Lil’ Mynx Rotator Dance Pole Polished Stainless Steel Review

Get more from your dance pole by ordering a Lil' Mynx Rotator stripper pole version alternatives can be found here, a unit made from polished stainless steel material.

Designed in a one-piece unit made from stainless steel, this product can be installed in rooms with 8 to 10 feet in ceiling height.

The package also comes with the ceiling mounts and an extra grip ring for secure installation.

Also, there is no need to drill holes in areas where you want to install this polished pole since it comes with a unique and highly functional ceiling mounts.

If you want to fully secure the installation of this fitness pole, then you may request for extra non-skidding pads.

The use of non-skidding pads is recommended, especially if you will install and use the dance floor in rooms with hardwood flooring.


  • Made from High quality steel
  • Designed to rotate
  • Lightweight
  • Buyers can choose from 45 mm and 50 mm pole (in diameter)
  • Choose between stationary and mounted

This strip pole is configured in such a way that you can easily rotate it, thanks to a bearing assembly that can be found on its base.

Thanks to this design of the pole, you can count on a more flexible product, an exercise pole that can be rotated or a stationary dance pole.

If you want to use a stationary dancing pole, then you can use a lockout pin.

Its design and construction will also feature a bearing assembly, and this will allow the pole to host a spinning function, which can be helpful for dancers and enthusiasts who love to complete spinning moves.


If you choose to buy this pole from Lil’ Mynx, you can choose from two models, one that measures 45 mm in diameter and a 50 mm in diameter dance pole.

You will also notice that the fitness pole will have that chrome-polished finish, but not the usual high price.

Another interesting addition to the product is the product’s tubular steel slider, in stainless steel, another tube, which can be connected to the ceiling mount, and also the base where you can find its bearing assembly.

In terms of construction and quality, this Lil’ Mynx dance pole is one of the best-rated in the market.

It is made from stainless steel and weighs 20 lbs.

Although this may seem like a lightweight product, this can actually sustain ‘heavy dancer’s out there.

We highly recommend this stripper pole for dance areas and rooms with ceiling height that range from 8 to 10 feet, and for dancers that weigh 200 pounds.

If you have rooms with a ceiling below 8 feet, you can actually order a custom Rotator dance pole.

By offering these options, dance enthusiasts can easily choose what works best for their needs and situations.

You have the option to use a stationary or a rotating unit, and this can be done by adjusting the lock that comes with this pole.

The availability of a dual-mode makes this a unique pole in the market.

Advantages and Disadvantages


With this pole, you can count on a highly versatile product, one that can easily transition from a stationary to a spinning unit.

You can easily transition the feature of the stripper pole by adjusting the lockout pin.

When assembling and disassembling the unit, you will not spend much time, especially when you use the provided ceiling mount.

The sliding tube makes it easier for you to adjust its height, depending on your dancing needs.

If you are looking at your carpeted floor as the place for action, its solid black base will ensure a more stable dance partner.

A stable spinning pole is also made possible through the use of the unique ceiling mount.

This is considered as a better alternative to units that often use the extendable bottom and top sections.

And because this unit is priced just right, this amazing Lil’ Mynx exercise pole is one of the most cost-effective pole out in the market today.


Based on our tests and observations, we noticed that this unit has been designed solely for use on carpeted floors.

If you are planning to use this dance pole in other areas, you may need to buy an extra non-skidding pad.

These pads will ensure that your dancing poles will stay in its place.

Also, the ceiling mount that comes with this product will only work with ordinary flat ceilings of your rooms.

If your ceiling is not flat, you may use the vaulted ceiling mount, which comes at an extra cost.

And since this product is designed as a single unit, some owners may find it inconvenient storing the stripper pole.

This is not the case with other dancing poles that are sectioned or available in two or three parts where storage becomes convenient and easier.

Finals Thoughts

After a complete review of the Lil’ Mynx ‘Rotator‘ fitness Pole Polished Stainless Steel, we give this product 4 stars, particularly on its ease of installation and price point.

This stainless steel pole is just perfect for individuals who want to invest in a great exercise pole that is priced just right.

The design of this product will work well among beginners and enthusiasts alike.

At $299, this is already a great deal for many enthusiasts who are looking for a flexible unit, one that can transition from a stationary to a spinning pole.

It is also made from stainless steel, so you can count on your safety, and the durability of the product.


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