Best Pole Dance Fashion – Don’t Use These in 2023

The TAKE MY EDITION of the Fashion Every Pole Dancer Needs in 2023!

Clothes for pole dancing should be exciting and sexy to further highlight the sensual nature of the dancesport.

Thanks to sports fashion designers, you have now a lot of different styles to choose from where you can get lost.

There’s a wide variety of designs and colors catering to both men and women.

Aside from being comfortable, these clothes also provide protection, freedom of movement, and a sense of style that greatly complements the theme of your routine.

As the number of choices can be dizzying, we’ve come up with a short list of our favorite pole dancing clothes that will help you become more fashionable on the pole for this year.

Loveable Pole Dance Tops, sweaters, and sports bras

Tank tops and crop tops are the usual dancewear for pole dancers.

Some styles can even be worn casually, making them a versatile sportswear.

These tops allow you to move freely and provide great skin contact with the dance pole, allowing you to perform any move you want without worries.

Sweaters and hooded tops

Cooling your body too fast can increase the chances of experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS.

By wearing sweaters or hooded tops, you can keep your muscles warm after your workout and slow down your cool down process.

Besides, they really look sexy when combined with shorts or legwarmers.

Here are our top picks of sweaters and hooded tops you can wear on your next pole dancing session:

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Sports bras

Wired bras are a no-no for pole dancers.

Aside from being restrictive to wear, they can’t completely secure what needs to be protected when you perform inversions and other tricks.

Sports bras are a must for pole dancers.

They’re specially designed for highly mobile activities.

You can use them with a top of your choice but you can also wear them as is.

They are available in a wide variety of designs, and we’ve listed our favorites below:

These sports bras have sexy straps that can greatly add sensuality to your pole dancing routine.

Shorts and bikinis

Shorts are the most recommended clothing for pole dancers.

They provide excellent flexibility and maneuverability, aside from giving you a sexy look that will hook your audience.

If you have more confidence in your body, you can wear sports bikinis that will highly accentuate your sexy curves and flawless skin.

Make sure you don’t wear baggy shorts, though.

You don’t want to get very conscious while performing because of your loose clothing.

Choose shorts that are comfortable to wear and are made of breathable material.

Here’s a short list of our favorite shorts and bikinis available in the market:

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The Pole Dancing Shop has a lot of incredible shorts and bikinis that will surely add to the feistiness of your routine.


Leggings are quite versatile.

You can wear them any time of the year and they can keep your legs warm even in cold weather.

Leggings can also protect your legs from pole burns, especially when you’re just starting out.

However, some pole dancers may find leggings restrictive since they reduce the friction between the pole and the skin of their legs.

This may make it difficult for them to grip the pole when doing inversions and spins.

Leggings are available in different designs.

Here are some of our favorite styles that may suit your taste:

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The Power Flex Yoga Pants is our top choice.

Although it looks simple compared to other leggings with flashy designs, these yoga pants are very comfortable to wear and sexy to look at.


Yoga shoes

These shoes are made of fabric equipped with non-slip soles and Velcro straps.

They’re like socks but with your toes exposed.

Since they’re lightweight and soft, you’ll have full control over the flexibility of your feet, making them the perfect footwear for pole dancing and gymnastics.

Yoga shoes can help protect your feet during pole climbs and other moves that require contact between the pole and your feet.

This is a good alternative to ankle protectors if you find them restricting in any way.

Here are some of our best picks you can use for pole dancing:

These yoga shoes cost around $15 only, making them ideal for beginners who are on a budget.

Platform heels

Platform heels are specially made for pole dancing.

They have a platform on the toe area and a stiletto heel that can measure around six inches long.

They’re usually equipped with ankle straps to secure the shoes on your foot.

Ellie Shoes, Bad Kitty, Erosella, and Pleaser are some of the most popular brands of platform heels.

Here are a few of our recommendations this year:

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Dance Kneepads are useful to pole dancers because floor work can scratch or bruise your knees.

Worse, carpeted floors can cause burns that are painful to deal with.

You don’t have to wear the kneepads used in extreme sports activities.

These are hard and may hinder your movement.

There are special kneepads made for pole dancing, some of which are listed below.

Click Here For more reviews on the best dance knee pads here

Wrist protector

Wrist protectors seem like overrated accessories but they’re helpful in protecting you from wrist injuries.

They also have a stylish look that adds flavor to your pole dancing attire.

Your wrists take in a lot of pressure when you’re doing your routine on the pole.

A wrist protector will add support to your wrist joints, preventing dislocation and other injuries.

This accessory is also used in other sports like gymnastics, basketball, weightlifting, and bodybuilding.

Wrist protectors from SneakyDeez are the most popular among pole dancers.

They have amazing and unique designs that are suitable for pole dancing in any fashionable style.

sport wrist wraps sneakydeezClick The image here to learn more


Legwarmers aren’t necessary for pole dancing but they certainly look stylish and sexy when worn.

Some pole dancers don’t like them because the accessory makes it difficult for them to grip the pole with their legs.

They are not, in any way, useless though.

They can be worn during warm-ups or during cool down sessions to keep the muscles warm, especially when the weather is cold.

Here are our best picks for legwarmers:

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Another thing that makes pole dancing unique compared to other dancesports is your freedom to choose your own costume.

The type of polewear you choose can set the mood and theme of your dance routine, adding visual flavor to what you want your audience to experience.

Bad Kitty and Wink Designs sell a wide variety of interesting pole dancing costumes.

Take a look at what they can offer to determine which best suits the theme of your routine.

High Recommended Resources:
We’ve compiled a list of our trusted retailers that sell pole dancing clothes and accessories.

Take note of them so you’ll know where to buy your gear next time.


Pole dancing shouldn’t be boring or restrictive, and that goes for the clothes you choose to wear while practicing the craft.

You have the freedom to express yourself through your fashion sense and use it to add more flavor to your dance routine.

If you have any product suggestions, help other pole dancers like you by putting your recommendations on the space we’ve provided for you below.

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