Mighty Grip Formula for Pole Dancing in Cold Climates Review

Mighty Grip Special Formula for Pole Dancing If you find that you are slipping on the pole every time you pole dance then you are up against a very common problem that has a simple solution.

Grip aids are used in many different sports especially in pole dancing

The most popular option out in the market is liquid solution or chalk, one that is simply applied and rubbed on the hands to generate the necessary grip and friction against the pole.

There are many gripping solutions that currently dominating the market, and these are available in different strengths to meet varying sporting and outdoor purposes.

Another type of gripping formulation that also work wonders is a gripping formula that comes in powder form.

The Special Formula from Mighty grip lotion is a leading product in this category, and this powder formulation is specially designed for cold climates.

This Special Formula for Pole Dancing made by Mighty Grip comes in its famous powdery form and designed to help aerialists and pole dancers with sweaty hands.

This easy-to-use powder is available in bottles each containing 7 grams.

As an easy-to-use powder, you can apply it to your clean hands just before doing your warm-up without risking it making a mess.



  • Available in a 7-gram bottle
  • Does not contain talc
  • Best used after for pole dancing and other sports indoor/outdoor
  • Easy to apply and quick to work
  • The powder can be easily washed off using water and soap

Pros and Cons of the Mighty Grip Formula


  • Customers have reported that making the switch from the liquid formulation to a powder product was strange, most users say that this special formulation from Mighty Grip clearly works the best.
  • Using the powder for the first time may give a slightly different feeling but once you are used to it, the power formulation becomes easier on the hands.
  • Handles sweat better than most other competitor products
  • This product also works well if used on cold poles, or in cold climates.


  • Mighty Grip is advertised to work on the hands and other parts of the body to enhance grip but based on actual reviews, some customers are finding its not so effective on other parts of the body.


Mighty Grip offers a different kind of gripping solution to the market thanks to its unique powder formulation.

Offered at $14.95 and available in a 7-gram packaging, Mighty Grips Formula is a great accessory for pole dancers who are looking for an effective product to use for their gripping needs.