The Pole Dancing Shop Pole Dance Store Review

If you’re having trouble finding pole dancing clothes and accessories, you haven’t visited The Pole Dancing Shop yet.

The Pole Dancing shop sells all kinds of pole dancing equipment, clothing, and accessories you need for the exercise.

Read on to know more about this online shop.

About The Pole Dancing Shop

thepoledancingshop.com reviewThe Pole Dancing Shop started in 2009 with the sole goal of becoming a one-stop shop for pole dancers.

Dance poles, clothes, accessories, costumes, shoes – everything that has to do with pole dancing can be found in their shop.

They later opened an online store to cater to more pole dancers outside the US.

Since then, they’ve already taken more than 20,000 orders from customers around the world.

Their Products

They won’t be dubbed as a one-stop shop if they don’t sell everything you need for pole dancing.

Unlike other shops that sell items just for the sake of doing business, The Pole Dancing Shop sells items that have been chosen by pole dancers themselves, meaning they really know what they’re selling.

For clothes, they have leotards, shorts, tops, and bottoms available in various designs, prints, and styles.

They also feature a special collection like the Vertical Vixen, Point Out, Backbone, Neon Explosion, Bad Reputation, and the 4th of July which are suitable for themed parties.

They also have the Baby of California line which is made of high-quality materials sourced in the USA.

For shoes, they have sandals, boots, and heeled shoes.

They sell dance poles from X-Pole, Platinum Stages, and Lil’ Mynx.

Accessories for these poles like pole mats are also available in their store.

They also have Lyra and aerial hoops for those interested in aerial fitness exercises.

They also sell accessories like grip aids and tack strips.

They also sell pole dancing DVDs featuring trained instructors so you can learn about the exercise at the comfort of your home.



pole dance slip on heelsMost of their customers commend the company for being prompt in their delivery schedule.

Even though they ship their products almost anywhere in the world, they have a consistent record in providing timely deliveries.

Aside from that, their staff is easy to talk to which says a lot about their customer service.

Customers have nothing bad to say about their products either.

The Pole Dancing Shop provides correct sizes, uses quality materials, and features stylish designs that continue to please all of their customer’s taste.

Their website needs to be updated, though, to reflect the correct product details.

Few of the products they’re reselling are already outdated or halted but they’re still posted on their site.

In addition to this, some customers had issues in placing their order only to find out later that the product they’ve just bought is out of stock.

This left them no choice but to wait for the next shipment to arrive.

The Pole Dancing Shop follows a 30-day return policy for unopened items.

Stricter rules are implemented on returning shoes and clothing.



The Pole Dancing Shop is truly a one-stop shop for pole dancing hobbyists and professionals.

They offer a wide variety of equipment, clothing, shoes, accessories, and instructional DVDs to new and existing customers.

They ship worldwide and they seldom fail to deliver packages within their prescribed period.

Their excellent customer service also greatly adds value to their reputation in the industry.

However, their online site seems to be outdated so it’d be better if you call or email them first to ensure that they have in stock the item you want.