Best Ankle Protectors For Dancers – The Ultimate Guide 2022

The hot button topic that many pole dancers ask is, what is the best ankle protectors for aerial dance and pole dance in 2022?

Elements like a simple pole climb work based on the applied friction on from your thighs and the top of the foot and ankles. But it can feel like the sensitive part of your skin is been grazed off with every movement you make.

A simple climb can leave you with open grazes from the pole rubbing on the same spot with friction. It feels similar to burns, and the worst part about it is that they leave behind big scabs that can take weeks to properly heal over.

So if you want to save your ankles and the top sensitive layers of skin on your feet from the feeling like they are being burned or, ripped off every time you climb. So here are some of the best ankle and feet protectors on the internet that you should read today.

And just like knee pads are for bruises, wrist support for sore wrists and grip products for sweaty hands. Ankle protectors like this can help you progress quickly because you avoid many common injuries that need to take time to heal once the damage is already done.

Common Types of Ankle Protectors

Lace-Up Ankle Braces – Lace ankle braces are commonly used by serious athletes and is not a “one size fits all” solution, instead, Lace ankle braces can be adjusted by tightness on both ends of the foot which allows a multitude of different support levels and reduces the chance for ankle injuries commonly seen in pole dance. That said, they do not include the TAC grip on the outer side of the brace, which is not ideal for pole climbs.

Rigid Ankle Braces – As the name suggests, Rigid ankle braces restrict the movement side-to-side movement to stop sprains and rolling your ankle. It has a hard outer shell to help with its rigidity and helps establish your ankle, but this type of ankle brace is not ideal for pole dancing and is used for applications for hiking and walking.

Soft Ankle Braces – soft angle braces are very common in medical stores. Their sock-like design provides moderate support that is also known as ankle sleeves, and while they may seem useful for pole dancing, unfortunately, they don’t give you any grip on the feet for the pole which makes it useless for pole climbs

What’s The Best Ankle Protectors For Pole Dancing

Mighty Grip:

These are the most reliable ankle protectors for dancers who need a grip on the pole. Thanks to the mighty grip tac design you have a grip layer situated on the top part of the foot and ankle where your feet make contact with the pole and it can improve your grip on the pole for simple pole climbs and other elements without being in constant pain.

The Mighty Grip tac protectors are fairly priced and will last you a few years before you will need to get new ones. However, if you don’t mind spending $30 to fix the problem with painful friction burns on the ankles and feet then you are going to love this product like so many other pole dancers do.

They are known for their Chalk grip cream, so naturally, they have a great reputation in the industry for making quality grip aid products for pole dancers and aerial artists.

Problems with sweating feet?

Having a good grip on the pole can be limited by sweat which can cause you to slip and slide off the pole. The Mighty grip ankle protectors help with ankle and foot grip where if you sweat. Check out the ankle protectors from Mighty Grip with tac and it helps against any kind of sweaty feet and ankles.


There’s not much choice for ankle protectors for pole dancers, yet Mighty grip are known for their quality pole grip products and that’s why I would recommend them for other aerial arts such as aerial hoop, pole and anything else that requires you to hold your grip with your feet.

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