Lil Mynx Rotator Colors Dance Pole Review

When it comes to fitness poles for home use, the Lil Mynx Rotator Colors dance pole (Click here for affordable alternatives) is considered a premium and sensible choice.

This is highly recommended for both professionals and amateur dancers, and can even work for women who just want to have fun at home.

What makes the Rotator a hit among buyers is the presence of a unique and fun feature- the spinning mode.

You can activate the rotating mode to make the pole spin, or you can lock the feature out, and just enjoy the pole in its static mode.


  • Comes in two diameter sizes, 45-mm and 50-mm
  • Choose among 4 colors
  • Spinning and static functionality
  • Passed stringent quality standards

This spinning pole model from Lil’ Mynx is a fun addition to any home, thanks to the availability of 4 colors.

Two of the popular colors that you can order are hot pink and red.

To enable its rotation, the unit comes with its own bearing assembly.

The base is also designed to support the rotating function of this pole.

Inside the base is another set of bearing assembly, allowing the pole to rotate in its place, which helps you pull off creative spins and dance moves.

If you want to switch to the static mode, you can easily adjust the locking mechanism.

The dual mode of this dance pole makes this a highly entertaining and flexible unit to be installed and used at home.

Safety is assured when using this unit, thanks to the lock-out pin that helps you toggle its function, from a spinning mode to a stationary mode.

In short, what you are buying is actually a two-in-one product, and it comes in a glossy and aesthetically-pleasing finish.

To ensure a reliable installation, you will also get black bases and slider tubes which can come in different height configurations, one in the 8 feet to 9 feet range, and the other in the 9 to 10 feet range.

Safety and durability are assured, thanks to the use of stainless and high-grade steel materials.

Although this is made from industrial-grade steel, the product is ‘lightweight’, and can be carried anywhere.

Also, if you want to use this in a room with hardwood flooring, you can buy a separate non skidding pads.

We highly recommend the Rotator for home use, especially in areas with ceiling height that range from 8 to 10 feet.

Also, the pole can work with different body sizes and weight, with a max of 200 lbs.

But if you think that your room’s ceiling is less than 8 feet, then you can talk to the manufacturer, and request a custom-made pole with a specified height, and no additional cost.

Today, you can now choose the color of the pole, and its available in white, pink, red and black.

And as mentioned, the unit is also available in two diameter sizes.

So better choose what suits your needs and specific lifestyle.

Pros and Cons

Things We Adore About the Rotator from Lil Mynx

When we tested and installed the Rotator, we discovered that it’s a highly flexible unit, and one that can be installed easily.

The pole height is adjustable, depending on the room or venue’s ceiling.

Adjustment of height is made possible, thanks to the slider tube.

Also, the manufacturers ensure that you no longer have to bolt this Rotator on the ceiling, or on your floor.

The addition of the black base is actually a support for extra stability.

This ensures that your Rotator will not slip when you use it.

You can also use this Rotator in rooms with carpets, provided that you will use a non-skidding pad which you can order as well.

On its base, you will find a bearing system, allowing this Rotator model to spin when activated, and can be locked too when necessary.

And since this Lil’ Mynx unit is removable (more info), it means that you can transfer this to another location.

Assembling and disassembling the unit is easier, without having to rely on the usual tools.

Using the pole is smooth and fun, thanks to the application of a powder coat finish.

With its smoother surface, it allows you to dance with confidence, and transition from one complicated move to another one, without the usual difficulty.

Our Complaints

Although the Rotator packs all the necessary details and durability that can work for anyone, still we noticed some issues related to its use and application.

For example, you can only use the Rotator Colors inside the house or venue, and can only work in areas with less than 10 feet as ceiling height.

This works for the carpeted floor, and you will buy another accessory if you want this in a hardwood flooring.

Also, the coated finish can bring some concerns since it can discolor over time.

You need to pay attention to its assembly and installation to ensure the safety of users.

The Verdict

In terms of quality and price, the Rotator Colors from Lil’ Mynx is your best investment.

We checked the prices of the top stripper poles in the market, and the Rotator is priced just right at $249.00.

At this price point, the Rotator is one of your wisest choices in the market, thanks to its dual functionality.

You can easily change from one function to the next, and it can be locked using its locking feature.

If you are an enthusiast, or simply want to exercise, you can’t go wrong with the Rotator Colors.