Mipole Dance Poles and Products Review – Still Worth it in 2024?

MiPole is one of the most trusted brands in the pole dancing community but has anything changed in 2024.

In fact, they’ve built amazing dance poles around the $160 price range for a solid dance pole.

You may be curious, and also dubious on what makes them trustworthy considering the price of their dance pole.

For your peace of mind, let’s get down to the details of what makes MiPole special.

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A Brief History

mipole company reviewVSI International is the manufacturer of the MiPole line of fitness poles.

The pole’s design and specifications have been developed in the United States by a group of experts specializing in the formulation of medical apparatuses.

The manufacturing and distribution are outsourced to China.

Despite being relatively new in the market, they’ve cemented their reputation in the pole dancing community by providing cheap but high-quality dance poles.

They produce only one model priced at $169.

Their notoriety at this sweet spot makes them very hard to beat even by bigger veteran players in the field.

General specifications

MiPole’s dance poles are straightforward.

Their 2-piece pole can fit ceiling heights sitting between 7’6′ and 9ft.

It originally stands at 7ft and 6in but you can extend it up to 9ft using the 6in and 12in extension parts included in the package.

The fitness poles are available in 50mm size only.

The pole is made of high-grade steel, accurately machined metallic parts, and a handful of hard, molded plastic, all of which have been thoroughly tested to withstand heavy loads.

The pole can hold up to 250lbs of load.

The friction mounts on both ends are stable enough to handle any dance move you can think of.

It weighs only around 18lbs when everything is packed in the lightweight nylon carry case included in the package.

The shipped package weighs around 22lbs, though.

Unlike other pole brands, the MiPole powder-coated stainless stripper poles are available only in chrome finish.

Basic requirements

Unlike other brands that have many requirements, all you need to have for MiPole is a room spacious enough for you to freely execute all your moves and a ceiling that’s at least 7ft and 6in high.

The ceiling should also be smooth and should have a stud on it to ensure the pole’s stability.

MiPole doesn’t offer any solution for vaulted and angled ceilings because they’re using friction pads on their dance poles.

Screws and brackets are not part of their arsenal, so better look for other brands if you need to affix your dance pole to these types of locations.

You can extend the pole up to 9ft only.

If you have a higher ceiling than this, you won’t be able to use the MiPole either.

It may be restrictive but VSI believes they’re doing it for your own safety.

In fact, they’re not really recommending you to extend their pole up to 9ft because this will weaken the stability of the pole.

mipole dance pole reviewsInstalling your pole

MiPole stripper poles only use friction pads for mounting.

The rubber cushions placed under the ceiling and floor mounts ensure the pole’s security and stability.

They’re also flexible so they won’t damage and leave marks on either your ceiling or flooring.

However, textured ceilings may sustain some damage from the friction pads.

The textured material might get scratched or even sustain permanent damage that’s too obvious to be ignored.

Any dance pole (not only MiPole) using friction pads may do this to your ceiling finish.

Also, placing the pole on a textured ceiling may affect the stability of the pole because the friction pads have less surface area to interact with.

Acoustic tile fittings and dropped ceilings are also not suitable for fitness poles.

These are very lightweight panels that won’t be able to handle the pressure exerted by the pole.

Take note that friction-mounted stripper poles require a stud or a beam in the ceiling for installation.

The surface needs to be smooth and flat too.

This ensures the friction pads are able to exert more pressure on a larger surface area and make the pole ‘stick’ more to the ceiling.

All these requirements will create a solid support that will hold the dance pole firmly in place.

The 2-piece fitness pole has a threaded shaft for easier height adjustment.

The pole has a lock-nut that prevents it from loosening during use.

A customized tightening tool is included in the package for easier assembly.

The pole’s original length is about 7ft and 6in.

if you have a higher ceiling, you can use the 6in and 12in chrome-plated steel extensions to extend your pole’s reach up to 9ft.

The pole itself can handle heavy loads of up to 250lbs, but improper installation won’t allow you to maximize its capabilities.

Make sure you follow the instructions on how to properly install your dance pole and take every precautionary measure you need before you use it.

This is the only way you can do to greatly reduce chances of injuries and accidents.

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Customize with colors

A 50mm stationery, friction-mounted dance pole that has a stainless steel finish ‘ that’s what MiPole has to offer.

MiPole doesn’t offer anything fancy like other pole brands do.

They don’t offer different colors, finishes, pole type, or even size.

You may think this is a poor move for MiPole, but on the contrary, this decision makes them very competitive in their price range.

Having only one product to focus all their attention on enables them to produce more of this for the market.

They only have one model to cover with warranty services and fewer problems to deal with.

They sacrificed variety for stability and assurance in quality.

They offer the market only one choice but they do it exceptionally well.


All MiPole stripper poles are shipped with carrying cases for improved portability.

The carry case has several compartments where parts can be stashed separately.

This prevents the parts from scratching and damaging each other when they’re being transported.

The dance poles are light enough to be carried by a woman who has a petite frame.

The case also has both shoulder and hand-carry straps.

The bag is spacious enough to hold a few more accessories you want to put in it.

Just make sure to cover them with a cloth to avoid scratching the pole inside.

Available accessories

Replacement parts

MiPole offers inexpensive spare parts you can purchase anytime to fix your dance pole.

They’re selling the following parts and accessories at their official website:

  • Carry case
  • Screw for a threaded rod
  • 6in and 12in extensions
  • Connector piece
  • Pole cover
  • Separately sold top and/or bottom parts of their 2-piece dance pole
  • Threaded rod with lock-nut
  • Top mount
  • Customized tightening tool

mipole glovesDance gloves

MiPole has its own ‘tack’ gloves designed to get you a better grip on the dance pole.

These gloves may help you maintain your grip while doing spin and climb moves.


Cleaner combo pack

The pack includes a 4oz Wipe Me Down bottle created by Prince Sterling Lab.

LLC to preserve the finish of your stripper pole.

It’s specially formulated to remove grime, oil, dirt, sweat, creams, and any residue that have accumulated on the fitness pole from daily use.

A 16in x 16in microfiber cloth is also included in the package.

Each item is also sold separately if you need only one of them.


mipole grip powderGrip Aids

Their proprietary product, the Mighty Grip, is an odorless and colorless powder that enhances your grip on the pole.

It can be applied to your hands, thighs, ankles, legs, or any part of your body that will have direct contact with the pole.

The product is heat-activated, meaning it is best applied after you’re done with stretching and pole warm-ups.

Your hands and body should have generated enough heat by then to allow the product to fully take effect before you do your routine.

It’s recommended for beginners who are having difficulties doing climbs and inversions.

Professional dancers can also benefit from the increased grip the product provides, making spins and other complicated moves easier to execute.

The Mighty Grip provides another layer of security by ensuring you won’t easily fall off the pole due to slipping.

It comes in a 4oz bottle enough for over a hundred applications.


LED lights

mipole ledMiPole might be the only company which provides this kind of accessory for their dance poles.

The LED lights are sure to spice up the act, adding flavor and entertainment value to your pole dancing routine.

It’s powered by 3x AAA batteries, meaning there are no hanging electrical cords which you need to plug into a wall socket.

It’s also safer this way since it saves you from electrocution accidents.

The use of LED lights in this device is a perfect choice because they have low power consumption, emit bright lights, and have a longer life compared to other lighting solutions.

You can choose to have the LED lights on to create a steady beam of colors or have them flicker to the beat of the music and begin the party!

It’s also easy to install.

Just slip it around your pole, slightly tighten its rubber grip around the pole, and slide it up just below the ceiling mount before securing it in place.

You now just have to turn it on to begin the celebration!

MiPole doesn’t require you to have their stripper pole to use this accessory.

The LED lights can fit perfectly around 45mm and 50mm dance poles whether they’re fixed or removable types.

It’s also very portable that you can even pack it inside the carry case together with the whole dance pole.

You can bring it anywhere you want like parties, events, or any gathering you can think of.

It creates a very inviting aura around the fitness pole that even those who don’t know anything about pole dancing will give a shot at the dance floor.

Pricing and delivery

MiPole’s one and only dance pole is currently priced at $169.

It seems too good to be true, right?

Imagine this scenario: you have this restaurant that serves the same breakfast meal every day.

You can’t adjust how your eggs are cooked, but you get what you need for a very affordable price.

Guess what?

Even if they serve the same thing over and over, people come back to them every day because they serve things right.

This is how MiPole does its business.

They give you only one product but they do it very well.

If you want to have more options, you go for another pricier brand that gives you the right to be choosy.

VSI is able to put this price tag on their pole because they don’t spend anything on advertisements.

They just focus on what they do and let people spread the word about their products.

This saves them a lot of money which they can just use to further improve their dance poles.

Another factor that allows them to maintain its affordable price is their low manufacturing costs.

From development to packaging, everything is done in China which is renowned for having one of the lowest labor costs in the world.

You may be worried about the quality because China is also known for releasing substandard products.

VSI oversees production to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the operation.

As a result, their products are almost on par with other fitness pole brands manufactured in the US.

They also wouldn’t get this far and infamous if they’re selling poor products, anyway.

Having a manufacturing site in China and a warehouse in the US works really well for them.

They can ship to any country and send packages from whichever of the two locations you’re closer to.

US customers may be charged as little as $20 for shipping fees.

You can request a free quote to gauge how much shipping charges will cost you.

We recommend that you do this s

o you won’t get surprised with the amount you have to pay to receive your stripper pole.

Orders usually arrive within the week, or around 2-5 working days, after you’ve placed your order.

The confirmation receipt and tracking information are also sent to customers within the day.

Customer Support

VSI is very certain of the quality of their products.

We weren’t able to find any detail on the duration of their warranty service, but they offer free parts replacement if you find any manufacturing defect on their products.

However, the warranty is voided if you’ve damaged your pole due to improper use, handling, or installation.

You can just purchase replacement parts, like the wrench tool or a plastic connector, which VSI offers for very affordable prices.

If all else fails, just buy another dance pole.

It’s so affordable that the price of 2 MiPoles is almost the same as that of mid-high range dance poles from other brands.

MiPole also offers quality customer service.

They’re quick to respond to email queries and their response is very professional, friendly, and detail-oriented.

Sometimes, they even add useful tidbits regarding their products.

Overall, VSI reinforces their customer-centric stance to deliver not only quality products but also excellent customer service.

If you’re short on budget and you’re looking for a decent fitness pole you can use regularly, MiPole is the best option out there.

Overall quality

mipole 360 stripper poleWe’ve done reviews about X-Pole (http://www.basicinvert78.com/reviews/x-pole-xpert-45mm-dance-pole-review/) and Lil Mynx (read full review) but this is the first time we’ve created a special portion to tackle the quality of a dance pole.

We don’t want to be prejudiced but knowing the dance pole comes from China, many people will immediately have doubts about the quality, especially those who have tried products from this country.

We want to be fair and remove that kind of pre-judgment ourselves so we gave this one a try.

We ordered one ourselves and from the packaging alone, we’re already impressed.

Our shipment arrived within a week and everything’s securely wrapped in place.

The parts are placed separately in a compartmentalized box and everything is wrapped in bubble wrap to cushion it from possible damage from transporting it.

The floor and ceiling mounts, the tightening tool, and the carry case, along with a few accessories we ordered, are all securely fastened on the package.

They’re strapped so well you may think VSI doesn’t want you to remove them from the packaging and just force you to use it as is.

When we got out the package manual, we thought it would be poorly written in English.

To our surprise, it’s not.

Everything is properly written and the diagrams are straightforward and very easy to follow.

We then checked if every part we need is there.

We also gave each one a quick inspection for defects or damages.

We first checked the friction pads on the ceiling and floor mounts.

The stability of the whole fitness pole depends on the efficiency of these parts, making them very vital.

The pads are firm and dense, yet soft enough to be squeezed between the ceiling/floor and the mounts.

The mounts can be easily removed and reattached, with the floor mount having only 3 Allen screws connecting it to the pole.

An Allen screwdriver is also included in the package so you won’t have to buy and look for the right size to fit the screws.

You can also just leave the mounts on the pole and store them in the carry case if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to screw and unscrew everything.

The 2-piece pole is quite light but it’s sturdy enough to withstand your weight.

These parts are screwed together to make the whole length of the pole.

We had a hard time combining the parts together as the screws were hard.

But this just means they tightly fit together and won’t loosen easily.

A light spray with a lubricant like WD-40 made things easier for us.

Now that we’ve affixed the 2 parts together, it’s time to gauge the ceiling height.

We only used one of the extension tubes and attached it to the pole using the included plastic connectors.

Having just read there’s a plastic part may have already killed your interest in this fitness pole, but allow us to say a thing or two first.

The plastic parts aren’t made of cheap materials you see in toys.

These are high-quality hard plastic able to withstand loads of up to 250lbs.

Their rigid design reinforces their overall structural integrity, making the pole strong enough to see eye-to-eye with its counterparts from Lil Mynx and X-Pole.

VSI won’t dare release substandard parts in the market.

Remember they only have this product to rely on.

If they get a lot of bad rep on this one, they’ll be bankrupt by now.

You may see some imperfections in the area where the two parts of the pole are connected.

They’re fine and won’t affect the stability of the dance pole in any way.

Besides, once you combine the two parts together, they’ll be barely noticeable.

On the shipment we got, we also found the edges of the poles quite uneven.

The tubing inside is perfectly fine but when we combined the 2 parts together, we felt some unevenness around the middle area.

It didn’t affect the performance of the pole, though, but for those who are very meticulous, this may be quite disturbing for them to touch.

Despite this jaggedness, we didn’t have any problems with the stripper pole.

It worked perfectly fine and this imperfection became negligible.

We found no scratches or any sign of injury on our skin when we tried it out, unlike our experience with the Platinum Stages dance pole where we got some scratches because of poorly polished seams.

If you’re unlucky, you may get something that’s quite rough and it will really inflict scratches on your skin.

We’re not talking about MiPole alone, but any brand may have this roughness on their products from time to time.

In case you encounter one, you may just report it to the manufacturer and have them replace it or you can just use a metal file to smoothen out the edges.

Now that we’ve attached the 2 parts together, we put the ceiling and floor mounts in place.

The fitness pole is light enough for you to put it in an upright position alone if you’re wondering about its weight.

We had a problem with one pole brand because the pole’s so heavy we had to get other staff to help us put it up.

We didn’t experience any of that with MiPole.

Make sure the pole is perpendicular to your floor and ceiling.

We recommend you use a level ruler on both ends to ensure the dance pole really stands at 90′ from your floor and ceiling.

After we’ve ensured the pole is standing real straight, we adjusted the mounts to secure the pole in place.

We tightened the mounts in place using the tightening tool included in the package.

Near the edges of the pole, we found slots specially made for the tightening tool to fit in, giving us nice leverage to lock the mounts in place after a few spins.

We extended the base mount until it’s tightly wedged in place.

Now that everything is in place, we’re down to the last step in assembling the pole.

All we need to do now is slide down the base cover to hide the gears near the base of the pole.

The cover itself is also made of hard plastic so rest assured it is solid enough to withstand accidental kicks.

The base cover comes in a dark greyish color that’s subtly different from the chrome finish of the whole pole.

Making it noticeable is a nice idea because you’ll know which area on the pole isn’t made for executing dance moves.

Some poles have this area chrome-coated which easily peels off because the coating is not meant for plastic.

After we’ve assembled everything, it’s just waiting for us to try it out.

We did some inversions, spins, climbs, and other load-testing tricks to test the pole’s stability.

It passed our expectations with flying colors.

Out of curiosity, we brought out our Platinum Stages dance pole to compare it with the MiPole.

We found out that the pole of the Platinum Stages is thicker compared to MiPole which is the reason why it’s much heavier than other poles we’ve tried.

We also brought out our Lil Mynx fitness pole to compare the thickness of the tubing against other brands.

The MiPole has the thinnest core among all of them which explains why it’s lightweight.

Despite being thinner, we’re absolutely sure it can still withstand dancers weighing up to 250lbs.

MiPole has a team of engineers and scientists who definitely advised VSI on how thin they can mould their poles to withstand a certain amount of load.

Unless you weigh more than 250lbs, you’re good using MiPole dance poles.

Closing remarks

We really liked the fact that we were able to assemble the whole package single-handedly (we had one of our staff do this alone).

It’s lightweight and you can pack everything in a single, portable carry case, making it easier to bring anywhere you need to.

MiPole also offers accessories to suit your needs.

Their LED lights add-on is an ingenious expansion to their line of products.

The fact that you can use them too on other pole brands is a great plus.

However, people may feel MiPole is a bit restrictive by not providing mounts to fit the pole on vaulted and angled ceilings.

Their dance pole only uses friction pads because their aim really is portability while maintaining stability.

For its price, it really is hard to match even by other more renowned brands.

The closest one we can find is the Affordable No Brand Pole which sits in the same price range and is served in vanilla flavour just like MiPole’s stripper poles.

MiPole is a saving grace from people’s distrust over products made in China.

That being said, the quality of their dance poles are on par with other brands who have their poles manufactured elsewhere.

All in all, MiPole is probably the best solution for those who want to get a quality stripper pole that’s inexpensive and very reliable in terms of stability and strength.

It’s great for general use and is the best bang for the buck, especially for beginners who are on a budget but wants to have a sturdy fitness pole they can practice their routine with.


We just found out after visiting their official website that VSI has released a new stripper pole called ‘360 Professional Spinning Dance Pole‘.

It has everything the original MiPole dance pole has to offer ‘ height, size, finish, accessories, and extension ‘ with the addition of a rotating pole option.

You can easily switch to either the original stationary fitness pole or the new spinning option by just tweaking something on the pole’s base.

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