MiPole 360 Professional Spinning Dance Pole Review

MiPole is a trusted brand in the pole dancing industry.

They offer amazing quality poles for a fraction of the price in comparison to other high-end dance poles for beginner to professional pole dancers.

They are reasonably priced in the low end of the $200 price range which is ideal for dancers who are looking for a reliable and a budgeted dance pole.

The MiPole 360 is a professional pole that’s easy to assemble and highly portable, allowing you to bring and set it up anywhere you want.

It works great for both beginners and advanced pole dancers.

The MiPole 360 uses the same design as other MiPole products with the addition of a spinning mode.

The flexibility to choose between spin and lock modes is the main advantage of this model over its predecessors.

You can easily switch between the modes by adjusting a mechanism in the base mount.

It’s up to you to select which mode best suits your moves and tricks.

mipole 360

The 50mm stripper pole fits in areas with a minimum ceiling height of 7ft and 4in.

Extensions are also included in the package to allow you to extend the length to up to 9ft.

It’s very easy to set up, allowing you to assemble it alone without the need for an extra hand or any other tools.

No mounts are needed to be screwed into the ceiling.

The pole uses pressure and friction to maintain the stability of the pole.

The pole is very sturdy and can hold up to 250lbs of user weight.

You can easily perform any trick you can think of without worrying about the pole’s stability and strength.

The package includes the MiPole dance pole, customized assembly tool, an instructional booklet, and a carry bag where you can put all the pieces together for easier transport.

MiPole gloves are also included in the package and you can choose which size (small, medium, or large) to receive.

The MiPole 360 comes in a chrome finish which is the standard used in worldwide competitions.


  • 50mm dance pole with chrome finish
  • Spinning and Static pole options
  • Fits between 7’4′ and 9ft ceiling heights
  • Multi-piece pole for increased portability
  • Offers both spinning and static options
  • Strengthened pole to withstand up to 250lbs of load

Pros and Cons

mipole 360 dance pole reviewPros

Similar to other stripper poles from MiPole, its price is the strongest feature of this dance pole.

It’s sold for less than $200 which is a sweet spot for many users who are looking for a dance pole that won’t suck their pockets dry.

Add to that the feature of having both spinning and static options in one pole and you have a product that offers great value for money.

The MiPole 360 is easy to assemble and everything you need to set it up is included in the package.

It also has a carry case where all the pole pieces can fit in so you can set it up anywhere you want.


MiPole doesn’t have mounting solutions for angled or vaulted ceilings.

The friction pads are also not meant to be screwed into the ceiling or floor.

Aside from that, we can’t find anything lacking or bad about this dance pole.


  • Is it okay to install the MiPole dance pole on a plaster or textured ceiling?
    You can but the friction pads may damage the finishing of your ceiling. Remember the pole exerts pressure on both the ceiling and the floor so make sure there’s a stud or beam on the part of the ceiling where you want to set up the pole.
  • Can I install it on a popcorn ceiling?
    No. This type of ceiling doesn’t have a stud to support the stripper pole.


The MiPole 360 dance pole is a solid piece of product that’s ideal for those who are on a tight budget.

Based on MiPole’s official website, the MiPole 360 is valued at $190 which is more or less 50% cheaper than fitness poles from competing brands and offers great value for money for the beginner to advanced pole dancers

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