Lil Mynx Dance Pole Polished Stainless Steel Review

The Original Lil' Mynx Dance Pole Polished Stainless Steel reviewLil Mynx is one of the most trusted manufacturers of dance poles because of the quality and durability of their products.

They provide both portable and fixed solutions and their Lil' Mynx Polished Stainless Steel stripper pole (Click here for affordable alternatives) is their original and first entry in the market ‘ a 1-piece pole with a polished stainless steel finish.

The dance pole is made of industrial-grade stainless steel which is lightweight and durable.

The whole pole weighs only around 20lbs but it can handle over 200lbs of user weight.

Beginners and professionals can completely put their trusts on this exercise pole to perform more than expected.

The dance pole kit comes with everything you need for installation; no extra tools are required.

Lil’ Mynx made sure their fitness pole is easy to assemble, taking only around 10 minutes to fully set everything up.

Just position it under a stud in the ceiling and adjust the height accordingly until both ends are exerting the right pressure to stabilize the whole piece.

You get to choose between the 8ft or 9ft poles and both can be extended a foot more.

If your ceiling height is less than 8ft, Lil Mynx can customize your order to get the right fit.

They can cut the pole for you free of charge.

For example, you have a ceiling that’s 8ft and 10in high.

Lil Mynx (Click here for more info) can adjust the pole’s measurements to maximize the length of the dance pole.

Just make sure to tell them about customizations beforehand so they can arrange everything for delivery.

The dance pole doesn’t require anything to be screwed into either your floor or ceiling.

A slider tube connected to the ceiling mount allows you to adjust the pole upward and secure the pole in place.

The base mount can work on plain and carpeted surfaces.

In fact, it’s better if you use it on carpeted surfaces since the rough surface provides extra friction for stabilizing the pole.

If you plan to place the pole on tiled or any hard, smooth-surfaced flooring without any carpet, you need to place anti-slip padding under the base mount.

These pads are sold separately.

Before you buy your fitness pole, make sure you measure your ceiling height first.

Lil’ Mynx may exchange their products for unopened goods, free of charge, but you have to shoulder the shipping costs which can be expensive.

The pole is available in 45mm and 50mm pole sizes, each available in black, red, and pink colors.

Lil Mynx Stainless Steel Features

  • Stable and sturdier 1-piece stripper pole
  • Available in 50mm and 45mm pole sizes
  • Choose between 8ft and 9ft pole lengths, with 1ft extensions each
  • Customization options for ceiling heights less than 8ft
  • Load capacity: approximately 200lbs
  • Polished stainless steel finish available in various colors

Pros and Cons of Lil Mynx


 Original Lil' Mynx stripper poleOne of Lil’ Mynx’s selling points is the industrial-grade materials they use to build their dance poles.

Their poles are light and easy to carry around but they’re made of strong materials that can withstand up to 200lbs of user weight.

Since this is a 1-piece pole, you won’t find rough spots at the middle portion which some 2-piece poles have.

This pole gives you a seamless feel that’s not obstructive to spins, slides, or any move you can think of.

Another good thing about the Lil’ Mynx Original Polished Stainless Steel Dance Pole is its versatility in assembly.

It’s usually installed using friction pads for a removable option but you can also bolt the pole in place for a semi-permanent solution.

If you’re not confident with the removable option, or you don’t have any use for its portability, you can just bolt it permanently into the ceiling for a more stable stripper pole.

The pole is also very easy to assemble, taking only a few minutes to fully set it up.

You don’t need any other tool for installation because everything is already included in the kit.

You can erect it on your own without asking for professional help.

Aside from selling superior products, Lil Mynx also provides quality service by offering the option to customize the length of the pole if you have a low ceiling height that’s below 8ft ‘ they’ll cut if for you free of charge.

Yep! They won’t charge you for this service as long as you tell them about it before you place your order.

The pole has a stainless steel finish that looks like chrome for a gorgeous appeal.


These are not exactly disadvantages but limitations that should be expected of the Lil’ Mynx Original Polished Stainless Steel Dance Pole.

First, it’s good only for indoor use.

Second, which is quite obvious, are the drill holes that’ll be left on your ceiling once you choose the semi-permanent mounting option of the exercise pole.

The only real disadvantage we see in this pole is its portability.

Since it’s a 1-piece pole, you can’t put it in a bag and bring it anywhere you want.

Storage may also be challenging, possibly just forcing you to leave the pole in place.


Lil Mynx is a well-respected brand in the industry and is known for the high-quality products they offer to pole dancers.

You can get the Lil’ Mynx Original Polished Stainless Steel Dance Pole for around $250 which is already a great buy.

Whether you’re just beginning to learn about pole dancing or you’re already a professional looking for a durable and reliable dance pole for regular use, you won’t regret a thing by getting this exercise pole.

➡️ Lil' Mynx Polished Stainless Steel stripper pole (Click here for affordable alternatives)

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