the pole.

These also help reduce bruising and pole burns on your ankles.

No products found.

Pole Apparel

They offer tank tops, cap sleeves, boy shorts, and hats to name a few.

They provide clothing for both men and women pole dancers.

Grip aids

Mighty Grip Grip aid comes in powder form and can be placed on your skin to increase your grip on the pole, reducing the chances of slipping.

It works well on many pole finishes.

lil mynx pole mountsVaulted ceiling mounts

These help in fitting your pole on angled ceilings to maintain their stability

Replacement parts

Lil Mynx offers replacement feet and screws, couplings, base plates, and aluminium bases for all their removable dance poles

Matching it with your style

Lil Mynx not only provides quality products but they also give importance to their customers’ taste.

They’re one of the few, if not the only one, that offer Lil’ Mynx dance poles in a wide variety of colors.

The 1-piece and 2-piece sets are available in red, pink, black, and standard stainless steel colors.

If you plan to get the Lil Mynx rotating pole also known at the rotator spinning pole, rest assured you’re getting more than what you’ll pay for.

That’s because by just tweaking a simple locking pin, you can convert it to a stationary pole.

You’ll basically own a 2-in-1 dance pole.

The standard pole size used by many gyms and dance studios measure around 2in (50mm) in diameter.

But if you’re having grip problems because you have baby hands, Lil Mynx offers 1.75in (45mm) poles which you can grasp easier and enable you to successfully execute climbing tricks and spin moves.

All Lil Mynx fitness poles ‘ stationary, rotating, 1-piece, and 2-piece sets ‘ can be purchased in 45mm and 50mm sizes.

If by any chance, you own a ski boat and you want to have some pole dancing party aboard it, Lil Mynx has their exclusive wake poles at your disposal.

They can customize the cut of the dance pole to perfectly fit your yacht.

They also have many angled mounts available to help them fit the poles in most boats.

Lil Mynx also offers this wake fitness pole in their 2-piece variant which is portable and can easily be assembled/disassembled on your boat.

The wake poles are also available in the same colored, powder-coated finish as that of the standard 1-piece and 2-piece sets mentioned above.

lil mynx pole casesCompactness

We’ve reviewed many dance poles and we can affirm that Lil Mynx’s poles are some of the most portable and flexible ones.

First, they have the 2-piece pro model which can be taken apart and stored in a fashionable alligator case to easily carry it anywhere you want.

Moreover, the kit already has the bolt-in mount, friction pads, a set of floor pads necessary for mounting the pole on hard flooring, a ceiling beam finder, a tape measure, a grip ring to easily tighten the stripper pole in place, and all other hardware needed for its assembly.

Second, with all these items inside one suitcase, you might think it’ll be heavy.

Let us assure you that it’s not.

In fact, it’s light enough for women to carry.

Unlike other portable dance poles like the Platinum Stages, Lil Mynx’s is way lighter but still very durable.

Lastly, the 2-piece pole is very simple and quick to assemble.

Just connect the two rods together, put the friction pads on the bases, and voila! You can now do your pole dancing routine in an instant.

The 1-piece model is not very portable because of its semi-permanent nature.

However, if you’ve installed several brackets in your area, you can easily move the pole around.

Pricing and delivery

The prices of Lil Mynx poles stand in the middle ground, ranging from $199 up to $399.

The cheapest they offer is their 8ft 1-piece model which costs barely $200.

Their spinning pole model of the same height, which you can have in a variety of colors, costs around $250.

The regular 1-piece stationary model, standing at 9ft and with a stainless steel finish, costs around $250 as well.

The rotating variants are a little more expensive at $300.

Their Deluxe 2-piece Pro Pole model is the most costly in their products, priced at $399.

It’s quite expensive but if you’re always on the go, you’ll be able to fully utilize its portability and ease of assembly.

You can order almost all poles in the petite size (45mm) free of charge.

However, if you want to get that size on a 2-piece Pro Pole, you may need to pay the extra charges.

Height and size adjustments can cost as little as $20 which is really not much for the product’s overall value.

Shipping fees are more volatile and may change through time.

If you have doubts, you can simply call Lil Mynx or visit their official page to get an updated pricing list.

They ship their products almost anywhere in the world through FedEx.

However, since they’re based in California, you may find fees to be a lot steeper if you’re shipping it outside Canada and the US.

Shipment usually arrives in a week or two, depending on your shipping options and distance from the US.

Customer Support

Lil Mynx dance poles usually have a 1-year warranty coverage, but maybe cut to as short as 30 days if they’re used in gyms, dance studios, or rental purposes.

Their customer service is top-notch and they’re more than happy to answer any of your queries.

They really invest in their relationship with customers, sometimes even going beyond the expected.

We had this experience where they even sent some replacements parts when we told them that we experienced some issues while using their stripper pole, and past the set warranty period at that!

Closing remarks

Are you looking for a lightweight, easy to install, and portable dance pole but haven’t decided yet if you want a stationary or rotating one?

Are you playful with colors and want to have your fitness pole meld with your theme?

Do you want a pole that fits in almost any ceiling height without having to buy so many add-ons?

Is quality after-sales support a big factor for you?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then Lil Mynx dance poles are the exact fit for your needs.

We’ve discussed in general the things you need to know about Lil Mynx’s products.

They’re one of the most trusted brands in the pole dancing community because they provide quality products, several accessories, lots of options for pole finishes and mountings, and exceptional customer service.

There’s nothing you won’t love about them.